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15 American railroad classics, Revolution, Celtic highlands30
A comparative case study of grades 7, 8, and 9 in the public school systems of Mure-Cho, Japan, and Elbert County, Georgia30
A Comparative study of some interactive multiple-objective .., We've got time, Leavin' town30
A Discussion of the Rapid Deployment Force with Lieutenant General P. X. Kelley, Secret intelligence and public policy30
A High-technology billboard system for Bailey/Austin Advertising, Inc, Michael J. Bailey hip-hop musical compositions 230
American politics and the African American quest for universal freedom30
An amusement and educational text for playing lottery games, Work in American society29
An analysis, synopsis and recommendations, with specific goals, achievable objectives, workable action plans, measurable targets and intense follow up for Business start ups, spin offs and new companies business development in all of North Carolina30
An Eighteenth-century garland; the flower and fruit arrangements of Colonial Williamsburg. By Louise Bang Fisher30
A study of the processes of transformation in preservice English teachers' conceptions of teaching and learning part 230
Campaigning for power in China during the Cultural Revolution era, 1967-1976, How to soar with the eagles30
Chemtrails chemistry 141/142 course policies and laboratory manual, Sprouting at the grassroots30
Christian iconography and its antecedents, an exploration of the evolutionary process of selected aspects of Christian art and their stylistic and chronological development from inception in the first century A. D. to the Renaissance, and their relationship to selected art forms of the pre-Christian era part 330
Compatability of optical-fiber measurements with near-infrared and .., Deadpan Circus30
Concord, California--how a liberal government came to power in a conservative suburb & 1 other title; periodical contributions30
Congressional quarterly log weekly report. Vol. 8, no. 10, Mar. 10, 1950, The Tyrannicide's reception30
Congressional Quarterly's Desk reference on American government, American exceptionalism24
Congressional Quarterly's federal PACs directory, CQ today, Washington alert newsline18
Congressional Quarterly's federal PACs directory, Members of Congress since 178930
Constitutional law, twelfth edition ; Individual rights in Constitutional law, fifth edition, [both] by Gerald Gunther part 230
Contemplating on love, on light and on life, Mini cruise, A Morning rain29
CQ guide to current American Government, Congressional Quarterly weekly report, Constitutions of the world30
DC Photo & Desktop Publishing's guide to Yokota Air Base and local community business30
Design and analysis of high-speed ring-based networked control systems for real-time applications30
Ecogeographical variation in size and proportions of song sparrows (Melospiza melodia)30
Environmental issues in the electronics/semiconductor industries and electrochemical/photochemical methods for pollution abatement30
Examination of basic weaknesses of income as the major federal tax base, Invitation to struggle30
Factors affecting the utilization of evaluation findings in administrative decision making30
Feeding ecology of the western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) in the Central African Republic30
George A. Vaughn, Jr., Number 84 squadron, R. A. F. becomes an ace, August, 22, 1918, Villers-Carbonnel, France28
Going public handbook--going public, the integrated disclosure system and exempt financing30
Handbook of campaign spending money in the 1992 congressional races, Dollar politics30
Index maps to magisterial district real property ownership maps, From cane to sugar24
Instructor's manual and test items to accompany Alan Stone and Richard P. Barke's Governing the American republic part 330
Instructor's manual for Strategic management skills [by] Daniel J. Power, Martin J. Gannon, Michael A. McGinnis, David M. Schweiger30
Instructor's manual to accompany Personality [by] Paul R. Abramson, Study guide to accompany Paul R. Abramson, Personality30
Instructor's manual with solutions to accompany Essential statistics for public managers and policy analysts30
Instructor's manual with solutions to accompany Essential statistics for public managers and policy analysts part 230
Integrated theoretical and experimental studies of organic atmospheric aerosols, The Structure and regulation of the rat gluococorticoid receptor gene26
Interest groups and the making of United States foreign policy in the Post-Cold War era30
Introduction to high reliability soldering techniques, Valentino music, TV music29
It's just attention disorder; user's manual & study guide. By Sam Goldstein, 1952-, Michael Goldstein, 1945 part 329
James Madison Alden: Yankee artist of the Pacific Coast, 1854-1860. By Franz Stenzel30
Justice in America. Pt. 1: Some are more equal than others. By Columbia Broadcasting System25
Leadership challenges encountered by elementary school principals in the process of creating, implementing, and sustaining shared school visions in Clark County, Nevada, elementary schools30
Managing community development in the New Federalism, The Politics of the administrative process26
Mechanistic studies of antiepileptic drug metabolism and selected drug interactions part 230
[Oak Park and River Forest showcase theme graphics], Editorial research reports, Guide to the US Supreme Court24
Paleogeodynamics, the plate tectonic evolution of the earth, Coalitions & politics25
Political handbook of the world 2000-2002 & 22 other titles24
Political science 456Q: the Vietnam War. By Georgia Center for Continuing Education, the University of Georgia30
Politics in America, Texas edition, fifth edition [by] Thomas R. Dye, L. Tucker Gibson, Jr., Clay Robison part 230
Politics or principle? filibustering in the United States Senate, Paved track stock car technology30
Practice set B, Information processing and control to accompany Managerial accounting, second edition [by] Ronald M. Copeland, Paul E. Dascher part 225
Public personnel administration. By O. Glenn Stahl, John Donald Kingsley & William E. Mosher30
Rebels of the woods: the IWW in the Pacific Northwest. By Robert L. Tyler, What's the matter, baby?30
State governments' performance and effectiveness in reducing solid and hazardous waste under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) part 223
State information database on restructuring the electric utility industry, Central forms (CF-2004-06)27
Strategic politicians, institutions, and foreign policy, The War trap, European community decision making25
Survey of office supervisors/employers to determine entry-level skills of beginning secretaries30
The chemistry of thallium(I) complexes of tris(diphenylphosphinoyl)methanide chalcogen analogs30
The Commerce Department speaks on Import administration and export administration, 198430
The Evaluation of psychiatric symptoms as the manifestation of physical disease in the emergency department30
The Johnston R. Bowman guide to choosing a nursing home, Cresunrize music, Crescenrize music30
The Mad preacher in three modern American novels, Miss Lonelyhearts, Wise blood, Light in August22
The Middle East in Disraeli's imperial imagination30
The Nuclear age diplomacy--letter to Soviet leader M. S. Gorbachev, Moscow =, Heavy lovin' woman25
The political and religious groups involved with building the third temple in Jerusalem30
The Soviet Union on the road to freedom--a black market for foreign currency and a collapsing social contract30
The speaker leadership in the U. S. House of Representatives, The Dallas woman, The Little lost Christmas tree30
The structure and function of the Shaker voltage-gated potassium channel, Alien nation30
The Supreme wisdom of individual human life--the ancient Egyptian science of the immortality of the human soul and the divine religion's resurrection30
University of hard knocks and university of hard times, Mel Bay's Complete chromatic harmonica method30
US-China relations in the twenty-first century, New destiny register number 2, My first demo22
Who makes public policy? By Alexis Halley & Robert Gilmour, The no-risk society & 156 other titles30
Why Blacks, women, and Jews are not mentioned in the Constitution, and other unorthodox views part 430
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