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A beaver named Hud, Barthony Fox and his marvelous socks, the spaghetti spinning spider, and the thunderstruck stark30
A Bond attorney's update and review of construction financing for sewer and water projects assisted by the Farmers Home Administration30
A Comparison study of how gifted/learning-disabled and average/learning-disabled boys cope with school frustration part 230
American Constitution and civil liberties, Psychology applied to work, Impact analysis for program evaluation24
An Investigation of the educational needs of the American Indian of .., Explaining organizational behavior25
Answer key and test bank for Fundamentals of behavioral statistics, sixth edition [by] Richard P. Runyon, Audrey Haber30
A Study of differences in occupational interest and familiarity of fourth, fifth, and sixth grade .30
Attributional style and life stress as longitudinal predictors of depressive symptoms in early adolescence30
Behavior modification program for runaway and homeless adolescents in short-term care30
Betty & Pansy's Severe queer review of San Francisco, Eyelid surgery (2-vols) By Jelks & Carraway27
Bureaucracy and motivation, an empirical assessment of Weber's and Bennis' theoretical positions30
Camelot: an urban politics role playing simultation, Camelot, Instructor's manual to accompany Camelot23
Clinical psychology; an introd. to research and practice. By Norman D. Sundberg & Leona E. Tyler30
Clinical social workers' involvement in and adoption of managed mental health care technology30
Compensation of controller-structure interaction using adaptive .., Congress and its members26
Conflict and cooperation: evolving theories of international relations, Congress, the bureaucracy, and public policy22
Core book for introductory sociology, instructors manual, Handbook of depression24
Critical thinking guide to accompany American Government, fifth edition, and Understanding American Government, third edition, [by] Susan Welch, John Gruhl, Michael Steinman, John Comer, Margery Ambrosius, Susan Rigdon30
Critical thinking guide to accompany American Government, fifth edition, and Understanding American Government, third edition, [by] Susan Welch, John Gruhl, Michael Steinman, John Comer, Margery Ambrosius, Susan Rigdon part 330
Culture and personality aspects of socioeconomic development .., Power of the Presidency30
Curricular issues and trends in high school English instruction as reflected in "English hournal [sic]", 1959-1976 part 230
Disabling discourses in German literature from Lessing to Grass, Checkmate royal; a film treatment30
Distance writing and computer-assisted interventions in psychiatry and mental health30
Gracie's POW; love-war and its traumas. Author, Gracie Crum Bell, assisted by Charles William Bell, 3rd30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Physical anthropology, seventh edition [by] Philip L. Stein, Bruce M. Rowe30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Understanding industrial and organizational psychology, an integrated approach, by Robert L. Dipboye, Carla S. Smith, & William C. Howell part 229
Instructor's manual and test questions to accompany Elliot Aronson's The social animal, eighth edition30
Instructor's manual for American democracy, institutions, politics, and policies, by Keefe, Abraham, Flanigan ... [et al.], second edition part 220
Instructor's manual for Human responses to social problems [by] Louis Schneider, Cookie Stephan, Louis Zurcher, Sheldon Ekland-Olson30
Instructor's manual to accompany Courtship, marriage, and family--American style, [by] Everett D. Dyer29
Instructor's manual to accompany Major European governments, sixth edition, Love don't come cheap30
Instructor's manual with transparency masters to accompany Essentials of retailing [by] Michael Levy, Barton A. Weitz30
Introduction to cooking with the Amana Radarange Plus microwave convection oven cookbook part 230
Learning and memory and supporting neural architecture in the cockroach, Periplaneta americana30
Manual of test questions for Introduction to social welfare institutions, social problems, services, and current issues30
Marta. By Peggy O'More, pseud. of Jeanne Bowman (Jeanne Bowman Blocklinger), Guide B for preschool teachers28
Migration modeling using the United States public use micro data samples, 1985 to 1990 part 330
On-site scanning module for the NEO software system for Windows, Personality disorders and the five-factor model of personality30
Peptide expressing phage used as an immunological stimulant for the treatment of murine mammary tumors30
Personality correlates of articulated life choice of hemodialysis, cancer, and of recovering patients30
Position classification, a behavioral analysis for the public service, The Facts on File dictionary of health care management27
Presidential elections and American politics: voters, candidates, and campapigns since 1952 part 225
School social workers' use of computer technology to expand school-based mental health services27
Social behavior and reproductive strategies of female hamadryas baboons, Papio hamadryas hamadryas, in Ethiopia30
Student manual to accompany Creating communication competence, second edition, Creating competent communication30
Student study guide to accompany Understanding American politics [by] Grover Starling30
Study guide to accompany Development through life, a psychosocial approach, fifth edition30
Study guide to accompany Marriage and family interaction, 5th edition [by] Robert R. Bell20
Study guide to accompany Psychology, second edition, [by] Henry L. Roediger 3d, J. Philippe Rushton, Elizabeth D. Capaldi, Scott G. Paris30
TA-CLN-05, A phase II clinical study of drug delivery sites for the Transarrest procedures as adjunct therapy for cardiac rate and rhythm management during off-pump coronary artery bypass graft surgery30
Teacher's resource manual to accompany Abnormal psychology in the human context, [by] Price and Lynn [i.e. Richard H. Price and Steven Jay Lynn]30
Test bank to accompany Psychology, fourth edition [by] Henry L. Roediger 3rd, Elizabeth Deutsch Capaldi, Scott G. Paris, Janet Polivy, C. Peter Herman part 230
Texas government in national perspective, Geography of Texas, Ancient Texas cultures30
The best coaching and study course for the SAT I, Scholastic assessment test I--reasoning test30
The college dropout and the utilization of talent, Power, intimacy, and the life story26
The Constitution of the United States of America--a 200th anniversary commemorative edition--and the Declaration of Independence30
The Discipline of education; proceedings of a conference held at Johns Hopkins University in May 1961. Editors: John Walton & James Kuethe30
The Human experience process and counseling from the inside out, World history, Global insights26
The Man who walked the dusty road (became a Nazarene), Oh, Pat!, Linchburg Folk Art presents Linchberg XI30
The patterns, practices, and managerial impact of sexual harassment in a southern sheriff's department with a comparative analysis to the United States Merit Systems Protection Board findings30
The practice, relevance, and effectiveness of having two teachers, one hearing and one deaf, team teach to meet the academic, linguistic and socio-emotional needs of deaf students30
The Social and political ideas of the American communitarians, Contemporary political ideologies: a comparative analysis30
The stratigraphy and sedimentology of the eocene O'Brien Creek formation, Okanogan Highlands, North-East Washington, United States of America part 230
The United Nations--international organization and world politics, The American political dictionary30
Three generations; the extreme right wing in Finnish politics. By Marvin Rintala30
Treatment of antisocial behavior in children and adolescents, Advances in clinical child psychology30
Verification of the child crash test dummy neck response using magnetic resonance imaging and physiologic muscle stress30
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