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A hundred patterns by the Icicles, Porch swing, New haircolor26
Ain't that just like you? Co-writer, George Ducas, Always a bridesmaid, I don't want to be strong30
All the king's horses (and all the king's men) / A Song I couldn't write part 230
A man without seasons, Duplicity, Inverted psychosis25
Anything that's rock n' roll, Route 66, You got the cooties30
A Proposal to establish a second stage housing facility for battered women and their children in Sonoma County29
Best face forward & 3 other titles; musical score. Composed by Adam Fields, Days of my life28
Black shadow, silver wings season of mind poems, The lined-face girl in the single-horn village30
Brian's song. Arr. for handbells: Belwin Mills Publishing Corporation, employer for hire of Albert Ream & Ennes Productions, Inc., employer for hire of Michel Legrand30
Cappio system of rudimental drumming, Reunion30
Children of a lesser Dad, & 6 other episodes, Home is where the Hart is, Aquarius intercept (score)30
Christmas is a time to be grateful for special friends, like you30
Coda-extension to the big note, Cocktail music, Coffee, tea or cyanide28
Collection of music by Bruce Clark, Waiting30
Combat: World War I. By Don Congdon, foreword and afterword by William Manchester, introd. by Herbert Mitgang part 230
Contraindications and biomechanical considerations, Discharged, Heartbeat30
Control part 330
Crouching tiger, hidden Val, Raging Val, Vallery of the dolls30
Dance, baby, dance, Acceptance, Rich eyed girl28
Dance with me (baila conmigo), & 1 other song part 330
Days of our lives30
Days of our lives, episode 10312B. Musical cues 5475 through 5466A30
Days of our lives episode no. 10137 cues 5250 through 527830
Days of our lives music cues 3247-3258, 3242C-3242E30
Desperate surrender/(Amor moriendo), Afraid of heights, Barefoot Cinderella30
Differential response and susceptibility to oxidative stress in mouse lung fibroblasts heterozygous for phospholipid hydroperoxide glutathione peroxidase (gpx4)30
DOOL 3963-3984 & 3714 RC, Michael's lament, Non-Pacific30
DOOL no. 292, 292A, 291, 293, no. 300-300A, DOOL music, Music cues 271, 270, 269, 26725
Dream come true. m Mark B. Dickinson & Anthony C. Eversole, Jr.; lyrics: Anthony C. Eversole, Jr., & Darren Stillwell, 1966 part 230
Dream dance into flight, Dream dance, Orient run28
Dr. Lewis and Renee ; Canine blues ; Goodbye Baby Susie ... [et al.], Days of our lives30
Each mile I put on my heart, Safe at home, Looking into crystal30
Endless search ; Janine-got my mind, Blue nocturne, Velvet touch30
Episode 103 "Health insurance" (10 items or less), DOOL, DOOL 2049-2052c & 2049c30
"Escape from Ukraine" orchestra, Calypso moon, Cassie's fear30
Essential elements for the operation of gifted education programs in .., Identity crisis in social service30
Establishing successful & profitable client relationships, Far away30
Family history and genealogy of James McIvers, 1755-1829, Abraham Knapp, Jr., 1759-1809, their children and grandchildren30
Fanfare drum roll & 110 other titles; musical cues, Hand magician cue, Tu ffunk30
Gina's elec. pno. source cues, Stealthy, Monroe30
Heart of the matter. By British Lion Film Corporation, Ltd30
Home movies made easy. By Bob Knight (Frank R. Knight), Home movies30
If I could see me now? & 13 other titles; original musical score, England show III28
If you only knew ; I found someone ; I know ; I'll be pleased part 230
I glorify the name, & 1 other song, By my side30
I know why (and so do you) Song. From album Red Garland's piano [Rudy van Gelder remaster] part 330
I laughed once again, & other selections, Quiet earth and company, Wonderland30
Implants, transplants, and Cuban ants, Second look, Pre-existing conditions27
In the name of eugenics: genetics and the uses of human heredity30
I think of you. By Jeannine Clesi & Vikki Dale30
It may be over, but it ain't done with, Alone at last, It's better to have loved and lost27
Jesus did it for me. By Debra Macklin, 1954-, James Macklin, 1939-, Robert Mack, Jr., 195530
Just a family of Doolans sittin' around talkin', Doorways, DOOL30
Lawyers, guns, and money. From album Enjoy every sandwich: the songs of Warren Zevon30
Long and lasting love. w & m Michael Roy Hayes, 1951, Heavy weather songs, Remember where you've been30
Lurking in the cemetary, Unseen disguise, Murky pond30
