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40 kinds of sadness ; Take it all away, With you gone, Hit me with your light27
A man to treat you wrong & 5 other titles, New day, U got me30
An Easter carol. Adaptation for combined choirs: Paul W. Peterson, Sophomore slump29
Artificial light (of all the living lies) By Estelle Levitt & Andy Badale, Aqua boogie30
A Teacher's manual for Inquiry and expression. By Harold C. Martin & Richard M. Ohmann29
Batting practice. By Opio Lindsey, 1974-, Tajai Massey, 1975-, Damani Thompson, 1974-, Adam Carter, 1974- (all d.b.a. Souls of Mischief Music), Jonathan Owens29
Beautiful wreck & 12 other titles. Written by Marshall N. Altman & co-writers as noted30
Benediction of faith, The one, Your love27
Bow before the King ; Gods of justice ; Way of you ... [et al.], The kona sto, & 1 other title30
Breakfast for champions, Dying to begin, Favourite lunatic25
Brighter days, & other songs30
Can I touch you there? By Charles A. Bobbit, James Brown, Fred Wesley, et al, Lonely actor27
Can't go on ; Wintertime in the heartland, Can't go on, Find a way to you30
Communications problems correlated with College English and communication. By Marie M. Stewart & Kenneth Zimmer. 4th ed30
Comparative analyses of knowledge management practices in a United States of America high-technology multi-national corporation located in China and high technology firms in the U.S. Silicon Valley30
Conscientiousness, mastery, conflictual independence, and self-efficacy in relationship to student adaptation and academic success during the first semester of college30
Dressing right for the weather, Valentine30
Effects of a 10-second maximum voluntary contraction on regulatory myosin light chain phosphorylation and selected biomechanical variables during voluntary motor activity30
End of the line. By Eric Andersen & Stephen Addabbo30
Fool for loving you, and 2 other selections, Playin' the game, Shine29
From the archives of Stephen King's World of horror--this is horror, Father Time30
Frontin'. By Walt Disney Music Company, Andre Cymone, Dynatone Publishing Company & Walt Disney Music, employer for hire part 230
Gimme me all your lovin' or I will kill you, Macy Gray, Sweet baby30
Guidelines for servers of alcohol, I got a story to tell, What about that?28
Heart and history of Holmes County with glimpses of the Panhandle, Live to win, Wake up screaming ; All about you25
Here comes the sun, a systematic analysis of the anti-nuclear movement, Overlooked happiness ; Farther ; Amborella30
If you could read my mind. By Kurtis Khaleel a.k.a. Mantronik & Bryce Wilson a.k.a. Bryce Luvah30
I miss you like Christmas, Rumor 'bout a revolution, You take me home30
I miss you part 1230
I'm scared ; How I feel (the burrito song), Love is a free thing, Love has a way30
Intimate. By William Robinson, Jr. (p.k.a. Smokey Robinson) & Michael Stokes, Goodbye & good luck30
I try. By David Wilder, Jinsoo Lim, Macy Gray, Jeremy Ruzumna. (In On how life is) part 230
It's not that we can't stop working on a client's problem. VA 999-715 (2000)30
I've had enough (into the fire) By P. Stanley & D. Child30
I wanna rock ; Increased lethality ; Because I like the disco ... [et al.], I'm the king30
Jealous. By Wiz Kid Music (employer for hire of Bryan L. Hudson a.k.a. Bryan Loren a.k.a. Basil Lordsby) & Mic Murphy part 230
Just who's drivin'? By King Winter Productions & Loose Diamonds, Hazel, Wake up baby ; Last ones ; Jenny please ... [et al.]30
Living for you. w & m Dino Elefante, 1958-, & Dino Elefante, 195630
Morning paper & 14 other titles; musical compostions, Dawn, Nerve center30
No ordinary man. By Lonnie Williams, Frank Dycus & Tracy Byrd, She's feeling like a brand new man30
North Carolina: a blessing shared. By William R. ("Chip") Henderson, Jr., Marshall Glenn Morris & Carolyn Tate Strickland part 230
Picture perfect images from the mocha regions of a chocolate boy's reality30
Price you pay ; This loneliness ; Oh, heartache ; Dream, dream blue, Turn to blue30
Rise of the eagles ; When I hear you call my name ; Migrate migraine ... [et al.] part 230
Santa traded in his reindeer for a chopper, Right time, Rimba's wake up dance30
Shorties no. 3, featuring Wipe out, La bamba, The twist & Tequila, Alma herida, Un Sueno30
Simple words by Tim C. Wooldridge30
Somebody save the honky tonks ; I'm a saint ; The Lord loves the drinkin' man ... [et. al]30
Squaw Valley blues. m Ralph Sutton, I'm sorry I made you cry, Sacramento boogie26
Stand by love ; Mine, mine, mine, The Only world in town, Fire in the temple30
Stickin' to the "G" move. By Robert Lee Green, Jr. p.k.a. Spice 1 & Terry K. Allen p.k.a. DJ Slip part 330
Still don't give a *Removed*, Hush hush, '97 Bonnie & Clyde30
Take this world and give me Christ, Heart of my heart, God taketh your burdens away29
That was me. m Terig Tucci, English w Susan Fishbein, One believer, You'll know love30
The chain24
The Differential effects of leader-initiated confrontation on the academic achievement of . part 230
The Girl who had everything; a sparkling farce comedy that may be done with or without musical specialties, in three acts. By Natalie Burke, pseud. of Wilbur Braun30
The learning curve, The hit, Girls don't care27
True love has gone away; a.k.a. Your love has gone away. By Irving Music, Inc., employer for hire of Andrea Martin, & Teddy Smith30
Try again. Words & music: Ronnie Morris, pseud. of Norrie Paramor, & John Moran, pseud. of Norman Newell30
VCR--Video cassette review, Because, Econolotics29
Walk away & 1 other title. Written by Christine Flores, Mikkel Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen, Shaeffer Smith & co-writers as noted30
We must be doing something right & 2 other titles, She's playing hard to get over30
When we were falling in love, Living proof album30
Who will go and tell the story?, Light and shadow, Sunlight serenade30
Your [sic] gonna die for murder, Duncan, The art of seduction, A Rising star30
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