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7 songs by Jamie O'Hara and Kieran Kane. By James Paul O'Hara (a.k.a. Jamie O'Hara) & Kieran Francis Kane (a.k.a. Kieran Kane) (Tired of the runnin') part 430
Ain't gonna do it & 18 other titles. Written by Kieran Kane & co-writers as noted30
Ain't no man at all (like no man at all) & 24 other titles, As long as there's a flicker29
America part 1227
As long as we're together. w & m Merle Kilgore, & Jimmy Jay, pseud. of James Troy Pickard30
Bluegrass blues, & other scripts, Rennaissance [sic], Waiting on a word27
But where are you now? By Tony Hiller, Temper, Paying dues27
Can't stop my heart from loving you & 6 other titles; sound recordings of musical compositions30
Can't stop now. w & m Simon T. Stokes (a.k.a. Nicholas C. Stokes) & Randall Keith30
Can you shake it (like your mama do)?, I look for you, The sound of goodbye30
Cross my heart (it never crossed my mind) By Sam Lorber & Jeff Silbar30
Crucifixion; Negro spiritual. For a cappella chorus of mixed voices with tenor solo. Arr. Hall Johnson30
Dancing until midnight, Listening, His eyes28
Disenchanted trout. m Bud Freeman, combo arr. Hale Smith30
Don't go walkin' through my memory & 467 other titles. (Part 001 of 003), Standing knee deep in a river30
Don't let me fall (through the holes in your hands), Love with no limit, Caroline30
Do you wanna jump children? Words & music by Al Donahue, Willie Bryant, James VanHeusen & Victor Selsman30
Early summer. By Anna Montague Sevier (Anna Montague Sevier Morgan), Time to heal30
Everybody's girl. w & m Gentleman Jim (James L. Briley), arr. Laurence L. Colo30
Fifty-fifty honky tonkin'. For voice & piano. w & m Fred Rose & Hy Heath, Fifty-fifty30
Fight the good fight/we shall behold the, Short stops, They see God there30
Filthy rich. Co-writer, Kenneth W. Hirsch, Mary's tunes, One night lady30
Gonna go down (to see my baby). w & m Omer Montgomery (a.k.a. Earl Montgomery), Billy Sherrill, Randy Allen et al part 230
Good girls go to heaven (bad girls go everywhere) Words & music by Rick Nielsen & Robin Zander30
Grandpa (tell me 'bout the good old days), 50,000 names, Shake rattle and rollin' in the country30
Habits of the heart26
Has anybody seen Amy? By D. Henry/J. Vezner, Heart vs. heart, That's why you're here25
Horseshoe Bay ; Full moon in Romania ; Mary ... [et al.], Kentuckiana business edition30
How come your dog don't bite nobody but me?, Big city bound, Just little ole you30
How would you like to win $10,000.00 like Kristi S. Ryan? (3rd early bird winner announcement--1324AN) TX 4-024-860 (1995) part 230
I can tell by the way you dance (how you're gonna love me tonight) By Robb Strandlund30
I can't get over me (not getting over you) By Chuck Reed & Wayne P. Walker30
If it ain't one thing (it's another) w & m Deadric Malone a.k.a. Don Robey, & Joe Hinton28
If the house is rockin'. By Gary Nicholson, Wally Wilson, Michael Henderson, House of love30
If the house is rockin'. By Gary Nicholson, Wally Wilson, Michael Henderson, Jacksboro highway30
I got a friend who's a travelin' salesman, Make you mine, Someday you'll be sorry29
I just can't love you now (feed the fire) By Nan Gurley, Billy Sprague & Jim Weber part 330
I keep coming back for more30
I keep forgetting. m C. A. Rossi, English w Al Stillman, Italian w Ugo Calise, arr. for piano: Leeds Music Corporation30
I'm gonna run away from you. w & m Bert Russell a.k.a. Bert Berns, Radio reveil27
I need you in my life, & 1 other selection, Cuando estoy contigo, Madre27
In the shadow of Nuremberg: trials of Japanese in the East, 1945-195130
Is that too much to ask? Musical composition, That's the bottom line, You do it to me every time30
It might as well be me. w Hal David, m & arr. Sherman Edwards30
It's not like you. w & m Jan Crutchfield, Little frame house, Only when I love30
It's too late (I'm falling in love with you) PAu 385-647 (1982)30
It's up to you (what to do with your life) By Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff part 330
It's up to you (what to do with your life) By Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff part 530
