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1.2.1/ words by Vincent F. Bell ; music by Fredrick Gordon, It seems like yesterday30
All that's got to go & 7 other titles, The Second collection of songs by Shawn Harris30
Better luck next time. By Pete Murray, Jerry Oliviera, Neil Godfrey, Dan Odgen & Tyler Clark30
Bloomington-Normal, McLean County, Illinois, Anthologically speaking, Origami sterling silver crane30
Clap your hands ; Sunflowers ; Skating party ... [et al.]30
Clark songs I, Smokin'28
Dial M for murder. By Jeffrey B. Atkins, Irving D. Lorenzo, S. Aurelius, Wyld America30
Don't call it too late, & 1 other selection, Larry Smith spring 1997 songs, Silent dreams, & 1 other selection30
Don't take it off (if you're putting me on) By Keith Stegall & Chris Waters30
Have you seen Charlene? By Gordon Eatherly, Bob Moulds & John English30
Here it comes again (and Bob Dylan sang)30
How can I find you? By Bobby Manuel & Bernard Denimal, Half empty or half full, Magical classroom30
I don't wanna live my life like you, Touch of your love, I believe30
I'm about to get her, Stardust memories, Pot liquor22
Industrial safety. By Roland P. Blake, T. O. Armstrong, Clifford B. Boulet, Michael A. Gimbel, Sheldon W. Homan & W. Dean Keefer30
In the house ; Alien boogie ; Go Freddie!, and 7 other selections30
Intro to "knowledge is power.", Catch a bad one, 2 to da head30
Jeanie, Joanie, Shirley, Toni. w & m Nathaniel Thomas, Louis Faison, James Jackson & Hasker Nelson part 230
Jonny--portrait of a problem child, The profit, Think about it30
Jukebox king. By Thomas Russell Breeden, & Edward Wohanka a.k.a. Doc Holiday & B. Strong. (In Live note, v. 8)30
Lyrics by Chris Hooper and Shandy Glover, I am overwhelmed by you, On common ground30
Meisner Garofalo collection, Feel it30
Monte Hall. By Michael Berrin, Peter Nash, Sam Citrin, Grover Washington, Jr., & Rob James part 230
No woman, no cry. By Klaus Biedermann, Martin Neumayer, Peter Pfab, Robert Williams & Jan Brooks part 730
One thing I can count on (I can't count on you), Burning up, Thinking big30
Pandemonium. By Flyte Tyme Tunes, Inc. (employer for hire of James Harris III & Terry Lewis) & Jessie Johnson part 630
Prostaglandin release, circulatory function and survival in canine and primate endotoxin .30
Real to the day I die, & other titles, Bring the noise, The Mike's my throne30
Richard Pryor--live in concert & 1 other title; motion picture films, Bustin' loose canecutter style30
Ridin for outro & 1 other title. Written by Jeremy Graham, with co-writers as noted30
Sisters are doin' it for themselves, What if I should ever need you?, You brought me back to life30
Soul mine ; Livin' on borrowed time ; Oh, Maceo ... [et a.], Down to the river ; I cry for you ; The world today30
Steel and a waterfall (what do they have in common?), A little something, Cross examination27
Tears of joy ; Everything's gonna be all right ; Love is the key30
That's how we're livin' ; A Man's gotta do what a man's gotta do ; Drums of steel ; Lucifer30
That's what it takes. By Gary Wright, Jeff Lynne & George Harrison, Love's awake inside30
Theme music ; Riot & revolt ; Third world anthem ... [et al.], More bounce, Hiding place30
The Nigga ya love to hate & 15 other titles, Countdown to Armageddon, Mind terrorist30
Trippin'. By Daryl Pearson, Melissa Elliott (Missy Elliott), Tim Mosley, Keisha Spivey, Jakima Raynor30
Undivided individual attention, Lucky tonight, Glory30
We're gonna make it this time. By James A. Martin, Melvin Hinchen & Lawrence Gaines30
West Coast poplock. By Roger Troutman & Larry Troutman, Me & Mrs. C, Me & Mrs. C30
When it all falls down (if it all falls down) Co-writer, B. Jeanette, I don't want to fight today30
Where you at? By Eric Barrier, Charles A. Bobbit, James Brown et al30
Worldspan queue detection & 2 other titles, Charm, On Sunday30
Your love is like money in the bank, Davy's ride, Get busy (we ain't new to this)26
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