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18 minutes in Albuquerque, The expendables, The Texas seven30
1995 Brown's directory of North American and International Gas Companies & 1360 other titles. (Part 005 of 008)30
23 days of terror & 18 other titles; motion pictures/projects, Tomorrow at ten, Our guys30
3rd rock from the sun, Men behaving badly, Hudson Street30
A breed apart a.k.a. perfect assassins & 7 other titles; motion pictures30
Acapulco HEAT, code name: Black Jack's treasure, McCinsey's Island, The day the Earth struck back30
A Collection of readings and articles regarding sexuality for persons with developmental disabilities30
Air Force One--the planes and the presidents, flight II27
Alchemy, the art of spiritual transformation, Can't be heaven, Three levels of power30
All American business--American railroads are a vital commerce and transportation network and 11 other component parts30
American pie & 2 other titles; theatrical motion pictures part 230
American psycho 2 & 242 other titles. (Part 002 of 002) part 230
A murder of crows, Infrared, Dracula30
A nation challenged: the recruit; a self-described slacker decides he's ready to be a soldier & 2 other titles; articles part 230
And the violins stopped playing, The locusts, A woman's tale30
An experimental and analytical investigation on the production of microfibers using a single-hole melt blowing process30
Angel's dance (instr.) Written by Ewing & Walker23
An Original musical adaptation of Puss 'n Boots, Go west, Hooray for handwashing30
A soldier's daughter never cries, Cookie's fortune, Kicked in the head24
A soldier's daughter never cries ; The adoption papers ; Snails and sex ... [et al.]29
A woman, her men and a futon, A dog's tale, Crazy moon28
A woman named Jackie & 42 other titles; motion pictures, Deadly vows, A mother's revenge30
Bad lieutenant & 14 other titles28
Ballet mecanique. For four pianos and percussion. By George Antheil, Tom Sawyer28
Barney's great adventure: the movie sing along. SR 204-62826
Beech 1990 amerifreighter conversion documents. TX 4-028-749 (1995), Arctic blue30
Blackout part 230
Blue light special lite. Composers, Mitchell Allan Scherr & John Allen, Dark rain30
Bread and roses. From album Festival of acoustic music, vol. 230
Breaking free from partner abuse--two women speak out, Marked man30
Bringing home the gold. By Kevin R. Yetman30
Broken dream, a broken heart, a broken promise part 230
Buster & Chauncey's silent night & 8 other titles;motion pictures, The patriot, TNT30
By the sword/sons of Dixie. PAu 2-068-470 & PAu 1-013-69530
Canal Street blues. From album Murphy's Jazz Band favorites, vol. 230
Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes, Landfall, Miss you so badly23
Chanson collage. Op. II. By Jeanne Louise Morgan & Earlene J. Harrison; one song (Sad serenade) by Michael Lewis30
Cheating spouses: caught on tape II, The base, Ali Baba and the pirates30
Children of the corn 666 Isaac's return30
C.O.D./ written by R. Morris, R. Lutyk, C. Alexion, Justice, Just a man in love29
Comfort house & 1 other title; motion pictures/screenplays, Jackie Ethel Joan: the women of Camelot pt. 1 and pt. 230
Conaway/Holyfield project, Sands of man, Timepiece25
Corporate health management, Tell me no secrets, Kiss mommy goodbye25
Counterforce. PAu 2-211-928 & PAu 2-332-78330
Critical care nursing clinics of North America, advances in pulmonary care, the immunocompromised patient30
Curse of the starving class & 5 other titles28
Curtain calls (a time for Christmas) Composed by Lowell Alexander, David T. Cyldesdale & Steve Amerson part 230
Dangerous company. (Interpol investigates) PA 1-255-370 (2005)22
