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A Candlelight service, Masquerade30
Adventures in car audio software, Dutch treats, WKTU last dance at Studio 5426
All together at the Children's Festival30
American roots music program outline & curriculum, West Texas girl, Tell me, baby28
An analysis of the perceptions of male and female superintendents regarding the barriers for women in acquiring a superintendent position in Missouri schools30
An Interpretive case study of parent involvement in an .., The new breed, Good things from hard times28
Application of near-infrared spectroscopy to the measurement of inorganic acids and ions in aqueous solution30
A Study of in vivo effects of mirex on liver metabolism in rats, with emphasis on liver enlargement part 230
A study of the attitudes of athletes at the highest levels of competition toward the issue of the commercialization of sports30
A study of the relationships of lead teachers perceived style and effectiveness to the maturity level of regular classroom teachers30
Breakfast in bed California cookbook30
Burning nights (noches candentes) By Samano, Ugly man, Pushing rope30
Can I get a witness?, and 5 other poems, Give me an answer, Stick up kid30
Catalog of projects executed by the Los Angeles architectural firm of Margan, Walls & Clements between 1920 and 1940. By Diane Williams Hlava, 1948 part 230
Combinatorial selection and application of enzymatically cleavable peptide-linkers in bioconjugates for radioimmunotherapy and imaging30
Cornbread, beans and sweet potato, Condition blue, Cosi cosa29
Diego de Gardoqui y Arriquibar, 1735-1798 = First Spanish minister to the United States30
Differences in treatment response and preliminary treatment outcome between bulimic patients with and without a history of sexual abuse30
DJ Bass Syndicate presents Techno bass essentials, Trunk funk, Booty shake down drop city DJ's30
DJ Crunk Mix presents Crunk da mix tape, Techno, Booty bass party 200130
Don't let your mouth write a check your ass can't, Dazzey duks & 8 other titles; sound recordings22
Do you wanna know where nowhere is? By Gary Richard Pickus, Beth Ann Marlin & Mike Himelstein30
Effects of peer management on the teaching performance of paraprofessional staff working with mentally retarded adults30
Examination of Web page interests and computer skills of members of a professional association part 328
Excuse me, Sonny, do you know where I can find some bass?, Back to the blues, I got a big fat woman30
Excuse me, Sonny, do you know where I can find some bass?, Big baller, To da beat ch'all30
Excuse me, Sonny, do you know where I can find some bass?, Drivin n Cryin, Rely on Selph30
Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing in the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder30
For whom does the bell toll? (Psalm 23), Battle cry, Master of the metal30
From the shadows to center stage, 90-GD040519-33, Dandelion fluff30
Functional brain mechanisms of visual selective attention in developmental dyslexia25
Funky worm. w & m Gregory Webster, Andrew Noland (a.k.a. Clarence Satchell), Leroy Bonner, Walter Morrison, Marshall Jones, Ralph Middlebrook30
Good clean fun: Muppet babies30
Happy birthday! Best wishes on this very special day! part 230
Have you met Clarence Carter yet? By Clarence Carter, Footprints in my bed, Shak! de boo-tee30
Have you met Clarence Carter yet? By Clarence Carter, Nasty blues, The Angel pool30
Hot shot ; Frankie walks ; Supershaft ; She's mine, Electronica basica, Electronica30
H.O.U.S.E./[performed by] Doug Lazy, Get your groove on, Come on and move it30
Howard Gospel Choir of Howard University, Blues for a stormy Monday, Affection27
How long must I wait?, Interlude, Daylights 1989-9029
How re-engineering will increase productivity in the technical security division of the United States Secret Service30
Ice is workin' it & 1 other title, Take courage, Deeper28
I could do anything (if I could just make you love me), Can't make it in America, where else?30
If you kinew ; Soul of the woman, Anthology, Where sleeping dogs lie25
I know it's not right (to be in love with a married man) By Larry Robinson, Tony Williams & Jerry Masters part 230
I'll always love you. Words, music, arr., and performance: Michael Duane Graybill, 195930
I never should have let you get away, It's over, What are we living for?30
Instructors' manual with solutions to problems and discussion questions in Edwards-Bell-Johnson, Accounting for economic events30
Instructor's manual with test bank to accompany West's business law, alternate UCC, comprehensive edition [by] Gaylord A. Jentz, Roger LeRoy Miller, Frank B. Cross, Kenneth W. Clarkson30
In the night, in the day, in the morning, in the evening30
It ain't easy (trying to be a right[e]ous man)30
Jerry McCain songbook number one, Struttin' my stuff, I need to do something27
