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1961 chartered life underwriter and management examinations, questions and answers. By the American College of Life Underwriters29
1979 statutory and formulary supplement to Enterprise organization, cases, statutes, and analysis on licensing, employment, agency, partnerships, associations, and corporations, second edition30
A Computer program to evaluate accuracy, efficiency, and costs of diagnosis and treatment of hospitalized patients28
A consumer's dictionary of household, yard and office chemicals, Poisons in your food30
A Content analysis of student reponse eighteen months to three years .., Ruff stuff30
A history of the Christian school movement in the state of Ohio, A Bird in the hand of Isaac Stewart, Jr30
A long-term exploratory follow-up evaluation of a program for families of at-risk youth30
Alternate realities: how science shapes our vision of the world, The Frontier, Cooperation and conflict in general evolutionary processes25
American Bureau of Shipping and A B S group of companies annual report, AMA winter educators' conference30
American national standard for acoustics--portable electric power tools, stationary and fixed electric power tools, and gardening appliances--measurement of sound emitted27
An Analysis of the perceptions of academically capable Black high .., God's plan for the ages28
An examination of effectiveness of a sleep induction audiotape in conjunction with a standardized behavioral treatment protocol on anxiety, depression, psychosocial functioning and sleep among a clinical population with insomnia29
An Integrated infant play group and parent support curriculum, An early childhood play group curriculum for 3 to 5 year olds27
An Investigation of illicit, prescription and over-the-counter drug use in an undergraduate student .30
A Sociological study of team ministry in the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Hartford, .30
A study guide for property and casualty insurance for agent's and broker's licensing examinations part 330
Biologically based immunomodulators in the therapy of rheumatic diseases, Molecules, miracles and medicine30
Biopsy procedures for the general practitioner ; The Immediate denture--prosthetic and surgical consideration30
Breast disease and the gynecologist OB/G caselist management associates, Ltd, Pediatrics update21
Brother-to-brother ; a blackman's guide to the criminal justice system and how to stay out of jail30
Chopstick Louie in the case of the missing voice, Yielded, I stepped over23
Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Part B, Comparative biochemistry, Remote sensing of environment30
Computer crime, abuse, liability, and security30
Concise and advent, the plurality of evil, how a society conspires to destroy itself from within30
Construction contractors: a unique business with unique accounting needs30
Depression and conduct disorders as co-morbid conditions in students who have been suspended from regular high school units and are attending an alternative school30
Development of feed and food production systems for subsistence Ecuadorian .., Focus24
Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease, Metallography, The Nurse Practitioner29
Diagnostic parasitology: clinical laboratory manual, Practical guide to diagnostic parasitology29
Digestion and nutrition, Breathing, Circulation29
[Elderly couple in sunburst with rays depicting Council (sic) on Aging Services]24
Electronic circuit fundamentals, fundamentals of mathematics: outline and review problems part 230
Encyclopedia of Muhammad's women companions and the traditions they related, Iqbal28
Endocrine and nutritional control of basic biological functions, Psychobiology of essential hypertension28
Experimental heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and thermodynamics, Housing finance review30
Fine ceramic cat bird feeder, cat on swing w/wooden swing holder30
Formulas and calculations for drilling, production, and workover, Embedded microprocessor systems laboratory EET-387L30
Friction ridge skin: comparison & identification of fingerprints, Gunshot wounds of the head and spine30
Genetic analysis of two mutants altered with respect to formation of polyhydroxyalkanoic acid and identification of putative RNA helicase, nuclease and gas vesicle genes in Bacillus megaterium30
Handbook of United States economic and financial indicators, Stay gone, Loco27
Homotopy limit functors and model categories and homotopical categories, Early childhood development30
How to build and use electronic devices without frustration, panic, mountains of money, or an engineering degree27
How to make $20-50,000 a year as a driver for the bachelor party industry, My money's tight18
(I don't wanna do no) limbo. w & m Peter McDonald, m Trevor Bolder, The Praise, Constructing disability27
Instructor's manual to accompany Reasoning with a computer in Pascal by Daniel Solow30