Main title theme. From The Man with the golden arm. Arr. for piano solo: Sylvia Fine (Sylvia Fine Kaye) and Elmer Bernstein30
May love become your friend, Turn around30
Medicine show. By William F. Broidy Productions, Inc, A mother's son, Echoes26
Millennium march ; Saturn blues ; I don't know ... [et al.], Shake the world, Studio 4529
Modern technology & 24 other titles; original music (cues) By W. G. Snuffy Walden (will compose, arrange & orchestrate), employee for hire of October Holdings, Inc., except as noted30
Moon over Miami. w Edgar Leslie, m Joe Burke, arranger: Milton James, Do the strand30
Nobody else can handle this job but me, Blue roses, Run Elmer run29
Number one with a bullet & 19 other titles; musical score. Composed by W. G. Snuffy Walden and Joseph Stanley Williams30
One step in the jungle (and every man's beast) By Kathy Wakefield & Brian Fairweather part 230
Penny lady and 16 other titles, Return of the owl, Dr. Strange Val30
Percussion, basses, steel drum one, Island traveler, Persian rendezvous28
Perfect day for a picnic, Perfect day30
Pilot & 8 other titles; original musical score, Fame, Right30
Planting seeds of faith through prayer teaching in the Newberry Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church29
Prescription assistance programs, your guide to help with the high cost of prescriptions30
Progress in nucleic acid research and molecular biology. Vol. 4. By J. N. Davidson, Waldo E. Cohn & 9 others30
Ripley's believe it or not! Cartoon feature. Cartoon drawing & text: King Features Syndicate, Inc., employer for hire of Paul Frehm part 630
Sensational strategies for teaching beginning readers, Sensational30
She's having my baby (dream sequence), Hurricane Elsa, Stakeout at O. K. corral30
Sickness, health/richer, poorer, His leading lady, Zap30
Silver dagger overture; for orchestra. Editorial revision & arr.: Craig Leslie Pinkerton28
Sneaky, thieving, double crossing dates from hell, Action, One easy piece30
Songs by Walter Murphy & Tony Palumbo, Too much coffee, Theme30
Songs from the winter of 1993. By Ross Rogers, Holding on30
Sorry, wrong number and The Hitch-hiker; one volume including both plays. By Lucille Fletcher23
Stained glass parrot number 1 & 1 other title part 230
Story of glory, the new day dawns, Friendship30
Stronger evil--pt. 1 & 23 other titles; musical score intended for initial use in episodes of the television series, Jackie Chan adventures30
Submarines, & 2 other selections, Sky, & 2 other selections, Batteries, & 2 other selections30
Superfriends, the legendary super powers show: no. SUPSF1-SUPSF8 part 430
Superstars blinded to love, The reluctant heroes, Party of five30
Taj Mahal 2 (India) By John Herbert Leach, Sweet danger, Teen scene30
Tape recording, beak-mania, force vs. pressure, Hydraulics, beakmania & polymers30
Temptation & forgiveness & 13 other titles; musical score. Composed by W. G. Snuffy Walden, Bennett Salvay & Randy Kerber27
The bedroom eyes collection, Young love30
The Dennis Leary show, Immortal, Alarm30
The effect of the hand-held calculator on the computation and problem-solving achievement of students with learning disabilities28
The house gift & 13 other titles; musical score. Composed by R. Korbin Kraus, Stephen R. Hampton, John F. Adair & Chris P. Wilson30
The impact of the water crisis on freshwater ecosystems in Latin America and the Caribbean30
The last ride of the elephant princess30
The one that got away. w & m Carl Belew & Van Givens30
The Pauline Lim collection, Powder burn, Baser instincts30
The princess who wanted the moon and other stories: creative activities for children's plays part 230
Tranquility ; Qubhu ; Runnin' thru my head ; Lullaby, Tranquility30
Tunnel vision & 1 other title; musical scores30
Under color of law & 2 other titles; musical score, Gotterdammerung, Lawyers, guns & money30
Unmet heroes: a collection of memories, Welcome to Bermuda, Bermuda beach30
Wake up ; Doodli-do ; Ord shuffle ... [et al.], A pigboy and his dog, Bloat Beer commercial30
Wake up ; Doodli-do ; Ord shuffle ... [et al.], Show dance, Detention30
We love to see you smile: long version. By Alvin Goldfarb Jewelers, Inc. (employer for hire) & Dave Watkins30
Why not to invite your vacation date home. (Emily's reasons why not, episode 104)30
You're beautiful when you're beautiful, Country love songs, Bull dancer30
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