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7 tracks produced by Majid "Chi" Hasan, Horsemen, Heatwave30
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court. By Samuel Langhorne Clemens, author of renewable matter: Hamlin Hill, employee in awork for hire of Chandler Publishing Company27
After midnight & 34 other titles30
Amazing grace; Southern white spiritual. Words by John Newton, arr. for SATB: Charles F. Bryan part 230
American building art; the twentieth century. By Carl W. Condit, Race for glory29
American history: recent interpretations & 301 other titles; mortgage and assignment of copyright and motion picture rights. (Part 001 of 002)30
Another day26
A time of fath (part II), To protect and serve, Smack is back29
Audrey Hepburn's symphonic salad and the coming of autumn, I marry Mary, Glenda Jackson28
Avenging Angelo. By Angelo Productions, LLC23
Back when we were grownups, My sister's keeper, The locket30
Bad guys29
Behind the mask: on sexual demons, sacred mothers, transvestites, gangsters and other Japanese cultural heroes30
Best friend you ever had. w & m Jackson King & Don Bowman, Best friend30
Big bad love & 1 other title30
Boys & girls guide to getting down, Strike out, Mind made28
Boys & girls march of comics featuring the Lone Ranger, et al30
Breakfast in bed: pt. 1-2. TX 4-177-384, Just called to say I love you, The Twist30
Cadillacs and dinosaurs: Wild fire, A visit to wonderland, Wildfires30
California road map. Prepared for Standard Oil by H. M. Gousha Company, a division of Simon & Schuster30
Call of the wild. By Jack London, illustrated by Karel Kazer, afterword by Clifton Fadiman, author of renewable matter: the Macmillan Company part 230
Catherine the Great & 32 other titles; motion pictures24
Caught in the act (of gettin' it on) w & m Homer Banks & Carl Hampton30
Change of heart (main/close/cues & logo part 230
Chicago part 330
Children's stories and poetry by Frances & Christine presented on the website known as wwww.chatterboxletters.com26
Colorado practice. Volume[s] 1[-3], Methods of practice, third edition. Pocket parts30
Conspiracy of silence; motion picture. By QM Productions, & Warner Brothers-Seven Arts, Inc30
Consumer health economics awareness program, Stolen innocence, Portrait of Mama30
Deer woman & 7 other titles; episodes of the series entitled {Masters of horror.}30
Deer woman & 7 other titles; episodes of the series entitled {Masters of horror.} part 330
Dexter's Laboratory chicken scratch, The dead girl, Cobra II30
Dirty work, going bye bye, Oliver the 8th, Man from left field, Earthworks, program #230
Don't come knockin' at my door. w & m Jean Thomas & Don Thomas30
(Don't you know) it's time to ...? Written by Bruce Borneman & Judi Borneman, The plain truth30
Double dragon: last duel. PA 340-28230
Dracula part 230
Drop dead Fred & 62 other titles30
Evening star, op. 106, no. 1 For piano. Composed by C. W. Krogmann30
Everybody wants to be loved. w & m Aaron Schroeder, Bobby Ronga Billy Barberis & George Goehring part 330
Every knee shall bow (ar only) By Twila Paris30
Exorcism of Emily Rose (f.k.a. Exorcism of Anneliese Michel) Theatrical motion picture30
Eye of the storm & 2 other titles part 230
Final jeopardy, Open house, Blessings25
Flesh of my flesh (what I want the world to know) Performed by Lavine Hudson, Material world25
For all time (3 versions) SR 312-39730
For the love of Lucy: the complete guide for collectors and fans30
For the people, by the people study guide--TE mainstream tutor30
Frankie and Johnny; an American legend in two acts. m & book by Robert Cobert, w Dion McGregor30
Genesis. w & m Guillermo Venegas (a.k.a. Guillermo Venegas Lloveras & William Lloveras)26
Gettin' the man's foot outta your ass & other life lessons, Champs, The ballad of Bettie Page30
Girls will be girls, boys will be boys. w & m Ronald Isley, Rudolph Isley, O'Kelly Isley30
Going home part 1330
Good neighbor Magoo--Magoo's pizza30
Good neighbor, whence came that great sound? For SSTB a cappella. Arr. & new English text John Cramer, pseud. of Walter Ehret30
Harold and Kumar go to White Castle & 1 other title; motion picture projects24
Hercules vs the Moloch & 6 other titles; motion pictures. From the Hercules series part 230
Hide and seek, (I've got a) shield around my heart30
High noon part 424
Homo erectus burnishing a charred spear shaft with a denticulate tool, Prowl 2--go in deeper30
