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Acolito. Spanish words: Ruth Grahm & Lou Herscher, music: Howlett Smith, Little altar boy30
Adventures in radiography (from the inside out) By Phyllis B. Irwin & Ann H. Watson d.b.a. Irwin & Watson Adventures30
A Hawaiian Christmas, Chengdu song, Set a spell29
Ah-leu-cha & 59 other titles; transcriptions of Charlie Parker's solos from his original recordings30
All I wanna do. Words and music: Herb Perry & V. Jirik a.k.a. Jimmy Hilliard30
Aloha, malihini girl. Words & music: Edna Pualani Farden Bekeart, Ke 'ala a hoene i ka poli30
A Marine, a marine, a marine. From the picture Miss Sadie Thompson. w Allan Roberts, m Lester Lee part 230
Amor in Portugal. By B N P Music Publishing Company, employer for hire of Herschel Burke Gilbert (m), Laurindo Almeida (w & m) & Alfred Perry (w)30
Aore tapoi to te penu & 76 other titles, Wicki-wacki hula, Vahine anamite30
Audio guide; phonograph & tape recordings for El Camino Real, 1. By Edith Moore Jarrett, Beryl J. M. McManus, editorial advisor: Marjorie C. Johnston30
Audio guide tape recordings for El Camino real. No. 2: manual for teachers speaking and listening and pattern drills. By Edith Moore Jarrett, Beryl J. M. McManus & Marjorie C. Johnston30
Ava chant. Hawaiian w & m Sam Kaapuni (Samuel K. Kaapuni), Harry Baty & Bob Nichols (Robert K. Nichols)30
Baby, please don't go away & 5 other titles part 230
Baby's gone / Love, look (at us now) Artist: Bobby Wright, Baby's gone part 230
Blues for Martin. From album The Montreux '77 collection30
Bossa nova method. Arrangements & compilation: Milton Rogers, pseud. of Milton Adelstein, scores & solos by Laurindo Almeida et al part 330
Build a fire & 3 other titles, ColdDog 94, La bomba =26
By your side & 9 other titles30
Cafe au lait; authentic south sea songs from Hawaii, Tahiti & Samoa. Words & music: Charles Mauu29
Chant of the Islands. Hawaiian w & m E. Pendergrast, & John Kalapana, pseud. of Webley Edwards30
Chocolate sundae. Composers: Oscar Peterson, Stan Getz, Gerry Mulligan, Harry Edison30
Come back. French words & music: Henri Christine & Fragson, English w Sylvia Dee, pseud. of Josephine Moore Profitt, & Sidney Shalit Lippman part 230
Confab in tempo; piano solo. Music: Art Farmer, With prestige, Ad-dis-un29
Doctor Snuggles & 5 other titles in animated features, Tonight, 3:00 a.m30
Do I love you? Written by Eric Kirkland, Michael Angelo & Irving Washington30
Don't dig that poi. Words & music by Steve Graham, pseud. of Michael H. Goldsen, Jack Pitman & Sterling Mossman30
Don't dig that poi. Words & music by Steve Graham, pseud. of Michael H. Goldsen, Jack Pitman & Sterling Mossman part 230
Don't fire (till you see the love in his eyes), The songbird's daughter, Your own best friend29
E maliu mai. Hawaiian & English w Nane A. Aluli, Hawaiian & English w & m Irmgard Farden Aluli25
Entry of the gladiators. m arr. Henry Beau & Red Nichols, adaptation: Henry Beau30
Face to face & 2 other titles; artwork [for] phonograph record albums30
Father knows best & 1 other title30
Female epicurean's society. From Aloha, Hawaii. w & m Peter Lee Zoellner, Fred T. Smith (Frederick T. Smith) & R. Alex Anderson (R. Alexander Anderson) part 230
Flame of love & 3 other titles30
Friends with God; stories and prayers of the Marshall family. By Catherine Marshall (Catherine Marshall LeSourd)26
From a distance. By Johnny Bachelor, pseud. of John E. Crittenden30
Goodbye Tofa Soifua (Tofa Oe) & 1 other title, Minoi minoi, Oi oi & 2 other titles25
Go tell 'um [sic] how to get it, where to get it, and who to go get it from, Open heart surgery30
Hasta manana, mi Mexico lindo. w Jose Delgado, pseud. of Joseph VanWinkle, & Miguel Allman (Michael Lee Allman), m Marcos Moreno, pseud. of Lloyd Shaffer30
Hawaiian moon & 7 other titles, Don't treat me like a cigarette. By Joseph Koss27
Heartbreak anonymous. w & m Wingy Manone (Joe Wingy Manone) & Vic Artese (Victor K. Artese)28
Hello out there; chamber opera in one act. m Jack Beeson, text adapted from the play by William Saroyan30
Here comes Santa in a red canoe. w & m John Nakula Kamano, Riding through the snow27
Hold on, keep your hand on the plow. w, m & arr. United Artists Music Company, Inc., employer for hire of Hal Schaefer29
