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A Comparative study of persistence, time to graduation, and changes in .., Gene biotechnology30
A comparison of interpersonal communication style and relationship satisfaction of academic and student affairs administrators in two-year colleges part 428
Acupuncture technique for pilocarpine-resistant xerostomia following radiotherapy for head and neck malignancies part 230
A Delphi study of the trends or events that will influence the content of curriculum and the technological delivery of instruction in the public elementary school in the year 2005 part 230
A descriptive study of the marketing mix strategies utilized by North American Christian schools24
Administration of the school library/media center, Introduction to food science and technology26
Advanced problems with solutions for Stanley E. Manahan's Environmental chemistry, 6th edition30
Adventures of Stevie V. By Stephen Vincent (p.k.a. Stevie V.) & Mick Walsh, Theory and application of microbiological assay28
Affinity capillary electrophoresis in pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics, Pharmacogenomics & SNPs in drug discovery & development25
African independence. By Dell Publishing Company, Inc., employer for hire of Peter Judd, Basil Davidson & Ezekiel Mphahlele30
Allegories of pathos and perspective in the symbolical paintings and self-portraits of Edwin Dickinson28
A mixed-methods exploration of leaders' sensemaking actions and outcomes in a national college sorority30
Analysis of cancer mortality and incidence among nuclear weapons workers at the Rocky Flats Plant29
Analysis of low energy ion-induced damage in III-V semiconductors using the multiple quantum well probe technique part 228
An exploratory study of hispanic clinicians' perceptions of hispanic women in therapy30
An investigation of attitude-toward-product-class advertising and experience as antecedents to attitude-toward-the-ad and alternative behavioral intention30
A plan for planting a bachelor's level, Spanish-speaking interdenominational seminary in the United States30
A practical guide to boundary element methods with the software library BEMLIB, Fluid dynamics25
A seminar on standards for compilation and review of financial statements, Digital integrated circuits30
Assessing the sustainability and biological integrity of water resources using fish communities part 227
A Study of the changes in biological and physico-chemical characteristics .., Mushrooms30
Atherothrombosis and coronary artery disease, Textbook of cardiovascular medicine updates24
Automobile success without lifting the hood. By William Edwards Harris, Hunter Montgomery Harris & Shirley Pauline Harris part 330
A Work plan for a family planning analysis of world fertility survey data, CG omega BD IT & 158 other titles30
Bible truths for Christian schools, secondary level, Our infallible Bible, Chosen to salvation27
Biochemistry, pharmacology and cytogenetics of MRP-mediated multidrug resistance30
Biodegradable polyester microspheres containing neutron activable rare earths for internal radiation therapy29
Biomechanics of hip injuries in frontal motor-vehicle crashes23
Biomedical technology information & 315 other titles. (Part 001 of 002) part 725
Bioterrorism & the nurses's response to weapons of mass destruction30
Business organizations. Volume[s] 16[-16N], Antitrust laws and trade regulation. [Supplement and revision] part 230
Case study of political opinions passed off as science and mathematics, Elliptic curves30
Codes and standards and applications for design and analysis of pressure vessel and piping components, 1990 part 230
Companies holding boiler and pressure vessel certificates of authorization for use of code symbol stamps and testing laboratories holding certificates of acceptance for conducting tests of pressure relief devices part 321
Completed research in health, physical education, recreation & dance, The Fire safety management handbook18
Complications of viral and mycoplasmal infections in rodents to toxicology research and testing30
Computer assisted instruction for health professionals, Applied biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics23
Computer sciences corporation electronic visa applicaiton forms, version, UNIX and shell programming25
Considerations in the applications of dolphin human interaction to therapy, Seven seeds30
Contaminated filter/absorber isolation procedure using the Flanders banding kit number 1A: for Flanders E and G series bag-in/bag-out housings/Flanders30
Conversemos en Espanol I ; Conversemos en Espanol 2 ; Ejercicios de pronunciacion25
CRC handbook of pharmacologic methodologies for the study of the neuroendocrine system part 230
Darwin's forgotten defenders: the encounter between evangelical theory and evolutionary thought27
Data management practices used by original beginning teacher support and assessment programs (BTSA) to provide feedback about program quality/effectiveness and guide future program decisions part 230
Data over wireless networks Bluetooth, WAP, and Wireless LANs, Understanding data communications30
DC-3:6'4'' paper model of the world's most famous airplane, AC power systems handbook29
Design, growth, and characterization of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers, Men in grief30
Development in syntactic and strategic aspects of audience adaptation skills in written .30
Diana, self-interest, and British national identity, The race for consciousness, Hoppin' John's lowcountry cooking30
Digital signal processing applications with Motorola's DSP56002 processor30
