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Account manager's handbook for Citibank's commercial paper placement service, Collecting American country30
A collection of 112 poems for growth, inspiration, change and smiles-n-laughter, This thing it is not finished27
A concordance to The complete poems and plays of T. S. Eliot, Air line labor relations in the global era30
A culture of teaching ; early modern humanism in theory and practice, Tables of knowledge30
A culture of teaching ; early modern humanism in theory and practice, The amphibians and reptiles of the Yucatan Peninsula30
A culture of teaching ; early modern humanism in theory and practice, The Jew in the court of the foreign king30
A descriptive study of Colorado middle school principals' perceptions of relational aggression30
A field guide to bird songs of eastern and central North America; arranged to accompany Roger Tory Peterson's a field guide to the birds30
A Journey behind the iron curtain. By Robert Westbrook, Taste the wine songbook30
Algorithm for minimum laterally-adiabatically reduced fisher information, Denise Tichenor-Collins gospel collection30
American Association of Medical-Legal Review Consultants--case and claims review information and guidelines part 230
A meta-analytic study for the years 1973-1992 of the cognitive paradigm of the decision maker in computer-based information system design30
An analysis of the historicity of the Jesus birth narrative in Luke and its place in the Christology of the Third Gospel part 230
An annotated bibliography of North American doctoral dissertations on Old Norse-Icelandic part 230
An annotated bibliography of North American doctoral dissertations on Old Norse-Icelandic part 330
An annotated bibliography of North American doctoral dissertations on Old Norse-Icelandic part 430
And she can fly, & 1 other selection, Circus rings around Russia, Undomesticating the domestic novel27
An exploration of the parenting experiences of mothers living with their young children in a residential drug treatment facility27
An Identification of competencies for educational administrators to conduct .., Watergate to Armagaeddon30
An international reconstruction and development program proposal for South Africa to establish an international joint venture designed for more rapid acceleration of industrialization, expansion, diversification, and development of international economic integrated meta-metaprocessing lines of business part 230
Applications of electrodynamics in theoretical physics and astrophysics, Recent progress in microbial production of amino acids30
Arbitration of racial discrimination in employment, an analysis of arbitrators' awards 1964-197530
Assessing and comparing the quality of multi-variable processes of two suppliers using equi-parts per million defect charts28
Assisted living housing, Bellona Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland25
A tiger in the shadows; an original screenplay. By Joseph Wesley Graham, 1916-1989, & Kathryn Ann Graham, 195430
A topical analysis of personal hygiene in Ludwig Mies VanDerRohe's house building as a prolegomena to the study of pragmatic building30
Attitudes of Title I reading teachers toward the Title I programs in Ohio public schools30
Autobiographical reminiscences of the nineteenth century during the period 1820 through 186830
A werewolf problem in Central Russia and other stories, Attracted to light, The Fight27
Being a T A in the freshman seminar program, Understanding prose, a guide to the analysis of style30
Beneath a weeping willow's shade. For voice and small orchestra. w & m Francis Hopkinson, arr. Richard Bales30
Biogeography of scorpions in Baja California, Mexico and an analysis of the insular scorpion fauna in the Gulf of California30
Body blows ; Walk in the grass in the path of the lion ; Murder one lyrics, Final solution30
Catalase activity, protein accumulation, and expression during postharvest senescence of carnations and in response to inhibitors of ethylene synthesis or action30
Characterization of polymers and amphiphiles in liquid and supercritical carbon dioxide30
Christian iconography and its antecedents, an exploration of the evolutionary process of selected aspects of Christian art and their stylistic and chronological development from inception in the first century A. D. to the Renaissance, and their relationship to selected art forms of the pre-Christian era part 527
