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A guy named Phantom: pt. 1 & 8 other titles; episodic television programs, Captain Nuke and the bomber boys30
A kid's guide to exploring San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, The Passing over of spirits30
Alien avenger. VA 880-925 (1997), Road lawyers, Revenge of the kickfighter30
Alone in paradise, Overdrive30
A member of the family: gay men write about their families, The arena, Franny, the queen of Provincetown28
Animal adaption. By Allison L. Burnett & Thomas Eisner, (I'll come) running to you27
Any friend of Nicholas Nickleby is a friend of mine, Press enter, Francesca30
Barbarian queen & 1 other title; motion pictures, Wizards of the lost kingdom, Amazons30
Beastmaster II--Through the portal of time, Tale of the great ninja wars, Munchie strikes back30
Beginning responsibility--taking care of things you share, Naked obsession, Roses for Becca30
Black scorpion (score) Composed by Paul Sawtell30
Bloodfist V: Blackout. By Concorde-New Horizons Corporation, Ground zero, & 1 other selection30
Bridey Mae ; Ambush ; Few frets ... [et al.], City of hope, My love is a monster30
Cap O'Rushes & 26 other titles; television episodes in the series Animated tales of the world part 430
Captain Nuke and the Bomber Boys, Welcome to oblivion, Facade27
Charlie Chan in the secret service, Baby Face Nelson, Avanti!30
Circuit breaker time-travel characteristics, Here's Pittsburgh, Riding on the wind29
Come to me tonight ; Now that we're standing, Shakedown, Mama can't buy you love29
Cries and whispers = Viskningar och rop, Roger Corman's Frankenstein unbound, Little shop of Horrors30
Crisis in the Kremlin (IBM version) PA 598-871 (1992), Red target, Mirrors images II30
David Carradine's Tai chi workout for beginners, Behind enemy lines30
David Copperfield's Tales of the impossible, Dean Koontz's Sole survivor, Night chills30
Dead of night ; Really be ; So many crimes ... [et al.], Collective works of Karen Kelly30
Dean and Mark demo I/VDB, vol. 2. w Mark L. Williams, 1969-; m Dean Lusk, 1969, Wild hearts can't be broken30
Don't sleep (open your eyes) theme for the 90's, Don't sleep30
Do you really want an answer? By Larry Troutman & Roger Troutman, Bucket of blood27
Effects of the California community colleges board of governor's faculty and staff diversity internship program on the recruitment of underrepresented faculty interns30
Emmanuelle in space 0130
Fantasy in two movements. For keyboard percussion and piano. By James R. Adler30
From love I'll never die, Piranha, Soul witness26
Ghost ship30
Gilmore girls--our little corner of the world, Do over, Alien avengers22
Godzilla vs. Hedorah & 7 other titles; theatrical motion pictures, Destroy all monsters. By American International Pictures, Inc30
Heat of passion, & 2 other selections, The Unborn, In the heat of passion26
How much are those children in the window?, Revenge of the Red Baron, Munchie II30
Illicit dreams 2, Flash frame, Virtual desire22
Invisible mobile. From album Book of silk, Treacherous, Soft target30
Jackson Pollock, the maze and the minotaur. By Sam Hunter, The responsive eye30
Jubilee; a magazine of the church and her people. Vol. 4, no. 10, Feb. 1957. By A. D. M. G. Publishing Company, Inc30
Judge Reinhold and Demi Moore in The new homeowner's guide to happiness, Rick Ducommun/hit and run30
Killer instincts from the files of Agent Candice DeLong30
Kuru kuru, the jungle bird with eyes of fire flying in the fog, In the lake of the woods30
Last chance bar and grill, Last chance30
Last chance. Words and music: Gayle Stancill (Harriet Gayle Stancill, 1958-), Last chance part 230
Lawyers, reporters, and cockroaches, Final judgement, The song of Rome30
Little Big Foot 2--the journey home, Alone in the woods, Time of his life30
Love takes the rap. By Frank D'Amore, 1928-, & Paulette Attie, 1935, Star quest27
Macon County, Missouri, marriages and deaths, 1874-188830
Major poems and plays of T. S. Eliot; notes. By Clifton K. Hillegass, employer for hire of Robert B. Kaplan26
Midnight tease 2. PAu 2-016-585 & PAu 2-024-30630
Mighty morphin power rangers, Rage and honor II, Sequence30
Mr. Magic Bear with bunny, Justine, Root Bear27
Nam angels ; a film by Cirio H. Santiago ; produced by Christopher R. Santiago ; directed by Cirio H. Santiago30
No dessert Dad, 'til you mow the lawn, Final embrace, Inside30
No time is the right time, Shakedown, Go, Juju, go, Ju, go27
One night stand. By Marty Casella, 1956- & Concorde-New Horizons Corporation part 330
One night stand, organ & 1 other title30
Outward bound. By Brown & Bigelow, Inc., employer for hire of James L. Artig30
Passion dance. From album Passion dance, Goin' down, Flashpoint28
Philippine music horizons, intermediate grades. By Mabel E. Bray, Otto Miessner, Petrona Ramos & Charles E. Griffith30
Piranha. By Concorde-New Horizons Corporation d.b.a. Paradise Productions, Caged heat 300030
Piranha. By Concorde-New Horizons Corporation d.b.a. Paradise Productions, Crazy mama. By Little Rock Films30
Relax and take flight with chase, Touch my body, I want your sex30
Rock 'n' roll high school forever, Vamp, Uncle30
Scene of the crime ; Love reconnaissance ; Tonight I'm your bride ; You said spooky30
Shadow dancers, & 3 other selections30
Sid and Marty Krofft's land of the lost, the dinosaur adventure, Rock 'n' Roll High School forever30
Some experiments in machine learning using vector evaluated genetic .., Man on the street30
Talkin' to traffic, and 1 other song, Manhunt, Sass with class28
The 10,000,000 dollar getaway: the inside story of the Lufthansa heist, Overexposed30
The Adventures of Taura prison ship, Star Slammer, Teenage exorcist, The Channeler30
The Cheyenne warrior; an original screenplay, Orson Welles--Anything but a genius29
The Flight of Icarus; screenplay. By Tom Abrams, The desperate trail, Cave25
The greatest fine arts, music & dance fables, Wild cactus, Been too long leaving30
The haunted bird--the tales and times of Jerzy Kosinski30
The hooligan story & 1591 other titles; motion picture programs. (Part 005 of 008)30
The Influence of some stimulus parameters on human kinesthetic sensitivity, Howie Cohen's music III30
The phantom stranger. No. 10, Nov.-Dec. 1970. By National Periodical Publications, Inc30
The window to your soul, Twisted love.NET, Not the rose30
The Wonderful world of Robert Sheckley, The Dream country, Diaghilev plays Riverworld29
The World between the wars. By Quincy Howe, Looking for trouble, Action on the cape30
Time does not bring relief, & 16 other selections, Radio erotica: Midnight sin, How to make chalk talk29
Under a killing moon, Little men, The unborn II30
Unknowmylife ; Dealin' with the archives ; Ghetto boogie, The Trouble with love, Andy Stevens Project30
Welcome to the Little Shop of Horrors, Spyder, Brain dead24
You didn't work to keep it, Born bad, Robert's theme27
You thrill me (I like it like this), Streets, Fantasize30
Zinc inhibition of acute ethanol-induced liver injury, Lady killer, Darned socks boys30
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