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10 to midnight & 2 other titles; motion pictures, Bora Bora, Bocca golosa30
A Change of heart & 2 other titles; books30
Across the Great Divide & 410 other titles; motion pictures & television programs. (Part 001 of 002)27
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn & 1,123 other titles; motion pictures & television programs. (Part 003 of 006)30
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn & 1144 other titles; films. (Part 001 of 006)24
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn & 1144 other titles; films. (Part 005 of 006)30
After food of the gods & 40 other titles; motion pictures, Gnaw: after food of the gods24
Agostino & 1,483 other titles; motion pictures. (Part 002 of 007), One just man, Dead zone25
A Guide for the married man & 1216 other titles; motion pictures & television programs. (Part 007 of 007)30
A Killing affair & 207 other titles; full length original motion pictures, Howling, II29
A Killing affair & 208 other titles; full length original motion pictures, The Boyfriend school & 2 other titles; motion pictures30
Alaskan wilderness adventure & 134 other titles, Alaska wilderness, The Alaska wilderness adventure30
A Life of sin & 91 other titles; films & screenplays, Rope dancing, Return of the ninja30
All of me & 30 other titles; motion pictures except as noted, Kickboxer, Salute of the jugger30
All of me & 37 other titles; motion pictures, I was a teenage vampire, Rent a cop & 1 other title; motion pictures30
A matter of instinct, Death sentence, The double dealers30
An Eye for an eye & 328 other titles; motion pictures. (Part 001 of 002), Prancer25
Army of darkness & 342 other titles; films/literary properties. (Part 002 of 002)28
Artificial intelligence. (Understanding computers) TX 1-882-287 (1986), Great minds of science--viruses30
Aunt Julia and the scriptwriter & 3 other titles; motion pictures, La Tia Julia y el escribidor30
Ava's magical adventure (stolen white elephant) By Susan D. Nimm, Abraxas, Science, sound & energy30
A Woman named Jackie & 40 other titles; motion pictures, City of joy, Texasville30
Beastmaster II--through the portal of time: screenplay. PAu 1-446-54928
Bill and Ted's excellent adventure & 3 other titles, Escape from the jungle, The Empty canvas30
Body of evidence & 10 other titles; motion pictures30
Boys and girls march of comics featuring The Lone Ranger. No. 193. By the Lone Ranger, Inc part 230
Bright angel. Vocal. Composer: Stan Jones (Stanley D. Jones)30
Crimes of the heart (movie tie-in) By Claudia Reilly30
Dangerous passion & 6 other titles30
Dead man; radio program. By Betty Joyce, as employee for hire of The Lone Ranger, Inc30
Death wish 3.No. 274-566 (1985)26
Delta Force 3: the killing game, a.k.a Young commandos, Delta Force30
Desperate hours, Evil dead III, Desparate hours30
Driving Miss Daisy & 17 other titles; theatrical motion pictures except where noted30
Eddie and the cruisers II: Eddie lives, Iron triangle, Lady beware23
Enemies, a love story & 4 other titles; theatrical motion pictures, Stay tuned, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves24
Escape tragic endings (the Ken Johnson sessions), The Grifters, QuickPig30
Evil dead II-behind the scenes28
Eye of the tiger (the theme from Rocky III) SR 38-288 (1982)30
Fear no evil30
First blood & 1 other title; motion pictures, First blood29
For better or for worse & 1 other title; motion pictures30
From Hollywood with love. Compilation by RCA Records26
Hell drivers21
High spirits aerobic dance lite supplement30
Homer and Eddie. PAu 1-314-93230
Hot and cold mixer automatic draining freezeless wall hydrants30
How to get ahead in advertising (screenplay) PAu 1-160-149 (1988), The Powwow Highway24