Disruptive security technologies with mobile code and peer-to-peer networks, Managing front office operations30
Dog Hill, Donnehue Cave System, Lawrence County, Indiana, Bedford West Quadrangle25
Domestic animal behavior for veterinarians and animal scientists, Zeo-agriculture26
Educational and career development resources: a tool to end violence, Developing dynamic presentation skills30
Electric power management & forecasting program training manual part 230
Electronics manufacturing with lead-free, halogen-free, and conductive-adhesive materials30
Encyclopedia of electrochemistry of the elements, organic section, Electroanalytical chemistry29
Environmental engineer's mathematics handbook/ Frank R. Spellman and Nancy E. Whiting27
Environmental factors and the demand for nonconsumptive wildlife recreation, The Arkansas plan27
Environmental public health policy for asbestos in schools, Fire loss control, Management of hotel and motel security25
Epidemiology of infection with white sturgeon iridovirus (WSIV) and white sturgeon herpesvirus-2 (WSHV-2) in a commercial white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) culturing facility part 230
Error detecting codes, self-checking circuits and applications, Digital design principles and practices30
Essays on network externalities and compatibility from the perspective of industrial organization part 330
Essential math & language skills: part/whole relations, spatial relations, measurements30
Expert systems applications for structural, transportation, and environmental engineering part 230
Extreme values in finance, telecommunications and the environment, Statistics in musicology20
Fingerprints terminology, English/Spanish with definitions and illustrations30
First of the spacemen: Ivan C. Kincheloe, Jr. By James J. Haggerty, Jr, Food and nutrition bibliography30
Geochemical and strontium isotopic investigation of laramide and younger igneous rocks in central Colorado, with emphasis on the petrogenesis of the thirtynine mile volcanic field30
Growth function of the stapedius reflex in normal hearing subjects and in .., Audiology30
Handbook of analytical techniques in concrete science and technology, CRC handbook on nondestructive testing of concrete27
Harbrace workshop mini-outline procedure & evidence, part II, Texas & federal civil procedure30
Hazardous materials regulations of the Department of Transportation by air, rail, highway, and water including specifications for shipping containers part 530
Human colonic bacteria--role in nutrition, physiology, and pathology, Computer systems monthly24
Human factors optimization of virtual environment attributes for a space telerobotic control station30
Illustrated handbook of physical-chemical properties and environmental fate for organic chemicals part 530
Individual competencies and team effectiveness as predictors of successful strategy implementation part 230
Instructor's manual to accompany Language awareness, readings for college writers, eighth edition [by] Paul Eschholz, Alfred Rosa, Virginia Clark part 230
Instructor's resource manual for Kotz & Treichel's Chemistry and chemical reactivity, fifth edition30
International Christian Music Ministry Inc., a Michigan ecclesiastical corporation d/b/a Late Night Praise and Worship, vs. OCWEN Federal Bank, FSB, a foreign banking corporation part 230
International labeling requirements for medical devices, medical equipment, and diagnostic equipment part 430
In tribute to a lazy, overweight, lethargic, selfcentered pet rat, Stinky, La irresistible influencia de la iglesia30
Introducing the nursing case mix management system, High school Bible studies, Junior high teachers guide30
Introduction to approximate solution techniques, numerical modeling, and finite element methods part 330
Introduction to management of reverse logistics and closed loop supply chain processes30
It's goin' down tonight ; Come get it ; Let it loose, Zeedocta live at Rhawn St, Demolition circutry30
I've got the disease ; Suck & *Removed* ; With friends like you ... [et al.], T-fly demo30
I want Johnny's job ; What I'm holding, Thick & thin, No28
Laboratory methods for measuring fume generation rates and total fume emission of welding and allied processes30
LAM and other diseases characterized by smooth muscle proliferation, Parasitic infections in the compromised host30
Life cycle costing and life cycle assessment for shipyard blasting and painting, Reliability in computer system design30
Lightweight castings and aluminum alloys for advanced automotive applications, Lightweight30
LINEFILT; a program which synthesizes physical parameters for a variety of coupled line filter structures part 330
Logic design principles with emphasis on testable semicustom circuits, The VLSI handbook25
Luminescence spectrometry in analytical chemistry. Vol. 38: in chemical analysis. Edited by P. J. Elving, and I. M. Kolthoff, James D. Winefordner, S. G. Schulman, T. C. O'Haver30
Lyon, Buckman & Brady's The Nature and properties of soils. By Harry O. Buckman & Nyle C. Brady30
Marketing compliance for Internet products and services, Information security for credit unions30
Mass transfer characteristics of a tower filled with random and structured packing from an air stripper study of the removal of volatile organic compounds from groundwater30
Mathematical methods in robust control of linear stochastic systems22
Measurement of the nonlinear refractive index (n(2)) and stimulated raman scattering in optical fibers as a function of germania content, using the photorefractive beam coupling technique part 230
