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Across this town and gone & 1,524 other titles. (Part 005 of 009), I'd better write it down30
After having your carpeting professionally cleaned, your husband comes home with a puppy!30
A little neglect & 47 other titles written by Lance Miller with co-writers as noted24
Another sad country song & 64 other titles, Somebody should leave, That's what your love does to me30
Are you gonna walk out on your heart tonight? Words/music by Margaret Harris & Alan Roy Scott30
At the end of the day & 39 other titles part 230
Back to being me & 24 other titles. Composed by Tim Mensy & co-composers as noted30
Better days. w & m Tony Brazil; w Jeff Carter, 1961, Better days part 230
Between the moon and a Chevrolet & 45 other titles, Someday you'll be mine, Then comes the dawn30
Building bridges. By Charles Victor Rains (a.k.a. Chick Rains) & Michael Murphey30
Burnin' wheel. By Radney Foster, William John Aerts a.k.a. Billy Aerts, & Mickey Cates part 330
Candle in the window & 658 other titles. (Part 001 of 004) part 230
Can't stop thinkin' 'bout a guy like that30
Carol medley: Jingle bells, O come all ye faithful, The First Noel, It came upon a midnight clear, While shepherds watched their flocks by night, Hark the herald angels sing, Joy to the world30
Center of my world. By Allen S. Gray, Nancy G. Craig & Loman E. Craig, Love of the common people & 99 other titles25
Characterization of mRNA capping enzyme and its recruitment to RNA polymerase II30
Consider the source. Artist: Creative Source, sound recording: Polydor, Inc, When the night is dark30
COUNTRY/ produced & directed by Deaton Flanigen Productions, If the devil danced in empty pockets30
Deep and wide ; Hallelu, hallelu ; I'm in the Lord's army ... [et al.], Service music for worship30
Desperate love. By John Waite & Ivan Kral, Still singing, Shawn Thomas II27
Different man. By Cleo R. Anderson a.k.a. Flip Anderson, & Paul Nelson, Larry Boone & Tracy Lawrence part 230
Don't try to get funky on me. w Robert L. Williams, Jr., Shane Reese, 1969-; m Darnell Simpkins, 1952-, Farris Coley, 196330
Dream with me; musical composition. Piano. Words and music: Charles Henry Hagerty part 230
Feel the heart (then you'll be mine again), Alien predator, Interzone25
Getting back on the horse. By Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc30
Getting out of debt: repair bad credit and restore your finances. By Rich Mintzer. TX 5-695-17030
Go on and leave me the rest of the way. By Sparky Lawrence (Wilma Sue Lawrence) & Deborah Allen part 330
Great personality. w & m A. J. Croce, 1971-, Seth Dreylinger, Might as well be me30
Have a little mercy on me. w & m Eddie Hinton (Edward C. Hinton) & Donnie Fritts part 227
Have you lost your mind (or found another man)? By Troy H. Seals & Max D. Barnes part 330
Heaven must be near & 9 other titles30
He'll only hurt you. w & m Dion DiMucci, Noel Sherman, Matt Maurer et al, What's that sound?30
Highway to you ; No more ; Then the hammer fell, The simple truth28
Holding on part 730
How a cowgirl says goodbye ; One step ahead of the storm, The cards, Reading my heart29
If I had known I was this close to losing you & 3 other titles; musical compositions part 230
If I was gonna go crazy. By Stephony Smith, There isn't one, Crazy enough30
I'm looking forward to regretting loving you. By Jensong Music, Inc. & Choskee Bottom Music, employers for hire of Charles Victor Rains p.k.a. Chick Rains30
I volunteer (post June 1998) By Will Robinson, Larry Boone & Tammy Hyler, I volunteer26
Just say so & 5 other titles, Just say so, Makin' me love you30
Late great planet Earth ; Worlds collide: a fairy tale ; Drugstore Jesus, Where angels fly30
Love made me your fool. w & m Otis Blackwell & Alan Freed30