Horace Walpole's correspondence with Hannah More, Lady Browne, Lady George Lennox, Lady Mary Coke, Anne Pitt, Lady Hervey, Lady Suffolk, Mary Hamilton (Mrs. John Dickenson) Editors: W. S. Lewis, Robert A. Smith & Charles H. Bennett29
Hula hands and hula feet. w & m Maddy Lam (Madeline K. Lam), Hoomaika'i, Home kapaka30
Ida, the off-beat eagle. New instrumental arrangements: Walt Disney Productions as employer for hire of Paul J. Smith30
I don't care where you go (but you can't stay here) Co-writer, Paul Craft part 330
I don't want no one but you & 1 other title, Do it with love, Moonlight & 2 other titles30
I'll be thinking of you & 4 other titles27
I'll love you till I'm blue. By Lee Domann, Ralph Whiteway & Hugh Moffatt, Love straight from the heart30
I'm in love with you & 3 other titles part 330
I'm your girl; musical production. From Me and Juliet. w Oscar Hammerstein 2d, m Richard Rodgers30
I want you to see ( I want U 2 C) By Leon Ware, Marvin Gaye, Arthur Ross a.k.a. T-Boy, Sam Urton, Jullian Brooks part 330
Je me souviens de toi. Words & music: Edgar Eugene Lund, words: Pierre Cyrus Mouveau part 227
Ka Lehua i milia. Words: Mary Kawena Pukui, music: Madeline Kaululehuaohaili Lam30
Keaukaha, ka aina ku hookahi; Keaukaha, the land that stands alone; My birthright, Keaukaha. By (John) "Una Pe'a" & Alvin K. Isaacs30
Keep on smilin'. w & m Maurice R. Hirsch, Lewis M. Ross, John David Anthony, Jack V. Hall, James Robert Hall, arr. Elliott Shay30
Keep your eyes on the hands. w & m Tony Todaro & Mary Ann Johnston (Mary Ann Johnston Tobin)30
Ke kali nei au. Hawaiian lyric & m Charles E. King, Eng. lyric: Al Hoffman & Dick Manning, arr. for piano: Pickwick Music Corporation, employer for hire30
Knock kneed Napua from Kailua & 2 other titles, Ka pua u'i. Words & music: Bina Nieper Mossman30
La Paloma. Arr. & added m Asa Music Company, employer for hire of Jack Costanza (Jack Costanzo)30
Let me be the one (the one who loves you) By Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff part 630
Light of love. w, m & arr. Charles Singleton30
Like the wind & 1 other title25
Little Tweet. By Whitman Publishing Company, art: Mary Gehr, words: Charles W. Holloway part 230
Lonesome Rebecca. Words & music: Hank Echols, Joe Greene & Red Callender, pseud. of George Callender30
Love him like there's no tomorrow, Lady love, If you've never been in love26
(Lovely Miss) Laughing Eyes. w Steve Graham, pseud. of Michael H. Goldsen, m Dan K. Stewart30
M.A.D.D.: Mothers against drunk drivers, O'Hara, O'Ha-ra30
Middle of the night & 3 other titles, Dan Da'loan, The Unknown?30
Middle of the night & 3 other titles, Fight for love, Wild world30
Na pua O Honolulu & 27 other titles; songs, Hualalai, Kipikoa29
Nobody knows that I have a name, nobody knows30
No titles given for an on-line streaming video presentation, including video production, graphics, music & textual material created by MadDash E-Media, Inc30
Now that she's gone & 20 other titles29
Old enough to know better (but too young to resist) w & m Dolly Parton & Bill Owens30
One more round. Musical arr. Nick Reynolds, Bob Shane, John Stewart30
One more time (for the road) By Sharron, Dovo part 230
On the way home. I've got you. Artist: Betty Jean Robinson, sound recording: MCA Records, Inc30
Out of range & 3 other titles; unpublished musical compositions, Blue moon, Our souls to keep & 2 other screenplays30
Pickin' 'em up and layin' 'em down. m Jimmy Giuffre (James P. Giuffre), Drumsticks & 9 other titles30
Poontang. w & m Aaron Walker (p.k.a. T-Bone Walker, pseud.), Slim Pezin, Lucien Dubat, Jean Mardenque, Manu Dibango & Robin Hemingway30
Reactionary girl & 23 other titles, Broken record, Love you like yesterday26
Roma di notte. w & m Danny DiMinno & George Cardini, piano arr. Ardmore Music Corporation30
Same ol' Huckleberry Finn. w Lloyd A. Sparks a.k.a. Randy Sparks, m Julius Wechter30
Save a prayer & 4 other titles, The greatest challenge of all, Tall fences30
Sentimental dream. From Gaily, gaily. By Northridge Music, Inc., employer for hire of Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman (w) & Henry Mancini (m)30
Shangri-La. m Robert Maxwell, w Carl Sigman, arr. (simplified piano solo with big notes & words): Robbins Music Corporation, employer for hire of John Lane, pseud. of Joe Levin30