Commodity trade and price trends = Tendances du commerce et des prix des produits de base = Tendencias del comercio y de los precios de los productos basicos part 227
Consignment inventory stock replenishment application, Tracking the muse, Colombian coffee30
Consuming desire: sexual science and the emergence of abundance, 1871-1914. By Lawrence Birken30
Contraction regulates cytoskeletal organization and the integration of myofibrils into the sarcolemma of cultured adult feline cardiac myocytes30
Contradictory images of the housewife as depicted in Victorian American women's fiction and some sister arts25
Control of reaching movements and hand use by the intermediate cerebellum, Book of gospel songs30
Convenience store decisions, vol. 16, nos. 11-13. TX 6-312-899 (2006)30
Cornell industrial and labor relations bibliography series, Slow car, Biscuits and gravy blues27
Cornell Society of Hotelmen ... membership directory, Epoch, Raw edge photography30
Della the dinosaur talks about violence and anger management, Choices and consequences--study guide30
Denny Correll songbook: How will they know? LP songbook. By I.A.M. Music, employer for hire of Denny Paul Correll30
Description of the data cleaning process and descriptive analysis of the entire dataset and the abnormalities found in a multi-site breast cancer study conducted by Michigan State University30
Developmental studies for occupational students; post-secondary programs, research publication 77-3, Nov. 197730
Developmental studies for occupational students; post-secondary programs, research publication 77-3, Nov. 1977 part 230
Development and evaluation of an immunoanalytical system for the detection of drug classes and their metabolites in race animals using the nicotinic acid derivative anti-inflammatory drugs as a model30
Development of self-concept for junior and senior high school students as measured by the self observation .30
Differences between diabetes susceptible and resistant mouse strains in the major histocompatability complex class ii mediated antigen processing and presentation of an important pancreatic autoantigen, glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD-65)30
Dissolution mechanisms for sparingly soluble compounds under laminar hydrodynamic conditions part 226
Divine nature, emotional-psychic body training, Trailing clouds of glory, Mothers30
Effects on child development and childrearing practices of different forms of child care30
Ermengard of Narbonne and the world of the troubadours, Law's interior, Of religion and empire30
Ermengard of Narbonne and the world of the troubadours, You got a good one, Culture and power in traditional Siamese government30
Evaluation the design and delivery of an online technical writing course, Journey home30
Figures of criminality in Indonesia, the Philippines and colonial Vietnam, Contracting Christianity30
Financial system & 3 other titles; software (Envision series) Security agreement26
[Foreward by Donald E. Cullen in "Corruption and racketeering in the New York City construction industry" part 430
France after hegemony: international change and financial reform. By Michael Loriaux30
Frank Zappa in concert, Maryland USA ca. early 1980's, Memoirs of a baby stealer27
Gay men's engagement in psychotherapy as a function of therapist gender and therapist self-disclosure of sexual orientation part 230
Going native, and other selections, Miss May Dusa, The madness room30
Greek and medieval studies in honor of Leo Sweeney, S. J, Happenings in San Diego County30
Hanging by a thread in the web of life, Suite one--Terminal Bay, Suite two, maple leaf30
Harnessing the latent heat of vaporization of water, in order to harvest the entropy of desert air part 230
Hegel's theory of mental activity: an introductory to theoretical spirit. By Willem A. DeVries30
House of cards and other songs30
How I intend to make millions of dollars and use them to further the work of our Lord Jesus Christ30
How to bring out the better side of difficult people, participant's workbook, 101 ways to make trainingt active30
How to distroy [sic] your own company (and look like a Harvard graduate while you do it)30
How to $ucce$$fully start your own publishing company and realize more profits from your manuscripts, poems, lyrics, and short stories30
IEEE standard methodologies for specifying voicegrade channel transmission parameters and evaluating connection transmission performance for speech telephony30
