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Acid-base biochemistry; pt. 2: sodium and chloride distribution, pt. 3: potassium and the cellular compartment, pt. 4: calcium and phosphorus, pt. 5: gas transport, pt. 6: neutrality regulation 1, pt. 7: renal correction of the neutrality. By Halvor N. Christensen part 230
A comparison of word processing in colleges and businesses in the state of Alabama part 230
Action Driving, Inc., how well does your teenager drive? Take the test!, Mystery of old Thorndyke. By Lou Jean Waldschmidt29
ActivMedia Robotics navigation and localization (ARNL), 20/20, ABC Primetime part 230
Agricultural land use and related innovation and government assistance in .., Essential beats30
A multi-dimensional entropy model of jazz improvisation for music information retrieval27
Analysis of skeletal structural systems in the elastic and elastic-plastic range30
An exploration of how second-grade students' reading attitudes and motivations for reading are affected through family involvement via the Reading Book Satchels program30
An introduction to Bayesian inference in econometrics. No. 1-98165-6, Basic issues in econometrics27
An Introduction to the Gilbert and Sullivan operas from the collection of the Pierpont Morgan Library30
Antidumping law and practice in the United States and the European communities, Bayesian networks and decision graphs30
Array analysis of regional PN and PG wavefields from the Nevada test site, Engineering information systems in the Internet context30
Artificial Intelligence and Information-Control Systems of Robots, Seminars in laparoscopic surgery30
Association of regional and total body composition, plasma lipids, lipoproteins, apolipoproteins and the effects of long-term resistive training in the premenopausal female30
Baker's 1989-90 handbook of Ohio school law for school board members, superintendents, treasurers, business officials & other administrators, teachers, and students part 230
Biological psychiatry and the invention of the asylum in modern America organic theories and somatic treatments23
Biological relevance of immune suppression as induced by genetic, therapeutic, and environmental factors26
Bottles, a sampler of the collectibles. Photogtraphic illustrator, Melvin J. Horst, editor & compiler, Elmer L. Smith part 225
Children's development: perspectives from cultural psychology, Exploring/teaching the psychology of women28
Child training and personality; a cross-cultural study. By John W. M. Whiting & Irvin L. Child30
Cholinergic mechanisms--phylogenetic aspects, central and peripheral synapses, and clinical significance part 230
Clinical immunology Tech Sample no. CI-5 (1990), Flow cytometry analysis of a patient with hairy cell leukemia receiving alpha inteferon therapy30
Collecting sensitive data by randomized response, an annotated bibliography, Atlanta economic review24
Communication and interaction patterns in normal adoptive families Christina Lindstrom30
Complex analysis, microlocal calculus, and relativistic quantum theory30
Computer networks and systems: queueing theory and performance evaluation, Structured computer organization30
Deconvolution of geophysical time series in the exploration for oil and natural gas28
Design and implementation of intelligent manufacturing systems from expert systems, neural networks, to fuzzy logic30
Development of a CAD/CAE tool--ROBOKINE (ROBOtic KINEmatics)---for workspace, inverse kinematics and trajectory planning28
Developments in the analytical chemistry of arsenic to support teaching and learning through research in environmental topics30
Digest of the decisions of the International Court of Justice, 1959-1975 = Repertoire des decisions de la Cour internationale de Justice, 1959-1975 = Handbuch der Entscheidungen des Internationalen Gerichtshofs, 1959-197530
Engineering design synthesis of sensor and control systems for intelligent vehicles26
Field theory, quantization, and statistical physics: in memory of Bernard Jouvet27
Fourth Workshop on Grand Unification, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, April 21-23, 198330
Goodness-of-fit for logistic regression models developed using data collected from a complex sampling design19
Handbook of calculated electron momentum distributions, Compton profiles, and X-ray form factors of elemental solids30
Hitler's guard, the story of the Leibstandarte SS, Adolf Hitler, 1933-1945, Machinists' ready reference30
How to make electricity from water and some things everyone should know about electricity30
Human factors engineering design for a hemodialysis delivery system dialysate .30
Information systems curriculum recommendations for the 80s, undergraduate and graduate programs27
Information technology--Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX)--pt. 1, System application program interface (API) [C language] = Technologies de l'information--Interface pour la portabilite des systemes (POSIX)-- pte. 1, Interface programme de systemes d'application (API) [Langage C]30
Instructor's manual to accompany In search of the human mind, second edition [by] Robert J. Sternberg30
Instructor's manual with test bank for Pipkin, Trent, and Hazlett's Geology and the environment, fourth edition30
Integrated services digital network (ISDN)--explicit call transfer supplementary service (linkID parameter and ECT operations protocol profile)30
Intelligence-related terms in mental retardation, learning disability, and gifted/talented professional usage, 1983-200130
International trade game for use with IBM PC to accompany Understanding business, second edition, [by] Nickels, McHugh, McHugh part 230
Keep it like a secret. Text to juvenile book: Sandel Stoddard Warburg, artist: Ivan Chermayeff30
Macroeconomics test bank to accompany Introduction to economics and Introduction to macroeconomics30
