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Abstract stripe fuschia, aqua & black dots 1988, VanGogh cypress, Pruple floral patch30
Amtico majestic vinyl tile, rosette, Orleans, Rock garden26
Antique rose in white vase on floral stripes30
Arizona construction liens and bonds, Carnival30
A Tribute to Mozart, Christina, By still waters30
Avignon, Selkirk, Jennings26
Beaumont, Ecosphere, Barlow29
Belvedere ; no. 25095, [butterfly flirt], Le cocque30
Belvedere ; no. 25095, Castle pierpointe, Paisley promenade30
Belvedere ; no. 25095, Leigh Manor, Leigh stripe30
Bora Bora30
Bridgehampton, New York30
Brighton part 230
Buckingham bouquet, Carlotta, Caretta30
Buckle/ornament, Buckle, Ornament I27
Buddha's delight, China, Document floral30
Burst 2 fl, Jester, Buffalo 130
Camouflage part 230
Carefree part 225
Carousel part 730
Character size comparison, 5 years old, Salamander, Turtle30
Charade: no. 7798, Marissa, Montcalm30
Charlotte part 330
Chateau Roux stripe, Sparks, Soho check25
"Chattingham" glazed chintz, Filmore, Kempley30
[Christmas tree yo-yo ornament], Angelina, Pierre, the clown28
Country manor shelf/console. No. 3531. No. 56-48430
Country placemat collection, Through the cupboard, Elements30
Daisy, [Daisy30
Deadly connections, Diamond30
Elizabeth exotique, Altamira, Ribbit30
Elizabeth exotique, Zara, Moomba30
English garden designs adapted for the U. S30
Far East companion, Bower, Far East30
Field of dreams, international truck & Ford coupe30
Filigree part 229
Filigree stipe on quarry, Lillarr, Warwick30
Fleur de lis bookends, 9705130
Flower impressions, Shadow stripe, Chestnuts30
Flower on foliage, Wilshire, Matima29
Flower shoot double border, Heraldry stripe, Chips30
Flower song, Foliage, Winslow25
Flower song, Sherwood, Pagoda30
Flying high with the Blue Wave, Kansas Jayhawk basketball, 1987-88, Flying high28
Francesco Ortenzi collection '95/1, T.O.C. 2234 3239/9, Winton30
Garden party hand knit w/floral intarsia & hand crochet neck30
Garden walk, Kim, Sagamore30
Gillian's zebras linen & cotton print, Bangalore, Pele rain forest25
Guidebook for teachers for the preprimer program to accompany Skip along, Under the sky, Open the door and High on a hill and The Preprimer textfilms part 230
Hazy summer bouquet, Istanbul, Pamama check30
Heart my beats and rhymes kick, & 17 other selections, Papillon, Light of Zion30
Impulse, Doomsday27
[Introduction to Endurance by Alfred Lansing], Polonaise, Alive: the story of the Andes survivors30
I shall wear a crown (p.d. arr) Song. Composers, Allen, Wiggins & Tankard. PA 685-643 (1994) part 329
Lattice, Peace, Mariachi26
Lighthouses and other historic buildings and sites of the Pacific Coast of California, Oregon and Washington part 230
Manchester companion, Bountiful floral, Bountiful stripe30
Martinique part 230
[Meadowbrook fern], Graham, Carla30
[Meadowbrook fern], Seafarer, Carnival check30
Meemo gorilla & friends, Indochine, Martine30
Misty morning, mergansers, Lophodytes cucullatus30
New attitudes for kitchens and baths, Tradewinds, A Summer place27
Nineteenth and twentieth century figureheads from the Mystic Seaport Museum collection30
One pair Battenburg panels with tiebacks 70 x 84", Verona30
Pastoral classique, Brooks companion, Party stripe30
Pastoral classique, Highclere, Pacific patio30
Pavillion [i.e. Pavilion], Madura, Artesia30
Petite fleur comb, brush, and mirror set30
Planxty E. Plunkett/Young W. Plunkett. From album Pastime with good company, Passion flower30
Portals to the infinite, Paradise30
Portfolio of songs by Vince Doty, Hannah, Songs for Hannah, a musical27
Prey & prediator [sic], Dubrant, Darjee30
Prey & prediator [sic], Marpage, Frambou30
Prey & prediator [sic], Swerve, Side stripe30
Primavera 3-tier fountain, Serena, Capila fountain30
Provence ribbon and lillium, Folies de bergeres, Beau jolais30
Rare view batik/lily patchwork, Mozambique, Eeny meeny jelly beany28
Rose, gentians, assorted flowers and stylized leaves, [Joggers], Three roses bouquet with ribbon trellis and pearls27
Sandringham bouquet stripe, Mai Ling, Petite fleurs26
Sheffield, Castleburry, Shangrai-la25
Soliel [sic], earrings large & small, jackets large & small, pin & pendant, Voyager30
Somebody's at nobody's tonight, Speckle, Vermicilli [sic]30
South Beach images for city of Miami Beach parking cards & packaging, South Beach30
Spring enchantress, and 1 other painting, Serengeti, Fawn30
Spring garden collection (black/white/carnation/leaf)30
St. Laurent, Antigua, Palo Verde30
Stratford part 228
Summer: yellow, blue & gray, Summer30
Tandler Textile pattern no. 10251, Persian, 542330
Tassel on swag, Whirlwind, Swag25
The Boo Boo Fairy and Little Miss Good Do Bee, Allison, Does a Keester live here?30
The fruit of the Spirit and the incarnational nature of the missional church, Watercolor30
The gallery collection (technical drawings) basement, Baldwin, [The Blackstone]30
The goodbye sonnets, Shannon, Sigh.gone29
The Pigeon's blood ruby, Potpourri30
The Windmere, Cambridge, Sunset22
Traditional foulard, Mini gingham, Dots30
Tropical leaves in vase on textured ground (collection of two paintings)30
Tropicana part 330
Victoria part 330
What more was there to say?, Fiesta30
Windsor part 327
Woman police officer in elevator, Sunday, The Siege30
Year of the snake, Streamers, Sun dancer30
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