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Acoustic, thermal wave, and optical characterization of material, Vapor-liquid equilibrium data at high pressure30
Adaptive control using multiple estimation models in the presence of random disturbances30
Advanced scientific computing in Basic with applications in chemistry, biology, and pharmacology30
Advanced scientific computing in Basic with applications in chemistry, biology, and pharmacology part 230
Advanced scientific computing in Basic with applications in chemistry, biology, and pharmacology part 330
Agent Orange--Vietnam veterans battle new foes, Voices suite, Lunch cart29
An analysis of the Church of God Theological Seminary's role in developing leaders for the Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee30
An image of a "Colored Cherokee/Tsalagi Mother" with a cookbook in hand and a dictionary in other29
Appian Way: computer software for management of the chiropractic office. By Appian Way, Inc part 230
Before the echo: essays on nature. By Pete Dunne, drawings by Diana Marlinski, The wind masters30
Campaign to nowhere, the results general longstreets' move into Upper East Tennessee part 227
Caregiver education guide for children with developmental disabilities. Supplement30
Changing perceptions of heraldry in English knightly culture of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries part 230
Comparative evaluation of rating scales for clinical psychopharmacology, Panoramic Images30
Computer competencies needed by industrial technology graduates as perceived by universities and companies in North Carolina30
Conformal geometry and dynamics, an electronic journal of the AMS-"hilbert spaces of martingales supporting certain substitution-dynamical systems" part 230
C. Renee (Sherrill) Smith for Heaven's Harmony of Hartford, Connecticut, Naked acts30
Diabetes Management in the '80s: the role of home blood glucose monitoring and new insulin delivery systems30
Directors' perceptions of the No Child Left Behind Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act30
Effect of two general anesthetic agents on the cognitive function of neurologically normal adults following extracorporeal circulation for coronary artery revascularization part 230
Elastic, piezoelectric, pyroelectric, piezooptic, electrooptic constants ... = Elastische, piezoelektrische, pyroelektrische, piezooptische, elektrooptische Konstanten .26
Elsevier's Dictionary of mathematical and computational linguistics in three languages, English, French, and Russian part 230
Essays on financial intermediation and corporate efficiency, Price management, Hidden champions30
Evolutionary biology of female multiple mating in the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum29
Fire burn below & Better by you, better than me (from Stained class) By Judas Preist part 230
Gene expression temporal patterns classification with hierarchical Bayesian neural networks and time lagged recurrent neural networks30
Greenland ice core evidence for attenuation of the deuterium signal by climate cooling due to volcanic events part 230
Groundwater monitoring well installation within the regional aquifer at the former location of the Kaiser Steel Facility, City of Fontana, San Bernardino County, California30
Information technology--Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX)--pt. 1, System application program interface (API) [C language] = Technologies de l'information--Interface pour la portabilite des systemes (POSIX)-- pte. 1, Interface programme de systemes d'application (API) [Langage C] part 230
In sacred trust: the 1963 Fleming Brown tapes : Hobart Smith--in sacred trust: the 1963 Fleming Brown tapes part 229
Instructor's resource manual to accompany Pharmacologic basis of nursing practice, sixth edition [by] Julia B. Freeman Clark, Sherry F. Queener, Virginia Burke Karb30
Interrelationships between the structural and functional aspects of social relationships, comorbidity and health related quality of life in breast cancer survivors30
Knowledge acquisition from experts in conceptual design of environmental engineering systems29
L'Art chretien (de la Renaissance a nos jours), Tresors de la nature, Forteresses et chateaux dans le monde25
Leader's guide for group study of How to deal with depression, [by] Doctor Timothy Foster part 229
Machine learning methods for channel current cheminformatics, biophysical analysis, and bioinformatics25
Markrich Sportsworld, Inc., solutions manual to accompany audit practice case, second edition21
Methods for the determination of metals and inorganic chemicals in environmental samples part 230
Migration modeling using the United States public use micro data samples, 1985 to 1990 part 230
Noise and clutter rejection in radars and imaging sensors, To believe, If I can dream23
Optimal design for creep buckling of symmetrically constant depth shallow arches subjected to a time contraint30
Organic chemistry laboratory manual with waste management and molecular modeling part 230
Organization of engineering knowledge for product modelling in computer integrated manufacturing30
Parallel algorithms and software for time-dependent systems of nonlinear partial differential equations with an application in computational biology28
Perspectives on gifted children through early memories, kinetic family drawings, mothers' attitudes, loneliness questionnaires, and personality self-portraits30
Safeguards systems analysis, with applications to nuclear material safeguards and other inspection problems30
Science and technology of building seals, sealants, glazing, and waterproofing part 230
Smoking and health, Dialog information retrieval service, 160, Asbestosis, Spectroscopic references to polyatomic molecules30
Solar-terrestrial relationships and the earth environment in the last millennia = Relazioni terra-sole e l'ambiente extraterrestre negli ultimi millenni30
Solar-terrestrial relationships and the earth environment in the last millennia = Relazioni terra-sole e l'ambiente extraterrestre negli ultimi millenni part 330
Song lyrics of Ralph Curtis Nelson (a.k.a Rick Curtis), I.C.U, Home30
Stochastic analysis of complex nonlinear system response under narrowband excitations30
Structure and perception of electroacoustic sound and music, The membrane hypothesis of aging25
Stubs, the seating plan guide for New York theatres, music halls and sports stadia part 230
Studies in trade liberalization: problems and prospects for the industrial countries30
Test bank to accompany Mentzer and Schwartz's Marketing today, fourth edition, and Mentzer and Carter's Readings in marketing today part 530
The American citizens guide to understanding economics, Poverty and land access in South Africa30
The Carbon based-gyroscope theory of elemental structure, an illustrated periodic table of the elements30
The effects of school-based services on at-risk behaviors in youth, Multiple sclerosis30
The Goal of B. F. Skinner and behavior analysis, Piece pour gitarre seule, Duet for violin & cello30
The Paralinguistic sympathetic ingressive affirmative in English and .., Give them a chance30
The relationship among legal knowledge, satisfaction, and self-efficacy of parents with children with special needs who attend general public schools and charter public schools30
The Role of educational concerns in rational acts of adopting and implementing educational policies30
The Theoretical and empirical integration of two approaches to .., Cytogenetic approaches to finding auditory genes30
Unpublished photographs by Nolen Edmonston--Mumia Abu-Jamal, SCI Greene, Waynesburg, PA30
User interface control logic for the CBPSS collective protection shelter. TXu 1-110-264 (2002)30
WTI, Ward Technology, Inc., X.25 system performance UNIX. By Ward Technology, Inc., employer for hire of Thomas W. Ward, Hugh G. Spinks & Charles J. Salvo, Jr30
XIIth International Congress for Tropical Medicine and Malaria, Serotonin and pain25
You're [sic] love means more to me. Music: Michael Terry Georgian, lyrics: George Meyers30
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