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Alabama rain & 16 other titles30
A man must carry on. Performed by Jerry Jeff Walker; sound recording by MCA Records, Inc30
Are you ready for love? By Viales, Wheeler, Jackson & Randall, The 20th century collection30
(Baby, tell me) can you dance?. Summer love. By Wiz Kid Music, employer for hire of Bryan Loren a.k.a. Basil Lordsby part 430
Baby, what about you (everybody thinks I'm crazy)? & 16 other titles, A heart like yours & 1 other title30
Cheatin' time. It's not the coffee (that's keeping me awake) Artist: Carl Mann, sound recording: ABC Records, Inc30
Constant companions. By J. Mechling, author of renewable matter: Brown & Bigelow25
Darling, think it over. I can't find it. Artist: Terry Stafford, sound recording: Motown Record Corporation27
Don't let it bring you down ; The Loner ; Cinnamon girl ... [et al.], Already one30
Driven by hunger. By Vogue Music, employer for hire of Wendy Waldman, Outside, looking in30
Fat Boys. By Kurtis Blow, Damon Wimbley, Mark Morales, William Waring & Ronald Miller30
Feathers (I'd seen her in my dreams), & other selections, Smokin', JPCO Music Publishing. Vol. 1030
For the love ; I got your back ; Already missing you ... [et al.]30
Genuine cowhide. Artist: Delbert McClinton, sound recording: ABC Records, Inc, Don't want to love you30
Gotta get away & 2 other titles part 230
Guess I'm in love. w & m Norma G. Campbell, 1919-; arr. Denny Slawn, Stay in my life30
It's good to be careful (but it's better to be loved) By Homer Banks & Raymond Jackson30
I want your love/I need your love & 1 other title; songs30
Memphis & 7 other titles; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. G-78-125 filed 19Jun78 in U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas, Galveston Division)30
Midnight man ; Magnetic North ; Driven by dreams ... [et al.], The Master, The Perfect stranger30
Ministry songs by Phil, Funky beat, Precious girl25
My mind was messed around at the time. By Eddie Floyd, Mack Rice & Steve Cropper30
Only love can break your heart. Arr. Warner-Tamerlane Publishing (employer for hire of Dan Fox), w & m Neil Young30
Painted pictures and words that rhyme, The Awaking of R-M-Pire, Lovehound learns a lick27
Put 'em up, and 1 other selection, Can't get you out of (my mind), Lost30
Reconstruction of the temporomandibular joint using the fossa-eminence and condylar prosthesis30
Saga of a storm battered MODO and the crew of the Deepwater Nautilus, Mr. Bojangles-the biography of Bill Robinson30
Scattered (let's think about livin') By Neil Young, Mister Soul Singer, Mister Soul30
Slow motion & 2 other titles, Slow motion, Today you're a lady30
Suite one; songs. By Robert Patrick Toolan, Visions30
The Beat goes on & 1 other title; songs, Born a second time, Circus will be in town in time25
The Core. By Eric Clapton, Marcy Levy, George Terry, & Throat Music, Ltd., employer for hire30
The Victory road ; Always new life, The Victory30
Thin line between love and hate. By Savoy Pictures Entertainment, Inc, Access, Daytime30
Turn it out. By Billy Preston, Benny C. Medina, Kerry Ashby Gordy & Angelo Bond part 330
Warm green grass of Tennessee, The Big Apple, Young man, young girl30
What'll I do without you and what'll you do without me? EP33367 (1932) Termination effective 26Oct9030
When a man loves a woman & 11 other titles, Platoon. By Adam Singer, pseud. of David Karp30
(You keep me) running back to you, (Shoot) the look of love, The Look of love30
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