Intent to kill. By Willis Kingsley Wing employer for hire of Michael Bryan, pseud. of Brian Moore30
In the line of duty: the FBI murders & 7 other titles; motion pictures & screenplays part 430
Iron eagle II & 2 other titles; motion pictures30
Kickboxer III : The art of war (opening/cues) By Harry James Manfredini30
Last exit to Brooklyn (soundtrack) By Soundtracks, The Nutcracker, The Black robe24
Lord of the flies & 1 other title; motion pictures & screenplays part 230
Lord of the flies & 3 other titles, Sibling Rivalry, Misery24
Lovers and other natural disasters, Movie theme, We still have a chance30
Midnight ride & 1 other title; musical composition part 230
Midnight run (escape on rusty tracks that unforgettable night)30
Mister and Mrs. John F. Kennedy outside Georgetown door with Jacqueline Kennedy holding Caroline's hand30
Museum of love, Pirates, Override23
Out for the count & 3 other titles; motion picture episodes from the series commonly known as Henry's cat30
Over my dead body (pilot) (Over my dead body, no. 83560) PA 519-39727
Over the Brooklyn Bridge (Alby and Elizabeth) Motion picture30
Penny wise, pound foolish. By Phil Davis, & Chertok TV, Inc., employer for hire part 230
Physician and patient information brochure, re model MNR-94 quattrode receiver system and model 1992/1993/1994/1995 one-step connect leads & 8 other titles part 230
Quigley down under & 7,425 other titles. (Part 009 of 038)30
Quigley down under & 7,425 other titles. (Part 026 of 038)30
Re-introduction ; Search's end ; The temple ... [et al.], Au pair girls, Cowboy 7826
Rhapsody in August (sub-titles)30
Riding the edge & 3 other titles; motion pictures25
Salute of the jugger & 3 other titles; feature films30
Santa Claus, the movie21
Scenes from the class struggle in Beverly Hills22
Sibling rivalry & 3 other titles; motion pictures30
Sibling rivalry & 8 other titles; motion pictures, Taking of Beverly Hills, Eve of destruction25
Slaves of New York & 4 other titles; short stories, Management strategies, Wordplay25
Teacher's manual to accompany The English language, 10; with answer keys to the textbook exercises and to teaching tests. By Joseph C. Blumenthal, Arnold Lazarus, Louis Zahner et al30
Teenage space vampires, Lifeforce, Astro zombies30
The 14 & 2,266 other titles; films, television programs or other audio-visual material. (Part 001 of 012)30
The Ambassadors get-together30
The Ambush murders & 278 other titles; films. (Part 002 of 002), Bridge to silence26
The Avenger & 51 other titles, The Avenger, Mountain man30
The Bear & 3 other titles; motion pictures & television programs, Impromptu, A midnight clear30
The Case of the black cat & 25 other titles; feature pictures, Hollywood house, Love those men & 39,564 other titles. (Part 112 of 205)30
The Disorganized crimes of Maxwell and Eddie & 2 other titles; literary works, Pink Panther30
The Favorite son. By Screen Gems, Inc27
The game & 1 other title, Into the sun, The Game26
The Naked face of genius, Bela Bartok's American years; book. By Agatha Fassett30
The Penitent woman. By Prout, author of renewable matter: Brown & Bigelow30
The Raggedy Rawney, Nuns on the run, Withnail & I23
The Stranger I'm sleeping beside part 330
They're coming in--pintails. By Brown & Bigelow & Richard E. Bishop, My stepmother is an alien29
Till there was you. From The Music Man. w & m Meredith Willson, dance arr. & vocal backgrounds: Johnny Warrington30
Waiting for the lightning. By Chris Maxwell & Bruce Hulsey30
Welcome to Detroit & 16 other titles, Raw deal & 5 other titles; motion pictures23
When Harry met Sally/letterbox30
Who killed the baby Jesus? Motion picture photoplay, Alone, Clue--motive, murders & mysteries30
Whose appy now? (ER) PA 873-109, Guilty by suspicion, Sinatra30
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