She would not yield to my temptation (although all I wanted was a kiss) Words & music: Al Russell & Joel Cowan30
Show me a dreamer (I'll show you a fool) w & m Marion Smith, pseud. of Billy Vaughn30
Silhouette hula. Music: Danny K. Stewart, lyrics: Steve Graham, pseud. of Michael H. Goldsen30
So physical & 2 other titles; unpub. original musical compositions, And here she is30
So quiet behind the walls & 5 other titles, Deep water & 2 other titles, Still right here30
Southern Cross. From musical revue Happily ever after. New piano acc. with chords & harmonies added: Edwin H. Morris & Company, Inc., a division of M P L Communications, Inc., employer for hire of Stanley Applebaum30
Steady Eddie. Text by Arthur J. Zito and ill. by Carl Bobertz, I screamed Anne & 1 other title27
Still looking forward (to not looking back) Co-writers: Shapiro, Garvin & Waters29
Sunday in New York. From Sunday in New York. Seven Arts Associated Corporation, employer for hire of Carroll Coates (w) & Peter Nero (m)30
Take it from my heart. w & m Mark VII, Ltd., employer for hire of Arthur Hamilton30
Thanks anyway. m & arr. Henry William Jones, Jr., w Bruce W. Blythe, Save the bones for Henry Jones ('cause he don't eat no meat)30
The Automated teller machine (A T M) as a national bank "branch" under federal law30
The Big parade of comedy. From MGM big parade of comedy. w & m Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc., employer for hire of Bernard Green & Robert Youngson28
The Christmas star and the Christmas tree; the Bible reveals a deeper meaning of our symbols of Christmas30
The Collective works of David Santos and Nunzio Signore, Forty days, 40 years compilation 130
The Exotic sounds of Martin Denny piano solos. Arr. & compilation: Martin Denny30
The Lady's in love with the blues, Rainy day song, Our house29
Theme from "Dr. Kildare." Arr. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc., employer for hire of Jerrald Goldsmith, Pete Rugolo30
The More things change & 1 other title, Top billin', Red Mars & 2 other titles; books27
The One I adore. w & m Ron Stutheit, Jack Hernandez, Floyde Siemens & Frank Stockton30
The Pathfinder. By James Fenimore Cooper, with an afterword by Thomas Berger, Neighbors30
The Professional teacher's handbook: a guide for improving instruction in today's secondary schools & 1 other title30
The Rain whispers your name, Tahiti holiday, Island night30
The Relationship of professional education and socioeconomic .., Jumpstart, Gun shy30
There's no place like Paris: how to feel at home in the city and what to expect from the French. By Helene Maclean, illustrated by Susanne Suba part 327
The Restless gun; main title theme. From the television series, The Restless gun. w & m Mort Greene, Dave Kahn & Melvyn Lenard30
The Stuff that dreams are made of. From She's working her way through college. Words by Sammy Cahn, music by Vernon Duke, pseud30
The Truth hurts (but not as much as your lies) w & m Jimmy Radcliffe & Ora May Diamond30
Til the angels call out my name & 4 other titles, Beyond my dreams, Why's his picture still around?30
Tiny bubbles & 3 other titles; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. 78-1859 filed 16Aug78 in Northern District of California) Complaint attached30
Variations on an old Baptist hymn ; Stump meets Cobb ; Cooperstown aria, The Last place30
Vini vini (tamure Tahiti) English w Leon Pober & Steve Graham, pseud. of Michael H. Goldsen, French w Yves Roche part 327
Vocal selections and March of the toys. From Babes in Toyland. w Mel Leven, adaptation of m & arr. Walt Disney Productions, employer for hire of George Bruns, arr. of 1 song: John Brimhall30
What is this generation coming to? w & m Lord Deccer, pseud. of Don Raye, & The Mighty Music Man, pseud. of Sonny Burke (J. Francis Burke)30
Why is it illegal to use hemp to treat cancer, but it's legal for rich people to put steroids in our food to cause cancer30
You are my magnificent obsession. Based on a musical theme from Magnificent obsession. w Frederick Herbert, pseud. of Herbert Stahlberg, m Frank Skinner30
You gave me everything. When I'm with you. Sound recording: Phonogram, Inc., artist: Brenda Lee Eager28
Your wish is my command. Co-composers, Fred Lewis, Marvin Craig, Fred Alexander et al. PA 137-837 (1982)24
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