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A la mujer que le gusta bailar, Casanova, Que Jevita29
An Investigation of the effects of different wavelengths of visible .., Don't count me out30
A Place in space & 461 other titles. (Part 001 of 003), If you give me the chance30
Been waiting for your love, Stone love, Who runs this show?29
Believe U me (it's about to get done), Room to breathe, First to run30
[Big haired redneck woman ; I'm havin' a good time tonight ; In a perfect world ... et al.]28
Broadway. By Curtis Williams, James Taylor, Ronald Bell, Robert Bell, Dennis Thomas, George Brown & Charles Smith part 430
Broadway. By Curtis Williams, James Taylor, Ronald Bell, Robert Bell, Dennis Thomas, George Brown & Charles Smith part 630
Broadway. By Curtis Williams, James Taylor, Ronald Bell, Robert Bell, Dennis Thomas, George Brown & Charles Smith part 730
Celebration family. By Celebration Family Productions, Celebration30
Celebration of the liturgy on the day of marriage, Celebration27
Come fly with me (we'll fly with the eagles)30
Dear Mother. Words & music: Vernon Britton, Mack Jones & Gabriel Gill, Galaxy of love30
Fame & 1 other title, Victory, Gigolo27
God's country, and 2 other songs30
(Holding on to nothing but) a handful of dreams, September love, Hold it when you're there30
I.B.M.C./K. Bayyan (R. Bell), J. Taylor, Kool & the Gang ; [performed by] Kool & the Gang part 230
In the heart & 1 other title, Summer madness, Misled30
I see the light shining not far away. m & arr. Wayne Anthony McNeil, 196030
Just the way you like it (remix) Co-writers, Kelly Price, Peter Guns, Michael Chambers & Lil Cease part 329
Lonely crusader: the life of Florence Nightingale. By Cecil Woodham-Smith, You are the meaning of this song30
Love affair with life. By Helen Folasade Adu & Ray Saint John, Love affair, Paul makes good music28
Luis Cifer, not a true royal flush, R.B.F, Color blind, Color blind. By Eric Adrion Lee30
Mama (should I bake a cherry pie and hide you inside?), Radio mirth & the Third Reich30
Mystery of the vanished WWII B-29 bomber, Purpose, We'll toss and turn all night27
One, two, many times, Dream world, Dream world affair30
Pet Warehouse fish catalog early spring 97 & 3 other titles, It's all you, Shivers30
Rhythm of love. words & piano acc.: Peggy-Ann Peralta, 1961-, whose pseud. is Peg Pearle30
Rollin' part 228
Six five blues. m Wilbur Schwartz (pseud. of R. Hartley), K. Mackintosh & J. Harris30
Stateside Charlie ; Muddy night at the opera ; Working class ... [et al.], Make room30
Street kids & 8 other titles, Street kids, Lost city nights30
The American Science Research Incorporation, Cherish, Stone free30
The Flower of Bethlehem; a Christmas carol (carol Nadoug) S.A.T.B. Welsh w Saunders Lewis, m & English w Grace Williams30
The Only one I ever loved I lost. Words & music: Johnnie & Jack, pseud. of Jack Anglin, Jim Anglin & Johnny Wright part 230
The Regulation of proliferation and differentiation in normal and neoplastic cells30
There's a people hurting, let them hear your pain, Songs by Clay, Why me?30
Where the streets have no (can't take my) By Crewe, Gaudio, Hewson et al, Whatever you got30
You are the one I have been longing for lyric part 230
You can depend on me & 26 other titles, We're in this thing together, Love zone28
You don't have to say (I think I know) Performing artist: Flower30
You gave me love & 1 other title, Play me sunshine (one more time), True love is the secret30
You turned the tables on me. Arr. for stage band: Ray Wright, Kay-Gees theme song27
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