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An Assessment center model for planning individual caseworker continuing .., Slammer20
A new life. Lyrics Annie Haslam; music David Paul Tesar (Rave Tesar), This is destiny30
Axle cid ; Bailing on the rack ; I sense the worm ... [et. al.], Mind, body, and soul30
Back to the basics. By Windswept Pacific Entertainment Company & Mark Spiro, Don't come around the neighborhood30
Bearing witness in Florence, and other contributions30
Boom, boom, boom shake your dairyair Shirley Bzazzin, Jump in your dance, Have mercy ; Two wrongs (don't make it right)30
Burn the uniform (and the sucker that's in it), She's nasty, The times29
City boy & 9 other titles, Man in black ; American dog, City boy ; Sonic glory ; Laughter ... [et al.]27
Come for to carry me home. Adapted words & music of traditional folk song: Homer Sunitch, pseud. of Bob Flick, Mike Kirkland, John Paine & Dick Foley30
Concerto for piano and orchestra ; Suite for piano, strings and harp ; Caribe, On the other hand30
Crossing the Great Divide ; Full circle ; Hometown boys ; Something sacred, Ready to try again30
Dance for me & 3 other titles30
Detroit crack for clap rap, My mind is mine, Song before the next one30
Don't give up (on the sound of the trumpet)30
Don't (try to) fight the force. By Peter Warner, Denise L. Davis, Amir Bayyan, Special part of me30
Electrifying ; Seemed so trusting ; Wednesday's bride ; Don't bother, Distance, And you read25
Electromagnetism, principles and applications, Introduction to electromagnetism28
Es que to quiero asi, & 1 other song, So good together, Avalanche30
Fingerboard totality in blues, rock, and country, What a day, Miami love song29
Flying. From the Beatles' TV film Magical mystery tour. m Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Richard Starkey & John Lennon30
Having good times with my guy, so let me go silent lover, January songbook, I don't29
Headin' west & 7 other titles, Greek folk dance, Great triumphs30
Heart of stone ; Rise above the current ; Keeping my head above water ... [et al.]30
How about tonight? ; Angel ; Special feelings ; You are so beautiful, Melanie, I want you (in my life)25
I'm gonna be your only woman. By James J. Burggraf (James J. VonBurggraf)30
In a heartbeat. w & m Mary Ann Domenico, 1952-; w Barbara Ann Bradley, 1952, C'est la vie =30
Into the Faddisphere & 5 other titles, Greetings & salutations collection, Mach II30
Jubilation (this thing called love) By Claude Strilio, Paul Rijnders & Dania Morales30
Julian Lennon--Mr. Jordan; songs by Julian Lennon & John McCurry, Back to the garden30
Kids count workout. By Morris Stewart, 1953-, Allen Rubens, 1947-, Vicki Estralew part 330
La Media noche serenade = Midnight serenade, I should've looked in your eyes, Rollin' on30
Lap of luxury and 21 other titles, Take my hand, Do U love me?28
Let me down easy (so I can fall again) By S. Alan Taylor30
Let's pull together ; We can do it ; Rock the funky beat ... [et al.], Black is the color28
Let us worship Him with songs and choruses, Mercenary Mary, Feel like I could die30
Lonesome highway (to the end of the rainbow) By Carl Jackson & Lori Lee Yates, The Jerry Callans songbook30
Love is a mainly splintered thing, Promised land, Victim30
Love so right & 22 other titles, World on fire, We got the feelin'30
Magic charms. By Michael Garvin, Denise Rich & Matt Noble. (In Kiss me, Guido)30
Man on the moon: The impact on science, technology, and international cooperation. Forword & various editorial corrections by Eugene Rabinowitch, Richard S. Lewis30
MFP-2 almacenamiento y precalentamiento de aceite de conversion planta de negro de humo30
Move up higher, Baby doll, Little Bitty28
Multi-Magmaster computerized magazine production standard mono staple version, Official HTML publishing for Netscape25
My hometown & 1 other title, My hometown, My love boat30
Naughty, naughty ; Under the gun ; Saturday nite ... [et al.], Always in my groove29
New thing. m Fred McFarlane, 1959-, & P. Dennis Mitchell, 1959-; w M. Patricia Cronin, 194730
Nobody hears ; Which way to free? ; Where's the truth?, Lost again, You can't bring me down30
Nobody makes me feel the way you do, Jubilation, Celebration30
Ocular manifestations of potentially life threatening diseases identified by physician during physical examination, & 1 other title30
One of the boys ; Normal guy (I want sex) ; I can't stop flying ... [et al.]30
Open your eyes. By Def Beat Music, employer for hire of Starlet30
Original prose and song lyrics, Me and you, Grandmachuda30
Promises, promises (the truth will set you free)30
Quiet village. By Les Baxter, arr. for accordion solo: Pietro Deiro, Jr, Stop or Val's Mom will shoot26
Right place, right time, Wright Brothers, Love is what you feel, Maybe it's forever30
Rough night in Jericho. By Universal Pictures, Riders of the Santa Fe, The ride to hangman's tree30
Save the best for last. From Personal reflections, Sisters (best of friends), How much does it take?30
Self-reported versus implicit predictors of high-risk sexual behavior among men who have sex with men30
Skin to skin ; Find another way ; Up against the wall ... [et al.], Gimme back my money blues30
Something about jazz & 9 other titles, Sittin' in the lap of luxury, Mata Hari30
SRO encore: Smokey Robinson, Roberta Flack, and Shirley Bassey, SRO: Laura Branigan in concert30
Standing on a rainbow ; Boppin' ; Our first sunrise together ; Goose bump thang, Beyond the dream cone25
Star-board player! SR 86-668 (1987), World on fire, Mystery womyn [sic]27
The Alexander approach to organ playing--Easy does it, Stop the life you save, Just life27
The Baby boy; West Indian carol. Arr. & adaptation of w & m Michael Alexander & Roderick Clavery30
The Best of me & 30 other titles28
The complete guide to purchasing homes, co-ops & condos, Funny feelin', You don't have to touch to feel30
The Funny things you do. Theme from America's funniest home videos, Chains on the wind30
The Rationale, design, and implementation of the "floating faculty" as a prototypical educational change strategy30
The sun's gonna shine on you ; You ain't fooling nobody, You're my weakness, No future in the past30
Time after time. By Timothy Torres p.k.a. Timmy T30
Uno Sceriffo extraterrestre poco extra molto terrestre, California, Mother of Love30
Walking on a wire ; Someone like you ; The Spell you're under, Border to border, Get off the beach30
Water tight. By Dan Navarro & Black Lion Music, employer for hire of Nick Trevesic30
Welcome home, heroes with Whitney Houston30
What wondrous love is this?, One love30
You again. By Paul Overstreet & Don Schlitz, Hard road to go, Satisfy you (before I satisfy me)30
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