Dark planet. By Ed Ancoats, Inc, Dark planet, Object of obsession30
David and Lisa & 10 other titles; theatrical motion pictures, Amy and Isabelle, Overcoming indecisiveness & 1 other title26
Dead end30
Deadly rave & 5 other titles intended for initial use in the episodes of the television series, The young and the restless30
Death train & 1 other title; motion pictures, The Playbirds, Gypsy angel30
Development and interpretation of the elements of integration in the Princess Theatre musicals part 230
Devil to pay; motion picture. By Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc30
Disproportionate exemplar distribution effects on opinion, climate of opinion, and the spiral of silence28
Dogs: the longest running musical in off off Broadway history, PUNKS, P.U.N.K.S;a.k.a. Rebels, a.k.a. Action adventure club30
Dreamboat. w & m Jack Hoffman, arr. for voice and piano with guitar symbols: staff of Leeds Music Corporation27
Drug wars: Camarena & 4 other titles; motion pictures, Nurses on the line, The Story behind the story30
Duckoisseur, Cracker, St. Paddy30
Ellen Foster. PAu 2-104-687, Charms for the easy life, Blue river24
Everybody loves Raymond, Grace under fire, The Drew Carey Show30
Fall into darkness; motion picture. By Revue Studios, In the line of duty: the Two Tonys30
Fall: the price of silence, Digging to China, Afterglow30
Fat fighter game with energy slim master herbal formulas, Springers, 5 miles30
Felicity: no. 0746, The anti-Natalie intervention, It came from the sky, Eight is enough30
Fifty lyrics of love, laughter & hope: an album, Deadly seduction, How to hit. By Johnny Mize & Murray Kaufman26
FJR--lyrics & arrangements, Thursday, On luck30
Flying blind with acoustical drive, Hunger strikes!, J.C. Unger album28
Follow your restless dreams. Theme from "Mustang Country"; instrumental. Artist: Denny Brooks, sound recording: MCA Records, Inc30
Footsteps. By Keith Thomas, Keith Bokowski & Helen Baylor; performed by Helen Baylor part 430
Force majeure: the Bud Wiggins stories, Stone dreams, Elevator27
Forever and always. Words & music: Lefty Frizzell (William O. Frizzell) & Mrs. A. M. Lyle30
Forever mine. Co-composer: Bruce Foster30
For the love of my daughter, Locked away, Forgotten25
Gene's Hawaiian village notepad (hula honeys), Sins of the city, Hooray! for Hollywood28
Gettin the man's foot outta your ass and other life lessons, Love kills, Zone runner27
Gettin' the man's foot outta your ass & other life lessons, Grizzly Lake, Between us30
Gettin' the man's foot outta your ass & other life lessons, "Trials of life" the promise30
Ghost of a chance & 1 other title30
Greenfield morning I pushed an empty baby carriage, Dogtown, Happy Xmas (war is over)27
G's trippin'. By Beacon Communications Corporation, Untitled kid n' play 1/2 hour Fox project27
Halloween, a.k.a. Halloween H2O, a.k.a. Halloween 7, a.k.a. Halloween: the revenge of Laurie Strode, a.k.a. Halloween: the face of fear26
Have we come to the end? Script for television program, Happy accidents, A place unlike any other30
Heaven is where the heart is. From album Brothers, Cruel world, Cruel world (ordinary lives)30
Hellraiser. Underlying screenplay entitled Hellraiser: bloodline. PAu 1-789-86030
Hercules vs the Moloch & 6 other titles; motion pictures. From the Hercules series part 330
Hide and seek (ready or not here I come) m Charles Frank Mangione30
High school musical script 2003, Love stinks, Another high school musical30
How can you love? Words & music by Mark Proctor & Michael Roe, Renaissance man, It's so sad30
How else am I supposed to know I'm alive? Motion picture photoplay, FTW, The Glass shield30
How to be a perfect person. PA 230-046 (1984), Nicholas' gift, Two daddies?30