Measuring culture: a paradigm for the analysis of social organization, Kid's songs29
Molecular and supramolecular chemistry of natural products and their model compounds30
Multivariate statistical methods in physical anthropology: a review of recent advances and current developments26
New national institutes of health recommendations for acceptable individual serum cholesterol levels with a review of the significance of reference intervals30
Now thank we all our God/Praise to the Lord, Inward light, Every time I feel the spirit28
Nutraceutical and specialty lipids and their co-products, Chemical and functional properties of food components20
Oracle application server 10G administration handbook, Oracle databases on the Web20
Ordinary and partial differential equation routines in C, C++, Fortran, Java, Maple, and MATLAB30
Ordinary and partial differential equation routines in C, C++, Fortran, Java, Maple, and MATLAB part 230
Ordinary and partial differential equation routines in C, C++, Fortran, Java, Maple, and MATLAB part 330
Oregon State University International Wheat and Maize Improvement Program Cooperative Project, Ciudad Obregon, Mexico, April 16-21, 1979 part 230
Organization development initiatives to advance the status of women in management29
Oxidative stress induces extracellular appearance of acidic fibroblast growth factor in vitro and in vivo25
Parkinson's disease in the long-term care setting, Parkinson's27
Participant's problem-solving manual for Kick down the door of complacency, seize the power of continuous improvement part 230
Participant's problem-solving manual for Kick down the door of complacency, seize the power of continuous improvement part 330
Peel & put speech and language pictures. Set 3, sheets J-M. By Imperial Lithographers, Inc30
Pharmacotherapy companion to the depression clinical practice guideline, Instructor's guide to accompany Pharmacotherapy30
Pick 'n' play; six piano solos. Grade 1 1/2-2. m & compilation: McLaughlin & Reilly Company, employer for hire of Annarose Griffin30
Polyurethanes, chemistry and technology. Pt. 2: technology. By J. H. Saunders & Kurt C. Frisch30
Postmodernizing the novel Moby Dick ; Out lingo ; Tomorrow, et tomorrow, et tomorrow ; Le gaz D'eclairage/ 3 arguments30
Principles and reactions of protein extraction, purification and characterization30
Principles and reactions of protein extraction, purification and characterization part 230
Principles and reactions of protein extraction, purification and characterization part 330
Principles of polymer science and technology in cosmetics and personal care, Cosmeceuticals and active cosmetics30
Prior knowledge and reading comprehension test bias, Buried beneath, Fanatical ; Bleedin' heart30
Probability and statistics applications for environmental science, Probability, Metric tools30
Proceedings, 15th symposium on integrated circuits and systems design, 9-14 September 2002, Porto Alegre, Brazil30
Proceedings of the 2003 IEEE international frequency control symposium & PDA exhibition jointly with the 17th European frequency and time forum, 4-8 May 2003, Tampa, Florida part 230
Proceedings of the ... Annual Scientist-Practitioner Conference in Industrial/Organizational Psychology30
Quality assurance record evaulation form. By Visiting Nurse and Home Care Association of Greater Hartford, Inc., employer for hire of Judith A. Torpey part 230
Real analysis--with an introduction to wavelet theory, Fourier analysis and its applications30
Renewable energy business plan East Bay Municipal Utility District, The Future of synthetic materials30
Restoration of East Houston Street, a six block area to be known as "Houston Street Fashion Square" and downtown neighborhood30
Robust controller design for linear, time-varying systems, Right brain project, Collecting toys30
Rocky and Bullwinkle, one last story, Sins of the fathers, A Musical suite29
School administrator's guide to student conduct issues, Regulating the professions30
Sensitivity enhancement in liquid chromatography/atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry using derivatization and mobile phase additives30
Shock waves and high-strain-rate phenomena in metals: concepts and applications, The Fighter30
Software configuration management strategies and IBM Rational ClearCase, The New intelligence30
Software engineering department process improvement Web site v1.130
Sonidero nacional ; Como llorla la nina ; El procinciano ; Loco por su amor, The forward passing bucks30
So you have to have a root canal, it's not a big deal, it's a small miracle!, Atrial fibrillation30
Space, angels, and light--three contructs forming an empathic healing perspective/approach29
Spatial analysis, GIS, and remote sensing applications in the health sciences, GPS for land surveyors30
Stabilization and solidification of hazardous, radioactive, and mixed wastes, Algebraic methods in the theory of combinatorial designs30
Stabilization and solidification of hazardous, radioactive, and mixed wastes, Inorganic phosphors30
Stabilization and solidification of hazardous, radioactive, and mixed wastes, Managing collaboration in public administration24
Statistical concepts: a program for self-instruction. By Celeste McCollough & Ellis Loche VanAtta27
Statistical methods and experimental design for inference regarding dose and/or interaction thresholds along a fixed-ratio ray part 330
Statistics and experimental design for toxicologists and pharmacologists, Natural fibers, biopolymers, and biocomposites30
Stop losing and start being the parent your ADHD child deserves, Chinese herbal medicine25