Love needs a little bit more. By Gregory Dale McDougal, 1968-, a.k.a. Greg McDougal, & Monty Russ Criswell, 1968-, & John Wayne Rotch, 1964 part 330
Memories (still missing her) ; Chasin' a dream called love, Bad news, Oh, these nights27
Mind over Mary. w Anthony Balante, m Robert Farrow, Vast horizons, This is our song30
My senorita speaks no English. w & m Lee Lewis, pseud. of Sylvia Lipson, & George Thorn30
My wheels are turning & 2 other titles, World of personality, Love strikes back30
Nothing but time ; Manahawkin ; A month of Sundays ... [et al.]30
Nothing sadder than a heartache. By Marc Gabriele & Madeline Stone, Sam, Either way I turn30
Not with my heart, you don't. By Jeff Pennig, Michael I. Noble & Paulette Carlson. (In Love goes on)30
Oh hallelujah to the King and Lord of lords, Blessed30
One night at a time30
(On the wings of a) warm summer night & 417 other titles. (Part 002 of 002), I'm no good30
Over & over (I fall in love again) By Chip Hardy, Burned by an old flame, Over & over25
Read 'em and weep. w & m Gerald Smith & Wayne Perry, It's your move, Honky tonk woman30
Rocket to you. By Chris Savage, Andy Thompson, Ian Beach & Tony Alba, Shave, Walk it to the payphone30
Save me the pieces. w & m Cliff Cochran & Helen Martin, The Timin' is right for a two timing night29
Shaved your head & went to Rome, By the way, Off my mind27
She's my girl (but she was your girl first)30
Stayin' is the only way to go ; One ride in Vegas ; MWZ, On earth as it is in Texas30
(Sure could use) a woman's touch & 1,524 other titles. (Part 004 of 004), Summertime of my soul20
Symposium on solid modeling foundations and CAD/CAM applications, Long black train30
Teacher's and counselors manual for the Sex knowledge inventory, form-Y (vocabulary and anatomy)30
Tell me more, & 2 other selections30
The Comin' of the Lord & 14 other titles, Symphony of praise & 5 other titles, The Mission30
The greatest part of me. By Stephen Allen Davis, 1949, My boyfriend's back, Watching Atlanta burn30
The laughing years. By Pat Alger & Ralph Murphy, Never get over you, Changing partners30
The laughing years. By Pat Alger & Ralph Murphy, Not enough moon, Maybe God's a woman too30
The miracle of you & 11 other tiles, Beat the cops, Pinsky26
The one that I adore. w & m Jeryl L. Pinkert, 1954-; arr. Robert Tyler, 1956- (Dan Tyler)30
The relationship between parental corporal punishment, frustration tolerance, and cognitive development30
The roof party songs from the Brill Building world premiere, Someone who believes in you30
Too late to cry. Words, music & sound recording by Anthony R. Passauer. DCR 1985. SRu 79-227 (1985)30
Truth can hurt a woman. Unart Music Corporation, employer for hire of Gene Crysler, pseud. of James Fitzwater & of Sonny Throckmorton30
Unforgiven; a.k.a. Forgiven. By Paul Nelson, 1946-, Larry Boone, 1956, The trouble with trouble30
Wasted time. w Felicia Ann Lindsey, 1959-; m David Earl Luttrell, Jr., 1960, This heart's on fire30
We must be thinking alike. By Charles Harmon Jones, 1955- & John Christopher Farren, 1957- (p.k.a. Chris Farren) part 330
We must be thinking alike. By Charles Harmon Jones, 1955- & John Christopher Farren, 1957- (p.k.a. Chris Farren) part 530
We must look in the mirror. w & m Curly Putman (Claude Putman, Jr.), When did you start to stop lovin' me?30
What a way to go & 1 other title part 326
What's a fool like me doin' in a love like this? By Don Cook, Curly Putman & Jamie O'Hara part 230
When you lose somebody you love, You keep walking in my sleep, Let love fall to pieces25
Wish we had a nickel. By Gary E. Scruggs, 1949- & Monte Warden. (In Works of Gary E. Scruggs) part 230
You made your move too soon, & 1 other song, 50-50, & 1 other song, Elinor, & 1 other song30
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