Hot rodding teenagers from Dimension X, Diary of the dead, Sleeper awakes30
How come I'm doing all the talkin'?, Because I love her, that's why, Arnie27
How to lose friends and alienate people, Gospel hill, For love of Amy30
If G_d can do anything, can he make a stone heavy enough that he won't be able to pick it up?28
If you're not leavin' me, I'll be leavin' you, Too far away from me, Promise ring30
I'm just a love machine. w & m Pete Moore a.k.a. Warren Moore, & William Griffin30
Incredible Rocky Mountain Race, A home of our own, Criss craft30
Island heat: stranded & 2 other titles; screenplays & motion pictures, Then she found me30
Is there life out there? By Richard C. Giles, Susan Longacre & Richard C. Giles30
I stopped the duke. By Charles Colbert, Jr, Nobody, He's got the whole world in His hands30
It's my party (60's rock and roll) By Dominion Entertainment, Inc part 230
I want you. From the musical production, I want you! w & m Joe Crayhon, Stefan Kanfer & Jess J. Korman30
Journey to the center of the Earth. By Jules Verne, editor of abridgement: Nora Kramer, employee for hire of Scholastic Magazines, Inc30
Kids Inc. I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII and IX, The quiet American--main titles30
King of the world. Co-writer, Nile Rodgers. PA 77-178 (1980)30
Lesbian sex & sexuality--feature 2, episode 106, Tides of war, Phantom below30
Light sleeper27
Love you, love you, love you, Tremors, Little boy wanna be23
Lucky seven gold; radio program. By Betty Joyce, as employee for hire of Sergeant Preston of the Yukon, Inc30
Man trouble & 3 other titles; motion pictures, Day of independence, Visas and virtue30
Matthew: the true story of Matthew Shepard, California convertible, Inmates of the heart30
Missing pieces to the game of salt and onyx30
Mitch Albom's The five people you meet in Heaven. PA 1-219-929, Mr. St. Nick, Maldonado miracle. PA 1-139-114 & PA 1-290-79630
Moment of truth-caught crossfire: the R. E. "Gus" Payne story part 230
Moment of truth: caught in the crossfire screenplay registration-the R.E. "Gus" Payne story30
Moment of truth: cradle of conspiracy a.k.a. Harvest of innocents a.k.a. Black market babies a.k.a. Moment of truth: to sell a child30
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, A Killing affair, Killing affair28
Mothershed or Berndt? Motion picture photoplay, The Lady killer, The Malibu branch30
No greater love (all the way live!) Song. From album Miracles still happen part 430
Nuevas cronicas de America: un verano con el Profesor Multanovsky: artartida, Renegade force30
Old flames (burning at both ends) By Dana Sigmon & Glenn E. Ashworth, The ace in the hole30
On the rocks & 23 other titles30
Ordinary heroes30
Out of the dark. m Dick Cary, Max Kaminsky, Donald J. Nuccio (Doc Muccio), w & m Joseph S. Nuccio part 230
Peeping Tom's lament, Jackson, Good-bye to a friend27
Pittsburgh. Words & music: Kenny Stevens (Kenneth Donald Stevens), Eddy's second chance27
Playboy secret of making, vol. 2, Blood warriors, Spies, lies and naked thighs30
Playing with fire & 4 other titles30
Pressure drop. From album Rocksteady (SACD), Blind sided, Songs with others I27
Purple haze clouds, Purple haze30
Reader's digest family treasury of great biographies, vol. XI. Add. ti.: Ariel, William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar30
Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks30
Rendezvous part 330
Retribution; motion picture. By Selmur Productions, Inc, My young girl, Retribution, & 7 other selections30
Return of the living dead 4 & 1 other title; motion picture projects30
Running scared. w & m Roy Orbison & Joe Melson30
School of life. By School of Life Productions, Inc, Weary, Letters to an old friend30
Seven body parts six feet under, B-movie, Bloodletting30
Sherlock Holmes and the hound of the Baskervilles & 13 other titles; motion pictures part 230
Shriek if you know what I did last friday the 13th, Pizza with bullets, Poor things30
Sidewalks of New York. From Little Annie Roonie. Arr. for piano accordion: M. Victor, pseud. of Michael V. DiBella30
Silver bells; arr. for E-flat instruments. m Paramount Pictures Corporation, employer for hire of Jay Livingston & Ray Evans, arr. Paramount Music Corporation, employer for hire of George N. Terry part 230
Solomon and Sheba29
Speaking of numbers: skillbuilding in English and arithmetic, worktext 1 & answer key30
Subject: desert squid! myth or legend? Teleplay, The return, Subject: police siren27