I couldn't help but fall in love, & 3 other selections, Inconceivable, Does he love me?30
I'd rather spend the bad times with you than spend the good times with someone new part 330
If I had time/Sally go 'round the roses, Crossover, Butch it up!30
I laughed so hard. w & m Joe Renzetti & Neil Brian (Neil Goldberg), Blue harvest30
I'll remember April. w & m Don Raye, Gene DePaul, Pat Johnson, mixed chorus (SATB) arr. Marcel G. Frank30
Infinity part 330
Instinct to kill, The base, The ex22
In the line of duty: the FBI murders & 7 other titles; motion pictures & screenplays30
In the line of duty: the FBI murders & 7 other titles; motion pictures & screenplays part 230
Isn't it romantic? Small combo background & orchestration versions, Mean Creek, Playing it alone30
Isn't it romantic? (The Cosby show, episode 619-19) PA 473-927 (1990)30
Jack Reed V: death & vengeance, Double tap, Cracker pilot30
Joe Gould's secret, comprised of the two works entitled Professor Sea Gull & Joe Gould's secret27
Johnny doesn't live here anymore, House on Haunted Hill, Laughing at danger30
John Scipio & William Graves songbook, Parallels, Let's give it all we've got26
Journey of the heart & 3 other titles, Dream of murder, A stranger to love27
Juice me ; Juice me (frat mix) ; Pump that booty ... [et al.], 70's project, Don't ask28
Jump (for my love) By Stephen Mitchell, Gary Skardina & Marti Sharron, Payback, Ballet bodies30
La cucaracha canciones de la revolution. N10790 (1972)30
Land of the free. By Enid LaMonte Meadowcroft, illustrator: Lee J. Ames30
Lazarus and the hurricane, Eddie Black, Skeezer25
Let me call you sweetheart. w Beth Slater Whitson, m Leo Friedman, arr. for mixed voices (SATB) with piano acc. & additional w: Hawley Ades30
(Let's just) take one night & 86 other titles Assignment, Dynamite, If it weren't for bad luck & 9 other titles21
Lights out syndrome & 2 other titles; musical score, The big bad bug syndrome, The supermen in black synd30
Like father, like son. (The prosecutors: in pursuit of justice) PA 1-046-967 (2000)30
Little girl wading in pond feeding ducks, Saint Bernard dog on nearby rock watching. By F. Sands Brunner part 230
Lost and found (TV series - 22 episodes - see list attached as Annex III) part 230
Lost in the Pershing Point Hotel. By Leslie Jordan, See Dick continue to run, pt. 1 & 24 other titles30
Love love me too & 1 other title; episodes, Archibald the rainbow painter, Frog & wombat30
Love love me too & 1 other title; episodes, Asteroid, Los locos30
Love love me too & 1 other title; episodes, The absence of the good, Jesus' son30
Magic Kingdom for sale/sold & 4 other titles; series of novels, Buying time, The mob squad30
Magic Kingdom for sale/sold & 4 other titles; series of novels, Scalper, Collateral assignment supplement30
Man trouble & 3 other titles; motion pictures, The glass jar, Adam30
Marriage of convenience. By Merton Park Studios, Ltd27
Mary Lou loves to hootchy kootchy koo. w & m Meridian Music Corporation, employer for hire of Mike Anthony and Paul Kaufman30
Men with guns; motion picture. By Universal TV23
Method & 9 other titles; motion pictures. Notice of pay television rights, True west30
Midnight man & 2 other titles30
My dad can't be crazy, can he? Motion picture photoplay, Surf II, Surf30
My Little Pony 'n' friends: no. 5201-01 & 446 other titles. (Part 002 of 002), True women30
Nero Wolfe & 10 other titles; episodes of television series, Switching parents, Lethal Lolita30
New Rose Hotel & 1 other title; motion pictures, Unnatural murder, Giuseppe's war30
Norfins Adventure--The great Easter egg robbery, Cecil B. DeMented, Thumpkin and the Easter bunnies30