Management development and its relationship to organizational performance30
Mathematical methods in computer aided geometric design II, Numerical mathematics30
Mathematical models to evaluate the optimal treatment of HIV-1 infection and the response of drug-resistant variants30
Mathematical systems theory in biology, communications, computation and finance, Algebraic and geometric methods in linear systems theory30
Messy data--missing observations, outliers, and mixed-frequency data, The Theory and practice of econometrics26
Minimizing casualties, preserving the infrastructure, Appendix, Minas Tirith evening-star21
Molecular conformation and dynamics of macromolecules in condensed systems, Let me walk, precious Jesus30
Molecular conformation and dynamics of macromolecules in condensed systems, Message handling systems30
Molecular conformation and dynamics of macromolecules in condensed systems, Remote education and informatics30
NATO Advanced Study Institutes series. Series C, Mathematical and physical sciences24
Nonlinear analysis of autonomic behavior of three subjects in three settings. By Luis Felipe Amunategui Undurraga30
Office systems and procedures: achievement test 1, units 1-2. TX 1-974-034, Lecture notes in computer science28
Office systems decision manual to accompany Administrative office management: the electronic office, by Eleanor Hollis Tedesco and Robert B. Mitchell30
Optimal control of distributed parameter systems using adaptive critic neural networks30
Parental conceptions of children & child rearing, a structural-developmental analysis30
Pattern recognition methods for automated analysis of Fourier transform infrared interferograms and carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance spectra part 230
Phase diagrams in metallurgy; their development and application. By Frederick N. Rhines25
Poisoning the ivy--the seven deadly sins and other vices of higher education in America part 230
Problem solving workbook to accompany The chemical world, concepts and applications, [by] Kotz, Joesten, Wood, Moore30
Proceedings of the ... International Congress of Psychology of the International Union of Psychological Science (I U Psy S)30
Proceedings of the ... International Congress of Psychology of the International Union of Psychological Science (I U Psy S) part 230
Proceedings of the ... International Congress of Psychology of the International Union of Psychological Science (I U Psy S) part 330
Proceedings of the ... International Congress of Psychology of the International Union of Psychological Science (I U Psy S) part 430
Proceedings of the ... Symposium of the International Prize for Biology, Video demystified30
Production management system with piece rate payroll for the IBM personal computer. By New Generation Computing, Inc30
Propagation des singularites des solutions d'equations pseudo-differentielles a caracteristiques de multiplicites .30
Regions Financial Corporation strength, stability and growth in financial services30
Residence--Lake Bear Gully, Seminole County, Florida, Mister & Mrs. Chris Kauffmann, owners26
Romance is your secret strength and lifelong secret fantasy, Professional C#, Beginning Visual C# 200529
Six months among the palm groves, coral reefs, and volcanoes of the Sandwich Islands27
Spectroscopic studies of intervalence transitions in class II and borderline class II/class III mixed valency systems part 330
Statistical mechanics of self-avoiding crystalline membranes and topological defect formation26
String theory in anti-deSitter spaces and black holes in five dimensions, Eventide30
Superoxide and superoxide dismutase in chemistry, biology, and medicine, Rockslides and avalanches, 230
Supervision of preservice teachers based upon a partnership between universities and participating public schools30
System design analysis, implementation, and performance evaluation of a 32-bit RISC processor based on gallium arsenide HMESFET technology30
The bioarchaeology of ritual violence in Postclassic El Peten, Guatemala (AD 950-1524)30
The Comet is coming! The feverish legacy of Mister Halley, Marine diesel engines26
The Cross-cultural challenge to social psychology, Paddington on screen, Paddington's pop-up book30
The development of an instrument to assess the presence of dyslexia in preschool boys part 229
The Evangelical mind and the new school Presbyterian experience, Evangelicalism and modern America28
The genetic control of mitotic recombination--formation and resolution of heteroduplex DNA intermediates30
The Influence of sewage sludge application on physical and biological properties of soils21
The Legal status of professional personnel in the public schools, including probationary teachers, tenure teachers, principals and supervisors, and superintendents part 230
The Molecular basis of mutant hemoglobin dysfunction, Statistical software for microcomputers24
The Psychology of programming and data processing by the human computer based on the scientific method part 330
The Relationship of conservation and propositional reasoning to science achievement on .30
Thermal infrared sensing applied to energy conservation in building envelopes (Thermosense IV)30
The young Oxford compainion to the Supreme Court of the United States, A Study of some electrical events in the human heart using .30
Uncertainty in illness and attitudes towards cardiovascular health behaviors in first-time myocardial infarction patients and recurrent myocardial infarction patients30
Vibrational spectroscopic characterization of bone implants, apatitic minerals and elucidation of the effect of hydrogen bonding on the Urey-Bradley force constants of tetrachlorometallate complexes30
Vocational concept formation by educable mentally retarded students .., Awake to terror25
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