Industrial and labor relations review. Vol. 7, no. 3, Apr. 1954, Administrative science quarterly23
Instructor's manual to accompany Principles of economics, second edition [by] Robert H. Frank, Ben S. Bernanke30
Is this humanity (a teenager's journal in songs & poems), James A. Savage, Jr, The long ride25
It had to be good to hurt this bad30
I've been washed in the blood ; Christians living with God in our hearts, Strong determination25
Jim Baen presents Fred Saberhagen, Earth descended, The Ultimate enemy, Some events in the Templar radiant30
Karl Jaspers on philosophy of history and history of philosophy, Life and learning27
Keats and the Bostonians, Amy Lowell, Louise Imogen Guiney, Louis Arthur Holman, Fred Holland Day. By Hyder Edward Rollins & Stephen Maxfield Parrish part 230
Keystone Mortgage Group, Inc. loan officer training manual, God is still on the throne30
Laskar Jihad Islam, militancy and the quest for identity in post-new order Indonesia30
Leonardo's mountain of clams and the Diet of Worms, Shells, Garden pleasures 198830
Leo Strauss, Max Weber, and the scientific study of politics, The culture of cleanliness in Renaissance Italy30
Life-histories of the frogs of Okefinokee Swamp, Georgia, New poems manuscript materials30
Life-histories of the frogs of Okefinokee Swamp, Georgia, Rules for the world, Justice contained30
Macroeconomics policy analysis for an open economy with quantity .30
Major problems in the history of imperial Russia, I'm not goin' anywhere, I'll never say goodbye30
Manuscript material, correspondence, and graphic material in the Fiske Icelandic Collection30
Manuscript material, correspondence, and graphic material in the Fiske Icelandic Collection part 330
Manuscript material, correspondence, and graphic material in the Fiske Icelandic Collection part 430
Memoir on the pancreas and on the role of pancreatic juice in digestive processes, particularly in the digestion of neutral fat30
Memory coding processes of deaf adolescents utilizing signs and written words, Shanghai shuffle30
Molecular genetic studies of human and feline N-acetylgalactosamine 4-sulfatase (arylsulfatase B) part 230
Mr. Meredith and the truly remarkable stone, Better with two, The Copycat30
Mr. Special takes the FCAT (Florida Comprehension Assessment Test), Women taking charge28
Multicompartmental tracer kinetic analysis of retinol metabolism .., Kevin (6), The Kapri collection30
OJ Burn one presents "Da juice on the come up.", Bad habit, and 2 other selections22
One day closer to you ; You ask me once ; Can you believe? ... [et al.], Always by my side26
One of the major reasons we smoke is psychological/instinctual and how to completely defeat the desire30
On the tangent space to the space of algebraic cycles on a smooth algebraic variety30
Opium farms in nineteenth century Java institutional continuity and change in a colonial society, 1860-191030
Optimal design, procurement, and support of multiple repairable equipment and logistic systems30
Papers presented at the ... Clinic on Library Applications of Data Processing ., Dishing it out30
Parasites of North American freshwater fishes, Heartbreak repair, She doesn't even know30
Patronage and royal science in seventeenth-century France, Land of women, Insula sanctorum30
Paula Lerner photo collection 2/18/07-3/21/07, photos of David Lerner/Shakespear, Linda Bennett W0646 and Scott and Pat Eston W0647 for MSU30
Pregnancy, contraception, and family planning services in industrialized countries part 330
Preschool student teacher behaviors in laboratory school .., Relational concepts in psychoanalysis30
Problems and opportunities in achieving a common international strategy to explore the Moon and Mars part 230
Public penance in northern France in the thirteenth century, Ichabod, The humiliation of sinners24
Record of the transactions of the Nebraska Masonic Grand Lodge with memoirs, notes, and papers of the grand secretary, August 1986-June 198729
Red, white, and blue (opener) By Janet McMahan-Wilson & Wes Ramsay30
Remembering John W. Cookson, a Wisconsin anti-fascist in the Spanish Civil War, 1937-1938 part 230
Responsibility for providing spiritual formation in diocesan seminaries according to the 1983 Code of Canon Law, with special reference to the United States part 230
R.O.A.R./ art direction Lane/Donald ; design David Coleman ; photography Jim Marshall28
Russian literary politics and the Pushkin celebration of 1880, Nabokov, Commitment in reflection30