Just say you love me, and 1 other selection, Did you think about us?, Reel [sic] nice28
Legends of soul featuring Bobby Bland, Tyrone Davis & Clarence Carter, Clarence Carter live in Johannesburg30
Living on the edge/I can't help myself (sugar pie, honey bunch) part 230
Locked in this heart of mine, Nobody rides for free, Bullets and broken hearts30
Love is the reason (for Calvary), Love sees no color, Chasing the wind30
Measuring empathy as an outcome of training in help-intended communication, Velocity30
Messin' with my mind. By Charles Kent Wilson, Robert Louis Whitfield & Rick Calhoun28
Miracle worker magazine letter (general) July 1983, Penny the bat, A little patch of ground28
Mi tambo. Orchestre. By Maurice Buccaro & Charly Dutet, musique de Al Mone, pseud. of Albert Salomone30
Mr. King George presents Concrete jungle, Compton killa, Semi-gloss30
Nail the coffin closed, Haunted hill, We all die young30
Never too late to fall in love again & 3 other songs30
Old school rap, vol. 1. SR 326-788 (2003), Old school booty, Trunk funk flava25
On the contracts of merchants. By Johannes Nider, editing & introd. by Ronald B. Shuman, translated by Charles H. Reeves24
Outta sight, outta mine, & 1 other selection, I'm ready ; Come close, I'm ready, and 4 other songs30
Patterns, 34" GP119434 (1977), Composite, Torch relay30
Pearls and perils past and present in poetry, Triple play, Triple play green set30
Proposal for the development and operation of the partnership for the home ownership program and education plan "HOPE."30
Quantitative paleoclimatic reconstructions for the late quaternary of southern South America based on calibration of modern pollen and climate relationships30
Red, white and blue make purple30
Relationship of cerebral hemispheric lateralization to reflection-impulsivity cognitive style30
Retrospective record review of lost work days and a cumulative trauma disorders abatement program in a clothing manufacturer part 230
Should she become a society reporter? LU19462 (1923), Operation cleanup, Skinny's scandal30
Soopaman luva 3 interview (skit) From Muddy Waters, Flatline, My style, my stelo27
Spring break. By Jan Berry, 1941-, & Rob S. Kuropatwa, 196630
Study guide and unit mastery program to accompany Hilgard's Introduction to psychology, thirteenth edition [by] Rita L. Atkinson, Richard C. Atkinson, Edward E. Smith, Daryl J. Bem, Susan Nolen-Hoeksema part 330
Summertime groove (single edit) Composed by Preston Glass & Mike Mani, McLullaby25
Tax strategies for corporate acquisitions, dispositions, spin-offs, joint ventures and other strategic alliances, financings, reorganizations and restructurings, 199330
Taylor, Howard and Cravens--First cuts, Brandon Hines mixtape 3, Blakdragun Productions27
Tennis for beginners. By Bill E. Murphy & Chet Murphy, The Color blues, A Tenor touch30
The comeback (madlib) ; The payback (gotta) ; Face the sun (Africa) ... [et al.]30
The Fastest bicycle rider in the world; the autobiography of (Marshall W.) Major Taylor. Introd. by Robert R. Anderson, chapter summaries by Wesley S. Griswold part 330
The Indian occupation of Alcatraz Island, Indian self-determination and the rise of Indian activism30
There ain't no angels in the sky ; Say hello to Ronnie ; Let's give into the night30
The record game, can be a dirty game, Short shorts, Toot that booty up21
There's some of me in each day of life, Awesome God, 3530
The use of glycerine and electrocochleography in the diagnosis of Meniere's disease30
The Vineyard Almanac & Wine Gazetteer, 1979, The Cancer industry29
Thriving to the scene, Down south, The way up27
Trains make me lonesome ; By the dawn's early light, Talkin' blue eyes, Forget he's your husband28
Transposon-mediated mutagenesis and cloning of a sequence required for encapsulation of streptococcus pneumoniae serotype 330
Transposon-mediated mutagenesis and cloning of a sequence required for encapsulation of streptococcus pneumoniae serotype 3 part 230
Underground ; Head of the household ; A walk through years ... [et al.], Underground part 430
Using a theory of dropout prevention to determine the effectiveness of the high school redirection replication program30
Wait on the Lord, and 9 other songs27
Walking with you, baby ; Called me on the phone last night ; You told me, baby ... [et al.]30
What giants (are you talking about?) ; Bread and water, The thought of you, A collection of songs for demo30
What I know about "Blind Lemon Jefferson" and made blues music famous, What I know30
Where was your love (when I needed it)?, Hit and run blackjack, Hit and run30
White light magick [sic] songette ideas for the transcendental period of ideal planetary consciousness27
Why don't they leave us alone. I won't let that chump break your heart. Artist: Carl Carlton, sound recording: Peacock Records, Inc part 230
You're alright with me, Secrets30
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