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3 in 1 report, stop smoking report, life lessons report, Taking sides, All the stars came out that night26
A Descriptive dictionary and atlas of sexology, Biomedical ethics and the law, Becoming a sexual person30
Adult learner role effectiveness questionnaire. By Nova University, Inc., employer for hire of William C. Johnson & Robert C. Preziosi part 230
A guide to observation, participation, and reflection in the classroom, Comics to classics--a parents' guide to books for teens and preteens30
Allocation of budgetary resources to subunits within six community colleges in New York State part 230
American historical playing cards (3 1/4" x 4 3/4") version & 7 others; pictorial works30
American national government: an introduction to political institutions, The Relationship between ward atmosphere and personality30
An Analysis of factors contributing to the prediction of .., Pronouncercizing, Be prepared30
A study of the relationships between the leadership adaptability of secondary principals as perceived by both principals and their teaching staffs and building climate as perceived by their part 230
Cantique de Jean Racine ; Ad coeman agni providi ; Locus iste ... [et al.], Andy30
Clashing views on controversial issues in American history, Computer studies, The Pendulum swings24
Client services & referral kits, "The Professional Commitment, Blues explorer, Come one & all30
Commonwealth secured energy trust, after-tax internal rates of return and alternative investment comparisons30
Comparative government and politics-section 1, multiple choice questions, Migraine30
Educational psychology, second edition: instructor's resource manual. TX 3-035-82722
Effectiveness of conjoint behavioral consultation as a service delivery model for supporting the inclusion of special needs children with emotional and behavioral challenges in the general education classroom30
Environment and appropriate technologies for investment decision making in rural sanitation projects in developing countries part 330
Evaluation of the effectiveness of an exercise training program using automated cycle ergometers in the Heritage Family Study27
Global studies for community & economic development, Afro-Asian culture studies26
Gravity field boundary value project, Sources, Fritz songs country collection27
Human resources management. Ideas & trends in personnel30
Human resources management, second edition: instructor's manual. TX 2-815-31429
Installation of sprinkler systems, Healthful aging, 90 miles an hour29
Instructor's course planner and test item file to accompany Human adjustment, second edition [by] Jane Halonen, John Santrock30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Human resource management, sixth edition [by] John M. Ivancevich30
Instructor's manual and test item file to accompany Communication for business and the professions, seventh edition [by] Patricia Hayes Andrews, John E. Baird, Jr part 330
Instructor's manual to accompany College decisions, Psychology30
Instructor's manual to accompany Cultural anthropology, Cultural anthropology30
Instructor's manual with test bank to accompany Leming and Dickinson's Understanding dying, death and bereavement, third edition25
International business & law series. Volume 2, Law and practice of international finance23
International business protocol fact sheets on U S S R, Portugal, Netherlands, Caribbean (Barbados), and France part 330
International politics: foundations of international relations. By Norman J. Padelford & George A. Lincoln30
Life management skills II, reproducible activity handouts created for facilitators30
Making American foreign policy: president-congress relations from the second World War to the post-Cold War era. TX 4-345-156 (1996)30
Meeting the needs of second language learners, Nutrition & health, Tobacco & health24
Mental health professionals' perceptions of mothers' experiences of family violence in New Mexico30
Multicultural activities for the speech communication classroom to accompany communicating: a social and career focus, sixth edition. TX 4-783-45030
Neurophychological and personality differences between controls and pedophiles, Theme from Jeremiah Johnson27
Nursery suite, serenade, dream children & other works, Romanesca violin sonatas, Uccellini sonatas28
Outline for a phased water loss survey in urban water distribution systems, W.A. Rose works30
Public administration: concepts and cases. TX 3-237-16130
Readings in American history. Volume II, Reconstruction through the present, Canadian politics17
Readings in American history. Volume II, Reconstruction through the present, Focus. Biology29
Russia, the Eurasian Republics, and Central/Eastern Europe, I can learn Japanese23
Sparrowhawk & 19 other titles; literary works, Careers in science, How to write a readable business report29
Stress management and attention-deficit disorder intervention by teachers in the classroom for ADHD and non-ADHD children part 330
Synthesis and characterization of zinc oxide nanostructures for piezoelectric applications28
Taking sides--clashing views on controversial issues in world politics30
Taking sides--clashing views on controversial issues in world politics part 230
Teacher's manual for Hexstat probability demonstrator. By Hy Ruchlis & Esther Marcus part 230
Test item file to accompany Psychology, its study and uses by Louis H. Janda and Karin E. Klenke-Hamel30
The effects of wilderness therapy program on changes in self-esteem and teacher-rated behavior of youth at risk part 330
The Illustrated MS-DOS-WordStar handbook, with MailMerge and SpellStar operations30
The Nelson Gallery and Atkins Museum bulletin. Vol. 4, no. 8, Dec. 20, 1967. By George L. McKenna & Ralph T. Coe26
The participants' description of the personal adjustment process to the disability experience30
The problem of theoretically reconciling economic-focused and duty-aligned research orientations in the corporate social performance field30
Third World children (they're the prophets of peace)30
Video-mad--an American writer in British television, Social psychology quarterly26
Weight control forever; a unique and complete weight loss and maintenance program designed specifically for fitness clubs30
World history A.D. at a glance including art, literature, and music30
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