Russian-styled girl's dress and boy's suit for a 16in (41cm) Schoenhut doll, Village on the Seine30
Scene and symbol from George Eliot to James Joyce, Earth and sun and moon, Diesel and dust30
Secrets of rivers and streams, Struck a match, Velvet river25
Semiannual accounting and auditing update, April 1, 1987 to September 30, 1987, Foxy the firefighter30
Seminar--team development and problem solving and conflict management, Money tree25
Sonnet series and itinerary poems, 1820-1845 by William Wordsworth, Citizens without shelter30
Sonnet series and itinerary poems, 1820-1845 by William Wordsworth, The grammar of good intentions30
Sonnet series and itinerary poems, 1820-1845 by William Wordsworth, Writing October30
Sons and daughters of the pioneers, Get to the point, Killer of the road28
SORTA.BAS. By David Lamar Pearson & Janet Ann Pearson, Basement cuts, Time will mend27
Southern Vietnam under the reign of Minh Mang (1820-1841), Time sheet reporting system "TSR"30
Statistical models for the social and behavioral sciences, This damm [sic] song, Rent it tonight27
Stories from "Epoch"; the first fifty issues (1947-1964) Editor: Baxter Hathaway24
Student achievement and temperament types in traditional and distance learning environments30
Study guide for Chemistry, a contemporary approach, second edition, by G. Tyler Miller, Jr., David G. Lygre & Wesley D. Smith28
Study guide/solutions manual to accompany Models of matter, Attitudes towards family violence30
Subcontracting in scientific and technological activities29
Supplement to "The Laws of innkeepers--for hotels, motels, restaurants, and clubs"30
Talk your way to reading (helping your child with language), Reading matters, Maths and me28
The bank and future disposal of chlorofluorocarbons in long-lived polyurethane insulation products in light of the 1996 CFC ban30
The belated witness, literature, testimony and the question of Holocaust survival part 227
The Boy scout encyclopedia. Text: Bruce Grant, ill.: Fiore Mastri & Jackie Mastri30
The Brown satchel mystery. By Betsy Allen, pseud. of Elizabeth Cavanna Headley, The free place30
The collegiate experiences of black students attending an historically and predominantly white university in Texas30
The contemporary and historical literature of food science and human nutrition, Misrepresentations of the intellectual30
The contribution of potassium currents to prostaglandin E2-induced sensitization of primary afferent nociceptors30
The Counseling interview. By Clifford E. Erickson, Acquired taste, The Cliff Erickson collection28
The development of a right to special educational services in the United States and the adjudication of those rights in the federal courts part 230
The Development of humane children's literature in relation to the growing animal welfare movement of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries27
The difference between shame-prone and guilt-prone persons on measures of anxiety, depression and risk of alcohol abuse30
The dilemmas of laissez-faire population policy in capitalist societies, The Fishermen's wives' cookbook30
The effect of relaxation and mental imagery on perceived self-efficacy, weight loss, body composition, and eating and exercise behavior30
The Effect of selected family variables on the achievement motivation of employed .30
The effects of correspondence training and activity schedules on the play behavior of preschoolers with autism in an inclusive classroom23
The effects of two approaches to basic programming on the achievement and attitude of field independent and field dependent students30
The Effects of winning or losing a long-distance race on pain and mood, End of the road30
The family of Wilhelm Henrish Melloh (1881) in Wisconsin and other Mellohs in the USA, 1994 part 228
The grand ole chinoisserie newsletter and other documents from the grand ole millenium30
The Heritage and history of St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Salisbury, North Carolina through 1983 part 230
The House of labor. Editors: J. B. S. Hardman & Maurice F. Neufeld, Italy: school for awakening countries. By Maurice F. Neufeld22
The hummingbird and the hawk: conquest and sovereignty in the Valley of Mexico, 1503-154130
The Impact of socioeconomic development and ecological change on health and nutrition in Latin America part 230
The influence of progressivism on the development of the state normal college at Ohio University, 1902-192025
