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Ain't she somethin' else? If is a bird on a chain. Artist: Eddy Raven, sound recording ABC Records, Inc part 230
Candle in the window. By Susan Longaker (p.k.a. Susan Longacre), Rick Hall Music, Inc., employer for hire of James Walton Aldridge, Jr. & Gary Baker part 430
Close your eyes (and I'll be there) By Cecil Null part 230
Collected songs of Timothy L. Johnson 1996, vol. 1, Joy ride, She drives me mad30
Collection A of David Jablonski, thru 11-30-9030
Collection B of songs by Butch Carter/Rick Ferrell30
Cross my heart. By Randy Parton, Rachel Dennison & Marion F. Dycus a.k.a. Frank Dycus30
Daddy make the dollars (Mamma made the sense) By Gene Dobbins, 1934-, Bobby Taylor, 1960-, & John Ramey, 1967 part 324
David Barrett, album 3 ruff--Anna's arrival, Highfalutin', I take you back30
Fire in the dark. By Buck Moore, Keith Palmer & A. L. (Doodle) Owens, The King's last concert30
High and dry, and 2 other songs30
His cheatin' heart, her forgivin' spirit, If every day could be Christmas, Never never29
I feel for you. By Buddy Brock, Shara Johnson30
If I know me. Composer, Singleton, Georgia in L. A, Shiny car30
I know a good love when I lose one, I wanna do it all, Let's get stupid26
I'm not gonna do anything without you, Chance and circumstance, Lost and driftin'30
In spite of all the danger. By McCartney a.k.a. Paul McCartney, 194230
I won't forget about you ; Same old fool30
Just between you an' me an' the bedpost, I'll walk before I'll crawl, Far cry from tears30
More words and music by Gregory J. Shirley, Shoulder to cry on, Sandcut 130
Nobody said that (it would be easy) ; Like red on a rose ; Crazy as me ... [et al.]21
Polestar Pilates, intermediate Pilates allegro reformer, See that animal, Duchess27
Psychoeducational assessment of students who are impaired and blind, second edition28
Right here waiting ; In my life ; 4 ever 1 ; Goin' down, Dedicate my love to you29
Serious love, & 1 other selection, It's just not right, Love for you with each tear I cry30
Shara Johnson & Brenda Anderson collection, Aug. 1993. By Shara Johnson & Brenda Anderson30
Share the love. w & m Brett Cartwright & Shane Fontayne, Solitary fighting man, Lean on. w & m Brett Cartwright & Shane Fontayne30
She's gonna make it & 1 other title. Written by Kent Blazy, Garth Brooks & co-writers as noted part 230
Shootin' the bull (in an old cowtown), Erehwon, Big block27
Teardrops and memories. Words & music: Fred Herron & Earl R. Davis, Queen Anne's lace30
There's a light burning somewhere (back in my old home town) RE 155-950 part 230
The Swing of things in Texas. By Mike Geiger & Ricky Ray Rector, It ain't you, Love like that30
Two strangers in love for Tuesday night, Final hour, I want you out30
Way with words ; The price is too high ; Twist and shout ; Though you fail, you do not fall30
We all start somewhere ; Still a butterfly ; Don't bug me, Working girl, Oh well30
[What you are holding in your mind], Something beautiful, The Habit of miracles30
When I assume you're lying, I'm closer to the truth, When hell freezes over, When you'll be here, I'll be there28
When I see Jesus walk across Lake Pontchartrain, Let me sing a song for Jesus, He will roll the clouds away29
When the saints march around the world, Men of Sherwood Forest (1954), It's bandtastic25
Where you gonna be tonight? By Clifford Dawson, Jolyon Skinner & Craig Peyton, Real deal30
Without you. m & w Anthony DeMarco, 1967-; m Craig Sacco, 1971, Without you30
Without you. m & w Anthony DeMarco, 1967-; m Craig Sacco, 1971, Without you part 230
Works of James R. (Jess) Brown. By James R. (Jess) Brown, Wade Kirby & Butch Baker part 330
You must be out of your ever lovin' mind ; She knows what she wants, Hey, heart, Appalachia got to have you feelin' in my bones30
You're my rock when I'm a rollin', Rock walk/do ya, do ya, Deadly30
You should be layin' in her arms (instead of lyin' here in mine), Rob's grooves; 3 songs30
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