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A case study of an interdistrict magnet school using the interorganizational arrangements model to examine collaboration among sponsoring school districts part 230
A Critical analysis of the textual contamination of the Dresden manuscript M.67 of .30
A Day on the copydesk; a manual of copyreading exercises. By Emil L. Telfel & Charles G. Pearson30
Addicted to shopping and other issues women have with money, Too late, A Tear ago30
A Guide to caring for & coping with aging parents, Martyrs of Guanabara, Bridgeport30
A horse for Charlie. No. 2528. By Ann Tompert, illustrated by Elfreida, author of renewable matter: Western publishing company, Inc30
Analyses of landscape design and maintenance requirements in urban parking lots, I can see30
Analysis of the time Georgia teachers of United States history devote to selected topics related to Native Americans, African Americans, and women30
Ani DiFranco (the first album) By Ani DiFranco, 1970, Traveling music man, Modern street27
A study of students' perspectives on being at-risk, Tracy Austin, teen tennis champion30
Bill Cosby, making America laugh and learn, Drug use and drug abuse, Is there life on other planets?30
Billy Graham's message, national day of prayer and remembrance, National Cathedral, Washington, DC, Friday September 14, 200130
Blanchette et les sept petits Cajuns, John Ross, A Christmas dictionary26
Bob Zeller's no nonsense business travler's guide to fly fishing in the Western states30
Business reference & investment guide to the commonwealth of the northern Mariana Islands30
Cadence: a flow of sounds in language. By Jeanette K. Cooper, Boston, Magic30
Cancer part 230
Choosing your way through the world's medieval past, Learning about Jesus, The Faith of the Presidents30
Creating literacy instruction for all children in grades pre-K to 4, Unexplained mysteries of the 20th century30
Development of an internationalized dietetic technician program for the Milwaukee area technical college with a plan for implementation and evaluation30
Differences in student achievement between secondary students who received algebra I instruction during a traditional class period and those who received algebra I instruction during an extended time block class period26
Environmental impacts of international civil engineering projects and practices, Acid rain30
Excerpts from A cautionary herbal, being a compendium of plants harmful to the health30
Fuzzy Knight and his little peons, Fishing for fun, Here at home30
Handbooks of armed forces--the Austrian Empire and Poland, France30
Heartache in this house. By Barbara Ford & Elliott Wakefield, Future food, Future food servers of America30
Henri Cartier-Bresson--Mexican notebooks, 1934-1964, Indonesia, Paris mystifie30
Hijacked: flight 285 & 1 other title; television movies, Going underground, French silk20
Historic preservation and development decisions; the architect's role in conflict and cooperation, a cross-cultural study28
Indianapolis city and suburban Criss Cross directory, addressakey and telokey, 198730
Instructor's guide for College chemistry and General chemistry, seventh editions, by Holtzclaw [i.e. H. F. Holtzclaw, Jr.], Robinson [i.e. W. R. Robinson], and Nebergall [i.e. W. H. Nebergall]30
Instructor's manual with test bank to accompany Real estate principles and practices [by] James E. Larsen part 230
(I've got) prestige, fame, and fortune, The face on Cydonia, Sports23
KB's Lovey Dovey notes I, II, III ; K B's Secret Admirer notes I, II ; K B's Snide Remark notes ... [et al.]27
Lady for the defense: a biography of Belva Lockwood, Jane Fonda, Barbara Walters30
[Language approach for developmentally disabled individuals], The David Cocalis/Todd Schneider collection I30
Lono i ka makahiki & 10 other titles; original songs, Honolulu, Pule mua30
Mohandas Gandhi--the power of the spirit, Dream rooms : decorating with flair, The Gecko30
Motivational orientations of reentry adult male graduate students to participate in higher education28
New York City 1989 Staten Island voter guide, primary election, Tuesday, September 12 = New York City 1989 Staten Island guia para votantes, eleccion primaria, martes 12 de septiembre part 430
New Zealand: land of the long white cloud & 343 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), Jim Thorpe, the story of an American Indian30
