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3 songs by Rees/Taylor/May, Nomad, Wild card27
A girl in Australia & 1 other title; motion pictures. (Part 001 of 002), Servy 'n' Bernice 4ever30
Al trote de mi caballo. w & m Marcelo Salazar (Marcelo Salazar Bonilla) & F. Montes DeOca (Federico Martinez Montes DeOca)30
Amazing grace (used to be her favorite song) By Russell Smith30
An Actor's life & 22 other titles; musical works from score to the motion picture, Tootsie30
An Eye for an eye & 1 other title30
Angelitos negroes = The Black angels, The movie show, 01-06, The Guide30
Auger analysis, depth profiles, of interstitials in pre-oxidized .., Man of the century24
Bad boys main title & 8 other titles to be used in the theatrical motion picture Bad boys30
Barbarians at the gate & 2 other titles, The Ben Stiller show, The James Brady story26
Between fact and fiction; the problem of journalism, Don't be afraid of the dark26
Bloodhounds of Broadway. By Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation25
Bob, Carol, Ted, and Alice, Prince of tides, Breakout (1975)30
Born to run. Sound recording: Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc, Used cars, State trooper30
Bright lights, big cities30
Brighton Beach memoirs for E T, Kin, People like us27
Charlie, the improbable life and times of Charles MacArthur. By Ben Hecht, The Front page25
Children with emerald eyes & 2 other titles; literary properties, Visions of war, dreams of peace30
Chinatown's angry angel: the story of Donaldina Cameron, Rabbit boy, Annie30
Chinatown's angry angel: the story of Donaldina Cameron, Soul of the new machine30
Chinatown's angry angel: the story of Donaldina Cameron, The Country girl--the early years30
Chinatown's angry angel: the story of Donaldina Cameron, Untitled Danielle Alexandra project30
Colleen. From The Jose Morgan story (Wagon train) m Revue Studios, employer for hire of Leo Shuken & Jack Hayes30
Comes the night. From the motion picture, Sebastian. Famous Music Corporation, employer for hire of George Terry (new piano arr.) & Paramount Pictures Corporation, employer for hire of Jerry Goldsmith (music) & Hal Shaper (words)30
Complication. From album The fragile. Recorded by Nine Inch Nails. PA 1-042-84730
Dark side of the moon & 1 other title30
Deadly force--Firearms, self defense, & the law, Night-time prisoners, The Recreation influence24
Don't depend on me. w & m Charles Singleton, Rogers Simon & Sylvia Brown, Prague duet29
Do you like it? Recorded & produced by Shawn Ivy p.k.a. Domino, at the request of & as an employee of Ghetto Jam Productions f.s.o. Domino, and of Grand Jury Productions, Inc. f.s.o. Gerald Baillergeau part 230
End of the trail; radio program. By Trendle & The Lone Ranger, Inc., employer for hire of Betty Joyce30
Escape from New York a.k.a. John Carpenter's Escape from New York part 230
Everything must change (w/Jack Wilkins, Ben Aronov, etc.) Artist: Morgana King, The Girl that he marries27
Fatal obsession, (part II) (Hunter, no. 5713) PA 501-199 (1991), Ditto list, Grave error28
First impression (instr.) Written by Cramer30
Foolin' around & 10 other titles part 330
Fools rush in. w Johnny Mercer, m Rube Bloom, choral arr. for mixed voices, 4 parts (SATB): Bregman, Vocco & Conn, Inc., employer for hire of Clay Warnick30
Gentle Ben24
Got to be the only one (in your life), The lost tribe, Crazy for Kate24
Gravedigger. From Zachariah. w & m Martin Fulterman & Michael Kamen, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen29
Greenwich, Net worth26
Heading west of sorrow. w & m Par-Ed Music Corporation, employer for hire of Jimmy Barden30
Heartache. m Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc., & Andrew L. Stone, Inc., employer for hire of Christopher Stone28
Heart and soul & 18 other titles part 230
Hello Ishtar and 8 other titles, Little Nikita, Leonard Part 628
Higher part 230
Home repairs by elderly homeowners during an inflationary period, Inexpensive light switches30
Hope and glory; score. By Gold Horizon Music Corporation30
If you think it's love, you're right, Gypsy caravan, I want to be there28
In cold blood; score from the soundtrack. PAX Interprises, employer for hire of Quincy Jones (m) & Gil Bernal (Spanish w)30
Interlude. From Interlude. Piano solo. m Screen-Gems-Columbia Music, Inc. as employer for hire of Larry Stanton & Domino Productions, Ltd. as employer for hire of Georges Delerue30
It's easier (since I have found you), Missing in America, Embryonic collection25
I wish the dawn would never come & 2 other titles, The Rock, Never did see you again & 3 other titles29
I worked on a film in Africa at the foot of the Ngong Hills, The Magic lantern, Isak Dinesen: the life of a story teller27
Jack and the beanstalk. By Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc., story by Pat Costello, produced by Alex Gottlieb, directed by Jean Yarborough30
Just married...with children, Loose women24