Instructor's resource manual with transparency masters to accompany Management and leadership for nurse managers, second edition30
Instrumental and noninstrumental voice effects on perceptions of procedural justice in a performance appraisal part 230
Integral or irrelevant? the impact of animation and sound effects on attention and memory for multimedia messages25
Introduction to the documentations of the chemical substances TLVs ; Guidelines for classification of occupational carcinogenicity ; Introduction to the biological exposure indices ; Sources of variability in biological monitoring part 224
Iron oxide mineralogy of soils derived from volcanic rocks in the Parana River basin, Brazil21
Laser diagnostics and photochemical processing for semiconductor devices, Custom draperies in interior design30
Laser-solid interactions and transient thermal processing of materials, Scientific basis for nuclear waste management, V27
Madame est servie; comedie gaie en 4 actes. By Georges DeWissant, pseud. of Georges Lemoine, & Jean Kolb28
Marriage, the family, and personal fulfillment, The Changing family, Human sexuality29
Mellon Stuart Construction proposed Mellon Stuart University comprehensive long term training program30
Microbial and plant opportunities to improve lignocellulose utilization by ruminants30
Microbial and plant opportunities to improve lignocellulose utilization by ruminants part 230
Microbial and plant opportunities to improve lignocellulose utilization by ruminants part 330
Molecular immunology of mycotic and actinomycotic infections, Virus separation and purification methods30
Music by Winford C. Cork 3rd a.k.a. Amadeus, [The Black Mona Lisa], ["Roots" from Kunte to "Alex"]19
Neuropsychiatry, neuropsychology, and behavioral neurology, Obstetric anesthesia digest28
Now that we've started sleeping together there's something I think I should tell you30
Operations management for MBAs, 3rd edition w/Crystal Ball CD-ROM30
Opportunistic infections in patients with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome22
Organization of an NMDA receptor-associated complex via the PDZ domains of PSD-9524
Plagues and politics: the story of the United States Public Health Service. By Science and Medicine Enterprises, Inc30
Profiles, obstetrics & gynecology--the Berkow vistist. Pref.: Ralph A. Mreis, The Abused woman30
PROLOG(personal review of learning in obstetrics and gynecology), Morning sickness21
Reaching higher, grade 3 unite of individualized reading from Scholastic. By Scholastic Magazine, Inc., employer for hire of Priscilla Lynch30
Significant aspects of ground water aquifers related to well head protection considerations30
Standard for real-time display of thermal and mechanical acoustic output indices on diagnostic ultrasound equipment part 218
Strong interest inventory of Strong Vocational Interest Blanks test booklet and answer sheet30
The Bankruptcy Act of 1898 as amended with annotations. By John Hanna & James Angell MacLachlan30
The Basic travelers dictionary, illustrated, Handbook of physiology, Human endocrinology30
The effects of test anxiety and context (physical climate) on the scholastic achievement performance of a learning disabled secondary senior on the South Carolina basic skills assessment30
The history, taxonomy and ecology of the Bonobo (Pan Paniscus Schwarz, 1929) with a first description of a wild population living in a forest/savanna mosaic habitat30
The Journal of histochemistry & cytochemistry, Journal of the American Geriatrics Society22
The Journal of investigative dermatology. Vol. 17, no. 3, Sept. 195130
The Re-evaluation of existing values and the search for absolute values. By International Cultural Foundation29
The relationship between employment compensation and district value systems in Texas public school districts30
The Software catalog. Microcomputers and minicomputers ... update, Business software library25
The Spectral theory of Toeplitz operators. By L. Boutet DeMonvel & Victor Guillemin26
The Structure of the native vanadium chromogen in tunicate blood cells ; Rapid analysis of marine sterol mixtures through computer assisted gas chromatography-mass spectrometry part 230
The un-ordinary adventures of a precocious teenage wastrel (myself) trying to solve the secrets of the jumping wall by throwing mashed potatoes at John Lennon's moustache30
The veterinary clinics of North America. Exotic animal practice, Seminars in nephrology23
The wings of prayer ; Honest[y] ; No condemnation ... [et al.], Methods of immunodiagnosis24
Toward a test for ethnocentrism and ethnorelativism based upon reference group orientation30
Transactions of the American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Drums 130
Transportation casks and remote handling systems for nuclear and hazardous materials part 430
Workbook and study guide to accompany Levin, Kirkpatrick, and Rubin Quantitative approaches to management, fifth edition30
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