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A Christmas to remember. Co-writer, Amy Grant30
All together ; The waiting ; If that ain't love ... [et al.], Favorites, The Handyman30
Beyond the borders & 11 other titles, Maurice, Immerse yourself28
Brand new ; Can't go back ; True roll model ... [et al.], Studebaker, Walking by my side27
Bring back the moment. w & m Jan Linder, 1951-, & Julie Lavender, Fly away with you30
Captured heart. By Ann Minogue & Haiti Conner, Without a word suite30
Cha cha cha flamenco. Spanish w & m Mario DeJesus, French w Andre Salvet & Rolf Marbot (pseud. of Albrecht Marcuse)30
Every little beat of my heart & 8 other titles, Excuses, excuses, A Nice girl like you30
Feelin' me (Jonathan Peters Sound Factory vocal mix), Bring it on home, Feels like Heaven ; Bounce27
For we may never know. By Marvin Winans, Straighten my life out, Very real way30
Ghetto soldier story, & other selections, Everyday villain, Someone said ; Check this out30
Given a dance ; Church house mix ; Heal the land ... [et al.], March for a festival30
Have a little faith (in the power of love)30
Hay una fuente sin igual ; Mi fe espera en ti ; Quisiera yo poder cantar, Restore my soul, O Lord30
Hey, won't you say that you love me?, Soak your brain, Lovewar songs number 328
His eyes & 2 other titles, You are forgiven, It only took one man25
Holiest one. w & m John Elefante, 1958-, & Dino Elefante, 1956-; m Tony Palacios, 196030
Holiest one. w & m John Elefante, 1958-, & Dino Elefante, 1956-; m Tony Palacios, 1960 part 230
I can make a joyful noise unto the Lord ; God made the jungle too ; God's love goes all over the world ; We are the children30
I'll introduce you to a friend, Jesus saves, Jesus saves. By Kirkpatricik30
Interview with Keith Emerson, April 28, 1981, Rock keyboard, Time ; That's the day18
Isn't it time? By Jack Conrad & Ray Kennedy, Stories, Time in30
It is written ; A touch of Heaven ; Glorify your son ; O God, he's dying30
I will follow your heart & 10 other titles27
Jonathan XVIII--Lightning strikes twice, Rain in desert, Jonathan XXII30
Just to know you Jesus (& that you've made your home in me)30
Lord, play the strings of my heart, Testify30
Love the Lord with all your heart and soul30
Momma didn't raise me up to be a quitter, Throw me a bone, No getting out alive30
No guts no glory ; Pressure drop ; No stoppin' da rock ... [et al.], Little boxes and other handmade songs. By Malvina Reynolds30
Nothing between us anymore & 1 other title26
No titles given for musical compositions having a gospel, religious, or sacred theme30
O-G thang, & 1 other song, Thankful30
One drop of blood, & other selections, I worship you, Lord Jesus, Going higher30
One heart at a time ; Turn it around ; Crooked cornerstone ; Don't let me go28
One starry night, & other songs, Walkin' in the Sonshine, Come worship the King28
Pleasure dome. By Elainea Robbins & American Broadcasting Music, Inc., employer for hire of Tony Maiden29
Preach the Word (you must be born again), I wanna thank you, Praise the Lord30
Restoration of binary images from discrete scan data, Keeper of the stories, It comes back to you30
San Juan treatment for "Ain't it funny?", Mad. Ave, A Yank downunder30
Skadoodle, skadaddle, skaddee! (It makes you real), Learn to care Minnie, Toot & go27
Song of David (have mercy upon me, oh Lord), Throne of grace, Adonai30
S.O.S./ words and music by Daniel Gangemi, Let it go, Blindly I met you30
Stage of intensity ; Love at full volume ; Bigotry Man (who are you?) ... [et al.]26
Still waters & 1 other title part 230
Take a stand (the farm song) SRu 372-922 part 330
The best is yet to come ; Take time for Jesus ; There's no one like you, Lord30
The Development of an instrument to assess elementary school principals' .., To love you30
The power of his love (fanfare) ; Upper Room (underscore) m Steve Wilkinson, Dave T. Clydesdale ; arr.: by David T. Clydesdale. If he died because of me part 330
The Prodigal ... according to Reba30
There's a change comming [sic] on, I can see what I need, Fallen angel30
The Rise of Simon Lachaume. By Maurice Druon, translated from the French by Edward Fitzgerald30
The Use of mediation in the resolution of conflicts: an interdisciplinary approach30
Three who is one who is love & 1 other title, Ask of me & 8 other titles, Your voice30
Time takes its toll on us & 8 other titles; music compositions. Written by Jason Ingram & co-writers as noted30
Turnin' ; Dying to meet you ; A whisper heard around the world ; Dying to meet you (reprise) part 430
We sing your mercies ; Great and precious promises ; It's all for you ; Every good thing part 327
What good will I ever be without your love?, What God deserves, What's a couple more?27
What would I be without you & 6 other titles, Clear my mind, This love can't be denied30
When the rubber meets the road, Unleashed, To God be the glory30
Where U wanna B? ; More about Jesus ; Say the prayer, Pierce my ear, Let the nations sing23
Who do I believe? ; Love is just a prayer away ; Holy man ; It's never too late, Revelation ; Salvation29
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