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20 great tales of murder. Introd. & editor: Brett Halliday, pseud. of Davis Dresser, postscript & editor: Helen McCloy Dresser, pref.: Baynard Kendrick, John D. Carr, Fay G. Stanley, Philip Ketchum, Clayre Lipman, Michael Lipman, Robert Arthur & Judson Phillips, pseud. of Hugh Pentecost30
ABC's of love (Latin rascal) Composed by Bobby Orlando, Lock it in the pocket, Rappin' with Dr. Ruth29
A better man (wouldn't have to) Co-composer, Chet Biggers, Acting like this & 122 other titles30
Abrace Paul McCartney por mim & 131 other titles, Violao amigo, Viola de prata30
Absence make the heart grow fonder & 120 other titles. By Jamey Van Johnson & co-composers as noted part 330
A case of spring & 395 other titles (part 001 of 002). By Ronald Norman Miller & co-writers as noted part 230
Accidental suicide & 98 other titles, Xen bedroom, The Way I made you look30
Across the bridge & 216 other titles30
(Action speaks) where do 'u' want me to put it-gutta & 26 other titles, Independent lady30
(Action speaks) where do 'u' want me to put it-gutta & 26 other titles, (Tell me baby) what took you so long & 66 other titles30
Addiction & 5 other titles. Composed by Benji Madden, Joel Madden and co-composers as noted25
Adeste fideles. For SAB voices & organ. Harmonization: Vincent Novello, arr. Edward Grey, pseud. of Joseph T. O. Portelance30
After loving you & 170 other titles30
After the ball & 340 other titles. (Part 001 of 003)30
After the ball. Simplified arr. for piano: Carl Richter, pseud. of Henry Dellafield30
After the rain & 277 other titles. (Part 002 of 002)30
Against doctors orders & 91 other titles, Crystal mountain suite, Champagne30
Age of grace, & 6 other selections, Serenity30
Agriculture Secretary Charles Brannan warns against food hoarding (1950) (Time capsules/Hearst reports)30
Aguanta lo que venga & 25 other titles. Composed by Angel Rodriguez & co-composers as noted part 230
Ain't here for a long time & 72 other titles, Hucklebuck hideout, If you don't roll the dice (you'll never git a 7)29
Ain't it just like love 42 other titles, Take it on faith, Once in a village by the sea30
Ain't life grand on the twenty-fifth of December, Emotional rainbow, Five little questions30
Ain't nobody business if you do: the absurdity of consensual crimes in a free country & 10 other titles. (Part 002 of 002) part 330
Ain't no little thing & 63 other titles, Your mem'ry will keep me warm, Words ringing true30
Ain't no party & 34 other titles, contained within the stage play Dreamgirls. (Part 001 of 002)25
Ain't no reason & 40 other titles30
Ain't that just like a country song & 23 other titles. Composed by Jerrod Niemann and co-composers as noted30
Ain't you been taught no better? & 179 titles, Hard when you're not at home, I laughed25
Alice in wonder land & 101 other titles, Young and hungry, Wildflower girl30
All fall down and go boom & 253 other titles. (Part 002 of 002)30
All for love & 195 other titles30
All for you & 12 other titles. Written by Thomas Shelby, with co-writers as noted part 230
All grown up (I) Co-writers, Jeff Barry & Phil Spector, Here I sit, Heartbreaker30
All I ever wanted. Co-composers, Brandon Bush, James W. Stafford, Scott Michael Underwood & Johnny Colt part 230
All I have & 12 other titles, Let it grow, Arlene's waltz30
All in a day's work & 44 other titles30
All I need & 48 other titles. Composed by Patrick Davis & co-composers as noted30
All it takes & 6 other titles30
All I wanna do is dance (with the one I love) By Anthony Adron Little & Michael Bornheim30
All I want is to be a part of you & 6 other titles, Ain't nothing like it, All night long & 13 other titles25
All life's ways which remind me of you, The Way of love, Stardust fell on my heart27
All my fault & 39 other titles, What you don't need, Watchin' her dance30
All my friends & 10 other titles. Composed by Ryan Anthony Massaro30
All my life I've sung opera (now I wanna sing jazz) By Ray Rivera, Kenny Manges & Vin Roddie part 330
All my life I've sung opera (now I wanna sing jazz) By Ray Rivera, Kenny Manges & Vin Roddie part 530
All my lovin' & 112 other titles30
All night long & 90 other titles. (Part 002 of 002) part 230
All of my time & 16 other titles, Marc's long time coming, Mmi collection '8930
All or nothing love & 19 other titles part 230
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