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Chante quand ton coeur est en peine, Friendship30
Computer operator's prayer. By Ramona K. Cecil, Pastor's wife, Pastor30
Computer operator's prayer. By Ramona K. Cecil, This child, A Christian mother30
Dad, thanks for taking the time, Get well, Name of above all names30
Elderly woman behind the counter in a small town, Daughter, Alone30
Geological and geodynamical studies of the origin and history of the Tharsis and Valles Marineris regions of Mars30
God loves you just the way you are, but he loves you too much too leave you there30
God made you someone special, Two hearts as one, Stairway to paradise30
Grandmother. EU455950, Grandmother26
Grandparents' cultural and gender roles in multicultural picture books part 230
Guardian angel involvement throughout the life of Casey Gates30
Happy anniversary, Honey, one more year with you, my sweet dreamboat30
It's hard for me to think it's hard for me, Graduation, Time fighter29
Journey's end. By Edgar Rice Burroughs. (Tarzan, no. 3923)30
Mom's kitchen (Christian version), My son, Bless this marriage29
Mountain of memories, and 1 other selection, Anniversary, All the lonely years30
Sudden dusk. By Peter Mark Prince, 1956-, Bill Kotapish a.k.a. William J. Kotapish, 1955-, Bobby Read a.k.a. Robert G. Read, 1954-, Joe "Stellar" Prince a.k.a. Joseph V. R. Princiotto, Jr., 1959-; performed by However30
Thank you Father, for showing me, Grandfather, Off coarse30
The greatest gift ; God created everything ; Does he know? ; Days journey--so many days30
The lighthouse of the sea (fanoos dar darya)30
The retirement planning process & meeting multiple financial objectives module 1 part 230
Thinking of you this Mother's Day and wishing you life's best30
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