The 19th annual Soul Train Music Awards & 1 other title, Spider forest, Teeth30
The American Southwest. Art & text: Herbert S. Zim, Arch Hurford, Miriam Hurford, Simon & Schuster, Inc., and Artists & Writers Guild, Inc part 230
The apartment. (Spin city, no. 10-96-104) PA 862-78630
The big dealers. By Universal City Studios, Inc, Portrait of a widow, Return a stranger30
The blood in your veins, Dark matter, The chill of summer29
The blue and the grey, Boiling point, Rapid fire30
The Cadillac LaSalle Clubs Grand National meet for 1993, No need to change, A salvage diver30
The case of the red faced thesp, Center of the world, Bingo Long's travelling all28
The challenge of change: achieving flexibility with Oracle applications & 3 other titles30
The Christmas cannon ball. Co-composer, Steve Nelson. EU184714 (1949) Termination effective 23Sep0530
The crow & 2 other titles; motion pictures, Arachnid, Dagon30
The effect of grammatical and pragmatic errors on personal impression formation, Wb. before29
The fiery god of the Marrans, Fading light, Here and far away30
The ground truth about Article 259, Ground truth, 919
The Heart of a child. w & m Mack H. Kay, pseud. of Mack K. Higginbotham, Songs of Jeff Mead29
The hidden gunman. (Tombstone territory), Frozen assets, The tin gunman30
The House of flowers. By Truman Capote, The grass harp, Truman Capote's In cold blood27
The last confederate: the story of Robert Adams, The TV set, Bunny whipped22
The lost city of gold--58255. From The lost city of gold30
The man inside & 11 other titles30
The mermaid and other sea songs, The mermaid, Sand dance27
The mystery of the power crown, featuring the Enchantress, the Wingless Wizard, the Trapster and the Rhino30
The New world of physics. By Arthur March, translation: Ira M. Freeman30
The Outsiders. (Novel Ideas, literature reading learning packets) No. 491-853 (1980)30
The president's lady (cues) By Alfred Newman30
The Prince of mirrors: the Richard Donato story, Class warfare, The Christmas path30
The Prince of mirrors--the Richard Donato story, Run, buddy, run, Famous30
The princess and the barbarian, The last bachelor, Rapture's ransom25
The Riverman: Ted Bundy and I hunt for the Green River killer, A Huey P. Newton Story20
The seduction art; psychological, sociological non-fiction study. By Ruy Traube, pseud. of Robert Tralins30
The stick up (domestic) & 2 other titles; motion pictures, Lone hero, The enemy26
The stranger by the sea/Goods news in so part 330
The temporal relation of subjective well-being to health status in older adults, Addicted27
The Twilight zone. No. 10, Feb. 1965. By Cayuga Productions, Inc29
The Ultimate frontier; bk. By Eklal Kueshana, pseud. of Richard G. Kieninger part 230
The warden's apprentice. (Gentle Ben), A Waste of honey, Mama Jolie30
The warrior who killed custer: the personal narrative of Chief Joseph White Bull. By James H. Howard30
The writing tutor (computer program and user's manual) By IBM & University of North Carolina30
This time around (DM radio mix) Composed by Dallas Austin & Michael Jackson part 230
Three way split. By QM Productions and Warner Brothers, Inc30
Till the end of time & 1 other title30
Tis autumn: the search for Jackie Paris, Race to space, September dawn30
To create a world more human and more divine, The dome, The Andrew collection30
Trapped part 530
Unforgettable (love songs from the fabulous fifties) SR 208-71930
Vicious circle; motion picture. By Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc30
War and peace. By Leo Tolstoy, an abridged translation rev. by Princess Alexandra Kropotkin, col. ill. by J. Franklin Whitman, line drawings: Nelson Doubleday, Inc., as employer in a work made for hire of Don Sibley30
We all gotta stick together. w & m Richard Knight, Fred Bridges, Richard Beasley & Lawrence Payton27
What are friends for? (Trapper John, M. D.) PA 139-114 & PA 139-115 (1979)30
When in Rome (1952)30
White on white. By Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc, Piggies and piglets, Patchwork28
Why have they taken our children? Motion picture teleplay, Frame up, Friday30
Wide turn ; Pick up truck towing 5th wheel, The house next door, Faith30
Woman on trial: the Lawrencia Bembenek story, My Bar-mitzvah, Deadly crossing30
Yesterday's dreams. Sound recording: Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc30
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