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titleNumber of documents
A change of heart. w & m Jimmy Radcliffe & Phil Stern26
Afraid of the dark & 107 other titles30
A life of sin won't pay (sin can't win) Written by Surratt, Life of sin, Livin' a maniac's life30
Any four women could rob the Bank of Italy, Alby's house of bondage & 22 other titles27
Bedroom eyes & 50 other titles; motion pictures & literary properties part 230
Between Rock Creek & a hard place, Bad blood, The kid--pilot30
Blame it on Rio & 5 other titles30
Blue movie blue & 34 other titles; programs29
Chattahoochee red. SR 29-767 (1981)30
Criminal law and its processes; cases and materials. 1964 suppl. By Monrad G. Paulsen & Sanford H. Kadish30
Dead reckoning & 3 other titles30
Dead reckoning; motion picture. By Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc30
Defense play & 39 other titles; film library25
Eddie & the cruisers II: Eddie lives & 4 other titles, Rage of honor, Transit & 1229 other titles. (Part 004 of 007)30
Eddie & the cruisers II: Eddie lives & 4 other titles, Superman II, Terminator & 21 other titles30
Full moon in blue water & 41 other titles, Touch black, Saxophone music30
Gilligan's Island a.k.a. The new adventures of Gilligan's Island, Two on a raft & 100 other titles; television episodes30
Goldy II: the saga of the golden bears, The gold and glory, Great bear scare29
Hitman a.k.a (Dairy of a hitman) Produced by: Continental Etertainment Group Ltd30
Interpersonal problem-solving skills, sensation-seeking, and .., California myth25
Michael Collins ambushed by Republicans on the road to Bealnamblath, Chinese bandit & 5 other titles22
Miracle mile: original motion picture soundtrack30
My left foot. By Christy Brown & Robert Collis30
No titles given part 230
River's edge: no. 5770630
Roots of evil & 25 other titles30
Shakespeare Wallah & 20 other titles; all musical compositions embodied on the scores30
The Bear & 3 other titles; motion pictures & television programs, The commitment30
The Boost & 10 other titles; motion pictures, Don't tell her it's me, Vampires kiss30
The favorite. Arr. & adaptation by George Sponhaltz30
The Man inside. By M. E. Chaber, pseud. of Kendall Foster Crossen23
Torrents of spring. PA 464-17830
Vampire's kiss & 7 other titles29
Where angels fear to tread; a play in two acts. Italian dialogue by Gita Denise, dramatization: Elizabeth Hart30
Who's crazy here? (Eight is enough (78-79)) PA 73-781, The boyfriend30
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