One acquainted with the night, Every dog has its day, Neither have AI wings to fly30
One hot summer night: a Crimes of Passion movie. By O'Hara-Horowitz Productions30
One man's hero and another man's villain, Once a jolly swagman, On the beat (Rank)30
One tough cookie30
On the line26
Original songs by John Goodman, 1957-1980, The first of May, Summer life30
Out of control again30
Paid fees hunting/fishing liability assumption lease, Betaville, Screamin' S S T blues30
Paradise lost and Paradise regained30
Personal effects, Inferno, Combustion25
Photos of costumes & accessories & 1 other title; photographs. (Part 001 of 002)30
Pigment handbook. Vol. 3: characterization and physical relationship. By Temple C. Patton, Clyde Orr, Jr., J. W. P. Smithwick 2nd et al26
Pink elephant (didn't know and guilt for nothing), Ambushed, Cry27
Playboy video centerfold no. 5/playmate of the year-Donna Edmondson, A place called truth30
Power Rangers: time force-force from the future, pts. 1 & 2, The Chicago story, Men in white22
Radio silence ; The Postcard ; The Wind ... [et al.], Wink of an eye, Boys30
Reasonable doubts, & 1 other selection30
Red hot & blue, nights at the Kingfish Cafe, Stand-ins, Stand ins29
Richard Dresser's Wonderful world, Splitsville, Moving up27
Riding the bus with my sister, Durango30
Rites of passage: adolescence in America, 1790 to the present, Threnody, The man who would be king29
Road racers & 12 other titles, Road racers, Parrot Caper30
Robin Cook's acceptable risk, Nowhere to land, Reaper26
[Ruby Martinson's great fur robbery, and other contributions] By Henry Slesar, The maddening; a.k.a. Playmates. By Henry Slesar and Leslie Greif30
Sally Hemmings, an American scandal, Replacing dad (ACQ), The song spinner30
Sea monsters of the 16th century map of Iceland by Abraham Ortelius, c. 1570, Mr. Brooks30
Second chances. (Star trek: the next generation, episode no. 250) PA 678-544 part 230
Shelter part 228
Shriek if you know what I did last friday the 13th, The inner life of Martin Frost30
Sid Meier's Gettysburg! Audiovisual material & computer program. PA 930-406 (1999)30
Situation saturation, Deadline30
Smith Street music song collection, Niagara, Niagara, German kidnapping project29
Soldier of fortune; motion picture. By Selmur Productions, Inc30
Something to believe in & 1 other title part 230
Songs about Saturday night, The staircase, Leaving this town30
Sweet as a pickle and clean as a pig. By Carson McCullers, The member of the wedding23
Teacher's pet. Words & music: Guy Singer, pseud. of Earl Chalmers Guisinger30
Tears and laughter: the Joan and Melissa Rivers story, Giant of Thunder Mountain30
Televison's greatest moments, Top dog, The secret of the Golem30
The abduction & 249 other titles; motion picture & television programs30
The Andulusian Zorro song, Riptide, J.J. Starbuck30
The automatic influence of advertising-induced affect on memory-based brand judgments26
The Christmas blessing & 1 other title; television movies, The angels of Morgan Hill29
The Christmas wish; a musical fantasy for children in one act. Music by Andrew J. Wuhrer, book and lyrics by Jane T. Colborn27
The crayon box & 9 other titles, Michael Winslow live, Movies kill30
The crooked E: the unshredded truth about Enron, Our guys, Whatever happened to Angel?24
The disappearing, the reappearing, the freeway that never existed and the sign without a restaurant30
The eighth day, The game, Jude25
The German trauma experiences and reflections 1938-2000, Loch Ness, Posse30
The gingerbread man & 3 other titles30
The girl next door is a spy part 230
The good things will happen yet, Matthew, My life is better26
The honk and holler opening soon, Cupid and Diana, Cupid and Cate30