The Influence of the world economic system on the status of .., A Tribute to Elvis calendar21
The library literate: a guide to information literacy at the University of Memphis Libraries. By Janell Rudolf, Philip M. Smith & Rebecca S. Argall30
The long-term effects of preschool on migrant children's school success, The St. Augustine song30
The Marranos of Spain from the late 14th to the early 16th century. Text: Benzion Netanyahu30
The Monarch wine. For four-part chorus of men's voices, a cappella. By Adolf Eduard Marschner, edited by Walter Collins30
The mourning dove (L. Barkdull) TX 4-694-110 (1998) & SR 252-248 (1998), Sin30
The National historic preservation program, 1957 to 1969, Shattered selves, Psychosis and power29
The Nature of God in the Qur'aan (the Muslim Bible), The Heart of prayer, A Dictionary of doctrinal terms22
The New York City Audubon Society guide to finding birds in the metropolitan area28
The pillars of economic understanding ideas and traditions, The German predicament30
The Political and social history of Khurasan under Abbasid rule, 747-820, Labor, management, and the state in an industrial town22
The Pond: the life of the aquatic plants, insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and birds that inhabit the pond and its surrounding hillside and swamp30
The prologue in the seventeenth-century Venetian operatic libretto, Songs of the new South30
The purpose of an institute for human resource development as perceived by selected HRD professionals from industrial and educational sectors part 230
The real life dream and development center "millionaires' rite of passage.", Dreams23
The real world of democracy revisited, and other essays on democracy and socialism30
The relationship between applicant age and evaluator age in pre-interview screening of teacher applicants27
The Relationship between two cognitive styles and one type of logical reasoning, I'd never hurt your children30
The Relationship of teacher morale to the racial composition of the student bodies in selected elementary schools .30
The Road leading nowhere (but back home) By David H. West & Aarion E. Nesbit, Private matters30
The roMANtic's guide: hundreds of creative tips for a lifetime of love, Balaam's error30
The second release from Vixen Run Studio of watercolor and pen and ink drawings, The making of American liberal theology21
The state of working America, 2006/2007, Havens in a storm, Migrating raptors of the world29
The University of Pittsburgh jazz seminar--photo album, Axial stretch as a means of lengthening arteries30
The U.S. and European markets for clinical testing products with emphasis on nonisotopic technologies and applications30
The Village at Westerville Retirement Center assisted living, The Village29
The Way to my heart. w & m Jack Spicer, Bill Jones, Norman Drake & Ray Joyner, The black middle class and the South African transformation, 1960-199330
To be the neighbor of Saint Peter, the social meaning of Cluny's property, 909-104928
Todhunter International, Inc.: confidential memorandum. Prepared by Steven M. Goldsmith, Gerald M. Caruso, Jr., & Terry A. Lynner30
UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Book of horses, Good dog, bad dog, I just got a puppy, what do I do?27
Un Cuore per la vita, una vita per il cuore, The Stalin phenomenon, Perseo e la Medusa30
Unintended professional development in curriculum-based K-12 telementoring projects26
United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, local rules of practice as of March 12, 1981 part 230
Using linguistic cues to identify the intellectual processes of basic writers, La puerta30
Utilization of standing dead trees by breeding birds at Sagehen Creek, California25
Variables that may affect the employability of white women who are certified as school superintendents part 228
Variation in vocational expert testimony in Social Security disability hearings, Target--Earth30
What are friends for? And other stories of today, I only want to be with you, I just keep slipping30
Witches, pumpkins, and grinning ghosts: the story of the Halloween symbols. Text: Edna Barth, ill.: Ursula Arndt23
Woodyard transaction program for haulers, mills, stumpage owners, workman's compensation, and severance tax settlement summaries and reports part 330
You're so different. From the play Is the real you really you?, Say the word, Typologies of sex offenders30
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