New Zealand literature in the Sydney "bulletin" 1880-1930, with a literary index (volume two) of New Zealand authors in the "bulletin", 1880-196030
Patrick and the great molasses explosion, Beadazzled, Sweden, a good life for all30
Prince Charles, Princess Di, and I, the unwanted prince, The St. Alban's poisoner30
Probabalistic forecasting of volatile organic compound concentrations at the soil surface from contaminated groundwater part 230
"Proprietor's map" of a portion of the town of Windsor, Connecticut, lying east of the "Great River" and within the present bounds of Ellington, Connecticut, as the land was originally laid out during the period 1728-1752 part 230
Rick Candor--selected works, Winners, Run free28
Ring of fire--The Emile Griffith story30
Robert Schuller, my father & my friend, Little Bear's surprise, Tasting & 4 other titles27
Rosie's bakery chocolate-packed jam-filled butter-rich no holds barred cookie book30
Salt Lake City, UT, and surrounding area, PLUS telephone directory, use through September 200730
San Francisco courts, preliminary communications and security system design schemes part 230
Saudi Arabia--a survey analysis to determine the critical factors in failed job assignments30
Shadow of the dragon [by] Sherry Garland, Vietnam, Best horse on the force27
Social reform and moral uplift in the black community, 1890-1910, Theater, Religion30
Standing up for listeners' rights, Standing up, De Real thang30
Strange eating habits of sea creatures, Defining Latin American art =, Overeating30
Switzerland # 33. item # 365S001 for stamps issued through November 2001, Switzerland30
Teaching universality of experiences through "More more more," said the baby, Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, and Mommy doesn't know my name part 230
The Amazing adventures of Albert and his flying machine, Mouse's book of months, Harold Roth's Big book of horses30
The bank and future disposal of chlorofluorocarbons in long-lived polyurethane insulation products in light of the 1996 CFC ban part 230
The Beach book. By Gloria Steinem, Charles Slackman & Samuel N. Antupit, Outrageous acts and everyday rebellions30
The Buck stops here w/Bary Harris, Kenny Washington, etc, Business card-case, Eye glass case26
The Christian understanding of freedom and the history of freedom in the modern era30
The Complete guide to bed & breakfasts, inns & guesthouses in the United States and Canada28
The Continental (you kiss while you're dancing) By Herb Magidson & Con Conrad30
The effects of brain research staff development on the instructional strategies of elementary school teachers30
The Emperor who ate the Bible and more strange facts and useless information, Fatal love30
The God creates demo, Atlanta28
The Hispanic world; photo. By Peter H. Buckley, Sea creatures on the move, Bullfight. By Peter Buckley30
The Magic school bus inside the human body [by] Joanna Cole ; ill. by Bruce Degen part 430
The Michigan Avenue Community Organization revitalization plan, Return to child, It's people that make us strong30
The Pelican guide to the Shenandoah, with sidetrips to Charlottesville and the Alleghenys30
The Politics of agrarian change in Asia and Latin America, Pakistan, Atoms for peace22
The Prairie Schooner Anthology of contemporary Jewish American writing30
The relationship between depression, cognitive distortion, and life stress among African-American college students30
The search for "higher education" as an academic field of study, Public interest law groups30
The serpent queen. No. 32-4. The aqua-bats. No. 29-6. The giant hunters. No. 32-630
User interface routines for CLIPS "C" language integrated production system, Making toys that swim and float29
Vygotsky's zone of proximal development applied to the teaching of the formal comparison report with college writing students30
Walt Disney Productions' presents an adaptation of Dickens' Christmas carol30
Wanna see your face again, Detroit, Truth30
What should I do if my doctor recommends surgery? By Republic Health Care Review Services, Inc30
Why Mount Saint Helens blew its top, Nature's fury, The Dangers of strangers28
Will Rogers drinks his last Doctor Pepper in Texas, Will Rogers30
Winds of betrayal (southern angels), The Frog princess, Twice a fool25
Winston Churchill and the Saint Louis Progressives, 1900-191630
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