The immortal sergeant & 2 other titles30
The independent paralegal's handbook: how to provide legal services without going to jail30
The last night. Co-composer, Brian Howes30
The marriage that did succeed for Mary Queen of Scots30
The old man. DCR 1979. PAu 132-416 (1979), The old man, Love we find30
The personal voice; a contemporary prose reader. By Albert J. Guerard, Mrs. Maclin B. Guerard, Claire Rosenfield & John Hawkes26
The Prince of mirrors--the Richard Donato story, Skyjacked, About Sarah & 25 other titles30
The Prince of mirrors: the Richard Donato story, Treehouse hostage, Wild grizzly30
The proposal. (Cheers, episode 96) PA 336-04026
The rapid growth of criminal law hampers our ability to fight real crime, Christmas memory30
The substitute 4: failure is not an option30
The visitors. (Mission impossible) LP5086030
The Winslow boy30
They're on the way. By Samuel M. Shoemaker, Looking for lost bird, The lost child30
Thick and thin. Words & music: Etna Lacey & Jimmy Dickens30
Three secrets. R673683, Nightmare Street, Shattered trust25
Top of the world (Fat Joe & Big Pun remix) Co-writers, Stefan Kendal Gordy, Ahmad Lewis, Fred Jenkins, Rodney Jenkins, Lashawn Daniels & Nicolia Truman part 330
Training gun dogs to retrieve. By David D. Elliot, Driven, The watcher30
Trancers 4: Jack of swords & 1 other title; theatrical motion pictures, Silverstone MSPI30
Trancers 4: Jack of swords & 1 other title; theatrical motion pictures, Sparkle and charm30
True blue25
Turbo-hydromatic 350 transmission assembly procedure, Shadow, I love the way you do that30
Unconditional love & 6 other titles30
Under suspicion. Words & music: Ben Raleigh & Ira Kosloff30
Under wraps24
Untitled adventure picture, Dellaventura, Man of war30
Untitled Blair witch 2 special, A stir of echoes, The Limey30
Untitled fall project 1995 f.k.a. Woody Allen fall project 1995, WAFP 2000. By Alan Konigsberg30
Untitled part 330
Untitled Patricia Breen project, Thicker than love, Le Moineau26
(Untitled) Ricky Blitt. Underlying pilot entitled Untitled Ricky Blitt project. PAu 2-636-06530
USFS 1919: the ranger, the cook and the hole in the sky, The other Anna, Night ride home24
Very bad things. PAu 2-358-495 (1998)30
Vlad the impaler--the real life story of Dracula, Nothing at all, Dandylions30
Wayfaring stranger ; I wish my baby was born ; Am I born to die?, The English patient30
Weekend at Bernie's II30
Went to Coney Island on a mission from God ... be back by five, Coyote run, You can thank me later30
Went to Coney Island on a mission from God ... be back by five, Pre, Prefontaine30
Wes Craven presents, House of fear, don't look down, Secret passage, House of fear. By Victor Canning30
Western civilizations; their history and their culture. New chapters added, old chapters rev. & up-dated with new matter: Edward McNall Burns26
What the deaf man heard (HHOF), Night ride home, The old man30
Where the heart is30
Where there'a a will.., Cadillac Jack, I know what scares you27
Whispers from the White House--facts your history teacher wouldn't tell you about the presidents30
Who killed my daughter? Motion picture photoplay, Impostor, Tooth H30
Who's got the power? Motion picture, Taxi to the dark side, Nora's hair salon II30
Why have they taken our children? Motion picture teleplay, Tombstone, I led two lives30
Wishmaster 2: evil never dies28
Woman of color, daughter of privilege: Amanda America Dickson thesis book, For love of Olivia24
Woody Allen VII a.k.a. Crimes and misdemeanors30
You play the black and the red comes up, Whirlpools, Wheels of steel30
Your friends. w & m Deadric Malone, pseud. of Don D. Robey30
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