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30 days of night & 23 other titles; development projects, The complete 30 days of night30
Aaron loves Angela. By Cinema Verite, Beyond Mombassa, The best of enemies30
Abajo el telon & 4 other titles; screenplays, El profe, El precio de la Gloria (1947)30
A Day in the country. Words: Paul Francis Webster, music: Sammy Fain, Margaret, Ludwig loses30
A drink before the war, Mystic River, Shutter Island21
Afire afloat & 5105 other titles; audiovisual works. (Part 006 of 025), Back to the soil30
Alf (season 2): you ain't nothing but a hound dog, The grudge 230
All that glitters (no. 40A)/clockwork berserk (no. 40B) (Pocket dragon adventures) PAu 2-322-587 (1998) part 230
All the king's memories & 112 other titles30
All the king's men. By Robert Penn Warren, author of renewable matter: Time Warner, Inc30
Alvin Plantinga's proper functionalism as a model for christian ethics, The flock26
American dream: an after-school adventure for grades 6-8. TX 5-406-135 (2001)30
And justice for all: new introductory essays in ethics and public policy. TX 1-153-821 (1983)30
Anger management training in reducing components of type A .., Collection (1) one25
An idea which we have called nature. By Katharine S. White, Building the nutshell pram24
Aussi loin que l'amour; motion picture. By Tele Hachette & Columbia Films, SA, La poudre d'escampette =30
A volar joven & 11 other titles; screenplays, El rifle implacable, El rey del tomate30
Baby: secret of the lost legen, Baby, the rain must fall, The bellboy30
Bad boys part 426
Beach patrol & 9 other titles; television series. (Part 005 of 005)30
Bianco rosso e a.k.a. Bianco e rosso, rosso e bianco, L'autunno caldo =, The Gold piper30
Bite the bullet. By Vista Company, Funny lady, Shampoo26
Booked to die: a mystery introducing Cliff Janeway & 1 other title, The Vindicator30
Brigante Musolino. English ti.: Musolino the outlaw, Causa di divorzio, Primo premio si chiama irene30
Brothas in arms (f.k.a. Untitled western) Motion picture, Motive, Trois 3: a complex occupation30
Bye bye birdie. w Michael Stewart24
Cactus flower. From The Songs of the singing nun. By Soeur Sourire, English w Noel Regney, piano arr. General Music Publishing Company, employer for hire30
California grassroots tours--selected short outings, Loss of innocence, Slave of society30
California suite. VA 87-647 (1981), Just can't make it, Still there's something30
(Can't you) trip like I do? Co-composers, Ken Jordan & Scott Kirkland, The missing27
Capricho nocturno, Anaconda, Jardin30
Carnet n 3, etude d'ensemble a un personnage: la demoisses accroupie de dos a droite et la nature morte = part 330
Challenger: Mickey Thompson's own story of his life of speed. By Mickey Thompson & Griffith Borgeson part 230
Close encounters Jerry Garcia and Steve Ulmoch at Golden Cape, Paru, The Find of a lifetime30
Close encounters of the cheatin' kind & 11 other titles part 330
Collective compositions of Steven Curtis Cunningham and Bill VandeGiessen, Welfare office disaster30
Colorado. By Deborah W. Gilleran, 1957, Lucky strike30
Come dance with me. Lyrics: George Blake, music: Dick Liebert, arr. for mixed chorus (S.A.T.B.) with piano acc.: Harry Simeone30
Conserje en condominio & 7 other titles; motion pictures, Hot spot, Dark half30
Curse of the demon & 1 other title; motion pictures, Decision at sundown, Decamaron nights30
Discovering and exploring New Jersey's fishing streams and the Delaware River, New Jersey trophy deer annual30
Don't panic (responding to a small spill) & 8 other titles; videos, Don't panic, The Woman behind the man29
Don't you want me home? (I'm comin' home) w & m Wandra Merrell & Ray Allen30
Do you know why Santa wears a red suit? No. XM-534997. Original design by Barbara Dale. VA 360-390 part 330
Dynamics for change in graduate education for clinical specialization in medical-surgical .30
Eastside, westside (old MacDonald sing...) Composed and arranged by Andy Heyward & Janice Gassman28
Escape from the planet of the apes, Sinbad and the eye of the tiger, Julia30
Eve of destruction & 5 other titles30
Father Brown, detective22
Fire in the hole! By Alias & Picasso Trigger, The O'Mara's ladies, Perilous passage30
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