Stress and accidents in the offshore oil and gas industry, Behavioral problems in organizations30
Structural sensitivity analysis and optimization 1, Industrial refrigeration systems27
Study guide to accompany Principles of microbiology, text [by] Ronald M. Atlas, Microbiology, second edition29
Study of reactivity of adsorbates in carbon monoxide-nitric oxide and carbon dioxide reactions using dynamic infrared technique30
Successful application of quality systems in K-12 schools, ISO 9001, ISO 9001:2000 quick reference25
Summertime's another name for love. w Patrick McBride, m Donald Robbins, Kicking the habit29
Teaching notes to accompany Strategic management of technology and innovation, fourth edition [by] Robert A. Burgelman, Clayton M. Christensen, Steven C. Wheelwright part 530
The 1992 yearbook of law & medicine; an essential guide to medical/legal questions part 225
The American Missionary Association's antislavery campaign in Kentucky, 1848 to .30
The analysis of communication content: developments in scientific theories and computer techniques. Editors: George Gerbner, Klaus Kaippendorff, William J. Paisley et al30
The behavior of sandwich structures of isotropic and composite materials, Damage tolerance in advanced composites17
The best test preparation for the Advanced Placement Examination in European history30
The changing US solvents markets and the concomitant ancillary solvent substitute and recycling phenomena25
The development, characterization, and use of liposome reagents for rapid analysis of environmental toxicants part 230
The development of hassles and coping preferences in early adolescence, Toxicology of the kidney30
The Effect of pronoun type on first and second language perceptual .., Perspectives on methodology in consumer research30
The effects of metacognitive strategy training with computer-assisted instruction for vocabulary acquisition by students with learning disabilities23
The Effects of stress associated with notification of reorganization upon the performance of personnel of an air defense squadron in the United States Air Force part 330
The engineering feasibility of a tidal siphon, and alternative to the jetty hardened coastal inlet30
The field theoretic renormalization group in critical behavior theory and stochastic dynamics30
The formal nature of language (Biological Foundation of language by Eric H. Lenneberg) By Noam Chomsky30
The handbook of ethical research with ethnocultural populations & communities, Developing and implementing a student contract30
The Historical development of individually-guided education in America, the case of Wisconsin .30
The human brain and spinal cord: functional neuroanatomy and dissection guide, A study guide to accompany the Human brain, third edition26
The human factor in shaping the course of history and development, Flame, Centerpiece26
The LabCat module for unscheduled DNA synthesis (UDS), version 1.0, Histopathology of the skin. By Walter F. Lever23
The Life and times of a 1940 cattle rancher's bride who learns to be bridle-wise30
The metabolism and molecular physiology of saccharomyces cerevisiae, Haunted city30
The "N of 1" demonstration of the American International College graduate program in Human Relations and Community Affairs' Mission25
Theory and practice in building an EAP workplace follow-up support network program for EAP practitioners and counselors part 330
The Politics of power in On the waterfront, Cultural Marxism and political sociology25
The Practical assessment & management of children with disorders of development and learning30
The practical guide to boorish and otherwise contemptible behavior30
The practice of authority---personal, professional, and organizational---by social workers in a managed mental health care organization30
The relationship between others-concept, attributions, and labels on peer acceptance of children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder30
The relationship of critical thinking disposition and self-efficacy to work excitement among registered nurses in the practice setting30
The sentinel method and its application to environmental pollution problems30
The ... yearbook of the National Council of Professors of Educational Administration part 226
"The Zabim-be vase," the identification of a militaristic pre-Columbian Mayan figure based on the phonetic translation of a hieroglyphic inscription part 230
The Zionist idea; a historical analysis and reader. Edited with introd. & biographical notes by Arthur Hertzberg, foreword by Emanuel Neumann30
This girl wants out! an analysis of need/ want + prepositional phrase and need/ want + prepositional adverb28
Trislander cabin safety & 10 other titles; safety instruction cards, Sable rhapsody30
Using history of mathematics to improve secondary students' attitudes toward mathematics27
Vegetables, fruits and herbs in health promotion, Alcohol and neurobiology, Exercise and disease30
Water and environmental management in Europe and North America, Herbal and traditional medicine21
Water resources management, sustainability, risk assessment, and pollution by wastewater in the Mexico City region part 321
What managers need to know about computers, information technology, and managing computer resources30
William Brown English, immigrant of Hatfield and Lancaster, Massachusetts, and his descendants. By Carol Willits Brown part 330
Winnie-the-Pooh on success in which you, Pooh and friends learn about the most important subject of all30
Wistful Willie. w George Meninno, Frank Lee & Dave Papandrea, m Al Lerner, Pagan babies30
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