Lady Chatterly's lover30
Lady, love me; (Lady, love me (one more time) By David Paich & James Newton Howard27
Les films de ma vie. By Francois Truffaut, -1984, The Man who loved women, Two English girls30
Little things mean the most29
Love, love beautiful love. Music: Roland Shaw, words: Brian Reynolds, pseud. of Jack Fishman, arr. for voice and piano with guitar symbols: staff of Leeds Music Corporation30
Mary and Richard: the story of Richard Hillary and Mary Booker, Deadly, Bogus30
Mientras el duerme contigo. w & m Felix M. Rodriguez a.k.a. Bobby Capo, El Mariachi30
Miracle of the age suite. By Clive Jackson a.k.a. Doctor, & Wendy West, Steven Ritchie, Richard Searl & Steve McGuire28
Mother's helper; motion picture. By Revue Productions, Inc, Snow, The Stork Club25
My brother's keeper30
No way to treat a lady. By Harry Longbaugh, pseud. of William Goldman, The general's daughter. By Paramount Pictures Corporation30
Nuts and bolts of church growth. TX 884-596 (1982), The Rage of the blue moon, The Third miracle30
Over the top part 230
Pawns of power. From the TV series Police woman. m Columbia Pictures Television, a division of Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. (employer for hire of Morton Stevens)30
Physical evidence (a.k.a. smoke)30
Prince Charming from Podunk30
Reality--the rock opera, White sands, Get wet medley26
Saturday morning in Angel Lane, as appearing in I'm a freeborn man. w & m Ewan MacColl30
Sell yourself to science: the complete guide to selling your organs, body fluids, bodily functions part 230
Shining through & 23 other titles30
Siehe wir ziehen hinauf nach Jerusalem; Passionsmotette fuer achtstimmigen Chor und Kontrabass. No. BA 4350. By Heinz Werner Zimmermann30
Soldiers of fortune23
Somebody to love bw watch my stylin'. SR 13-449 (1979) part 230
Strangers in the night. m Bert Kaempfert, w Charles Singleton & Eddie Snyder, arr. for mixed chorus (SATB) & piano: Howard Cable24
Tales of the war wagon, The Waterdance, The Chair30
That championship season & 12 other titles; motion pictures part 230
The Big picture teachers' guide Additional title: The Science of dinosaurs30
The Dark side of the force & 1 other title30
The Guardian angel. For four-part choir, unacc. SCTB. By Cesar Franck, m arr. Lionel Lethbridge, English w R. H. Elkin part 230
The incredible lightness of beano/stuck on you & 12 other titles; musical scores part 230
The Incredible shrinking centurions, Firebird30
The Invention of printing in China and its spread westward. By Thomas Francis Carter, new information: L. Carrington Goodrich25
The liquidator. From the Liquidator. m & new piano arr. Holmead Productions, Ltd. as employer for hire of Lalo Schifrin, w Peter Callander part 230
The Man they threw out of the jets; original story. By Bruce Jay Friedman, Frozen guys28
The Projectionist. By El Camino Productions, Inc, The Comeback trail, The Eternal tramp24
The Prometheus crisis. By Frank N. Robinson & Thomas N. Scortia, Therapeutic re-creation: ideas and experiences30
There's magic in the air, The Caesar's experience, Father and family demos30
The Student's sweetheart. By Herman Bellstedt, arr. for trombone or baritone horn: Frank Simon30
The sum of all things, Crossroads, A lost art23
The terrible, wonderful tellin' at Hog Hammock, Houdini, Liberty Street30
Thief of Bagdad. By Raymond Rohauer, additions & revisions: Odyssey Pictures, Ltd30
Three Stooges and the seven dwarfs30
Too good for me & 4 other titles, When I could have, Find the way to love30
Traveling man & 5 other titles28
Triumphs of a man called Horse27
Veil: the secret wars of the C.I.A.: 1981-1987, Stealing Sinatra, Boy's life22
Walt Disney's Pinocchio and the whale. No. D101. By Walt Disney Productions, as employer for hire of Gina Ingoglia (story adaptor) & Al White (picture adaptor)30
We will rock your world & 1 other title; master recordings of the musical compositions30
When my dream boat comes home. Music & words: Cliff Friend & Dave Franklin, new arr. of piano acc.: M. Witmark & Sons30
Where love goes (sito) By Mickey Hart's Mystery Box, Domestic affairs, Camp-out25
White mischief & 2 other titles30
White water windey Willie, White water25
Wild kingdom. W B before. By Junko Nichiki & Koji Kimura, Pamela Rose & The Eights songbook number 229
Winter's tale (string orch) Composed by M. Ptaszynsk, Tropical, El mundo cambiara30
Words (that's all they are to me), Kama sutra, New material by Steve Wiebe27
XY& Zee & 2 other titles; motion pictures. Production, finance, distribution agreement including copyright assignment30
XY& Zee & 2 other titles; motion pictures. Production, finance, distribution agreement including copyright assignment part 530
Yellow Rose of Texas & 1 other title; arr. of musical compositions, Nop's trials30
You're that kind of girl (you're the light of my world), Pagan babies, Larry and the lumberjacks30
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