I would crawl all the way (to), I just cut myself, Later train30
Just a woman (walking through my world), Woman in this world, Tired of being mine30
Land of enchantment ; Woodsmoke in the wind ; The Heart knows the truth ; Desperation road27
Let it be you. w & m Rick Randel, Sid Feller26
Let's get it on & 4 other titles30
Let's talk about love/Celine Dion. SR 248-109 (1998)30
Living without you (is too much to live with) By D. Frazier30
Looking at you & 1 other title30
Looking for someone? Words and music: Maurine Elizabeth Honeycombe (Maurine Elizabeth Honeycombe Lehnkering)30
Lovin' it up (livin' it down) Co-writers: David Wills, Bill Shore & Byron Gallimore30
Maybe it's time. Words and music by Severien Walter Crook, 1954, Oh, what a divine comedy29
My little lady (ain't my little lady no more), Journey songs, Rarin' to care27
Pictures of you (in my mind)30
Pity little Billy Jo. Crazy love. Artist: Barbara Wyrick, sound recording: Motown Record Corporation30
Reno and me (it don't matter which way we go) By Kevin Welch & John Hadley, Letter home30
Reno and me (it don't matter which way we go) By Kevin Welch & John Hadley, Stepping stone30
River of life. By Cyril G. Neville, Sr., Daryl Johnson & Brian Stoltz, Capture your love30
River of life (Interlude) By Tom Brooks30
Run for your life : an olympic fable part 230
She knew about me. By Kenneth Gamble, Shirley Jones & Reginald Griffin, Wishful thinkin'30
She's got everything it takes (to make me stay) Musical composition, Long way home30
Showdown on the Midnight Queen, Mastermind, Paddle wheeling pirates30
Small town girl (in a big man's city) By Mark Mathis, Dean Mathis & Larry Henley30
So long, baby. From The art of love. m Cy Coleman, w Cy Coleman & Murray Grand, piano arr. by Northern Music Corporation staff30
Spiders and snakes. w & m Jim Stafford & David Bellamy, arr. Famous Music Corporation, employer for hire of George Terry30
Spreading all over the world & 5 other titles, Little blue eyes, Shout25
Stand by love29
Staying clean? Co-writers: Nina Grant, Chris Paine & Chris Collins, Land of the living27
Stop the clock. w & m United Artists Music Company, Inc., employer for hire of Mai Rube, pseud. of Kenneth Lauber, Carole Bayer, Sherry Harway30
'Tain't nice (to talk like that) Words & music: Bill Carlisle & Virginia Suber (Mrs. Tilman Franks)30
Tear it up30
The ballad of Stonewall Jackson, Roll me, Be my baby tonight30
The birth of the Messiah: a commentary on the infancy narratives in Matthew and Luke30
The Deeper we fall. By United Artists Music Company, Inc., employer for hire of Wayland Holyfield & Jensong Music, employer for hire of Gary Nicholson30
The Deeper we fall. By United Artists Music Company, Inc., employer for hire of Wayland Holyfield & Jensong Music, employer for hire of Gary Nicholson part 230
The Last time I saw Paris & 5 other titles part 230
There's nobody home on the range anymore26
The Story of my life. By Konstantin Paustovsky, translation: Joseph Barnes30
The Way I am. w Peter Udell, m Gary Geld30
(They didn't know) they couldn't make it & 91 other titles, I saved my last name for you30
Think of me tonight (or remember me tomorrow) By Rick Klang & Don Pfrimmer, Think of me part 230
Tommy can't rap. Words and music: Tommy Mullins (Thomas Charles Mullins, Jr., 1957-), John Williams, Jr., 1956-, & William Hunter 3rd, 1960 part 430
Truth can hurt a woman. Unart Music Corporation, employer for hire of Gene Crysler, pseud. of James Fitzwater & of Sonny Throckmorton part 327
Two's a crowd (when only one's in love) Words & music by Ben Raleigh23
What in the world was I ever thinkin' of? Musical composition, Honky tonk highway27
What's a fool like me doin' in a love like this? By Don Cook, Curly Putman & Jamie O'Hara30
What's it gonna be like tomorrow? Musical composition, Till hell freezes over, Praying for rain30
Whoever made you (had me in mind) & 1 other title, Overlooked and underloved. w & m Jerry Reed (Jerry Reid Hubbard)30
Written in stone & 2 other titles30
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