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1977 A.D.; musical composition. By James Williams, Blackout30
A cultural critique of the use of networked electronic discourse in a liberatory composition pedagogy30
ADIDAS & 33 other titles, Stressed, lost & confused, They he go30
All I ever need is Jesus & 72 other titles, Follow me, Undercover Christian30
And I believe (the credo) Co-composers, Djivan Gasparyan, Joseph Shabalala, Come to me & 1 other title30
An investigation of the attitudes of juvenile delinquents toward vocational education and work in relation to intelligence, length of time spent in vocational education, length of incarceration, and age30
Are you now or have you ever been in love with me?, Back to love, Your strength (will carry you through)30
Baby come round & 5,539 other titles. (Part 004 of 010), The Tartan ribbon. w Sydney Bell, m Kenneth McKellar30
Baby, why you doin' what you're doin' to me?, Tiptoeing, The Symphony30
Back for the first time. By Christopher Brian Bridges (p.k.a. Ludacris), Shondrae Crawford, Tony Hayes part 230
Back to love & 16 other titles29
Ballin' out of control, SB003, Sub00230
Beats for Trick & Buddy Roe, Mark's album collection, Jump27
Because you're here & 17 other titles, Angels of mercy, In partnership28
Biker *Removed* collection, Live it up30
Blind ; Forever ; The impractical sky ... [et al.], A nuh di same, Es ee ex30
Blondie medley ; No exit (the Loud AllStar rock remix), The preparation (interlude)30
Blood satisfaction ; Derek the confessor ; So long dead ... [et al.], Fakes and liars30
Boogie Critters presents The non-fattening organic Vis-U-Verb experience series. Boogie book no. 1. By Mica, pseud. of Marion Daniel Winans30
Caroline & 12 other titles, She was, I'm one of you30
Closer to coma ; Alone with 20 bucks ; The Devil's sweepstakes ... [et al.], Skin30
Comin' at the game ; Dyin' 4 rap ; What if? ... [et al.], Punkmotherfukaz, I murder U (skit)29
Como un perro vagabundo. w Abel Reynoso (Abel Reynoso Parente), m Tony Fergo (Antonio Fernandez Gomez)21
Complete poems of Eleda M. Rich, Nightmares, We goin' ride30
Diamonds and tears. By Fujipacific Music (USA) Inc. (d.b.a. Longitude Music Company, as employer for hire of Gary Harrison) & Matraca Berg part 230
Dipset (Santana's town) & 3 other titles, Hood beef, Come thru & 10 other titles30
Don't cry. By Sean Combs (P. Ditty, pseud.), Faith Evans, Michael C. Jones, Jack Knight, Taurian Shropshire, Kameelah Williams, Mario Winans. (In Faithfully)30
Don't leave me now28
Don't let the devil get you down & 8 other titles, I choose the man you are, Big book30
Down and out in Beverly Hills: main titles and end credits. By Walt Disney Pictures and Television30
Down bottom. By Kasseem Dean, Mel Jason Smalls, Darrin Dean, Truis Grey. (In Ryde or die, vol. 1)30
Dying for your love tonight, Here we go30
Effects of Web based inquiry on physical science teachers and students in an urban school district30
Emigrante. By Nicolas Nocchi, Roldan Gonzales Rivero, Hiram Rivera Medina, Yotuel Romero Manzanares28
Esconditos. By Rudy Perez & Mauricio Abaroa. (In Te acordaras de mi), Lo mejor de mi30
Even when we do & 11 other titles. Written by Jimmy Melton & co-writers as noted part 230
Everything needs something (and darling I need you) w & m Jay Ross & Leona Buttrum26
Everywhere I look (I see her face), All ways, Dawn Juanita30
Face the music interactive program workbook, Too young to fall in love30
Find us (in the back of the club), Buggin, It's nothing25
Forever G dep, & 1 other selection, Plain old pain, Gothic, & 3 other selections30
Forgiving you was easy & 1 other title, Hello to life, What special kind of love30
For you part 1830
G'd up & 14 other titles, Stunt 101, Smile28
Get down tonight & 3 other titles; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing & of final order or judgement (docket no. Y-78-69 filed 16Jan78 in District of Maryland, Baltimore) Judgement & injunction attached30
Gi me lurvin', & 1 other song, Marshall Mathers, Drips30
Guide to preparation and choosing a nursing home, Just for you, By our love30
High cost of leaving bw like a fool's supposed to do. SR 47-019 (1983), You're gonna be the last love30
Hocus pocus catch my drift, look who stiffed you for a gift. Happy birthday, Hocus pocus30
Hundred pounds of trouble. w & m Bob Sherman (Robert W. Sherman), & Vern McEntire (Vernon McEntire)30
I ain't gonna give you not none of my never-mind (as with Big Daddy Bray Quinn and his tambourine)30
I am/shades of life. By David Malloy, Bruce Roberts and Mattie J. T. Stepanek, The only explanation26
I'd like to be alone with you ; Anniversary rose ; I feel like a branded man, Teardrops in the rain30
I have said I love you. Words & music: Cliff Eaton & Al Eaton, Tru playaz, Playa wit game30
I'm amazed by you. By Chris Lindsey, 1960-, Aimee Mayo, Marv Green, A dream and a prayer30
In love with you ; Today is the day ; Given to you ... [et al.]30
In my hood & 1 other title, From Amerika to Zulu, Nia30
It's a perfect day (for a little rain), Beginning of living, Heaven is a hug that lasts forever!30
It won't be long till Jesus comes, Gotta thing for you, Sendin' all my love30
I wanna know ; Wine drinkin' woman ; I love you so ... [et al.]30
I wasted my tears (when I cried over you) w & m Dolly Parton, Bill Owens & Robert Owens part 230
I wonder why (he's the greatest DJ) Written by Michael Cleveland, Willie Hutch, Nile Rodgers, et al part 330
I wonder why I pack up tears about time blast tonite30
J&B; Soul plane ; Lovers ; Trust (in what you feel inside), If we try, 199130
Jeanie, with the light brown hair, Modelling, Nuff gal30
L'Anglais des affaires (aspects de la vie economique et commerciale), Diamond in the back30
Laser print on watercolor paper Living with art in the 20th century, tribute to the "Guernica" by Picasso26
Lay down (and I'll lay down my life for you) One-of-a-kind, kind of me. Artist: Sharon Vaughn, sound recording: ABC Records, Inc30
Le Cuirassier de Reichshoffen. Words by Roger Pierre, music by Claude Stieremans & Roby Davis, pseud. of Robert Marcel David30
Let the rhythm hit 'em; No omega; In the ghetto et al. By Eric Barrier (p.k.a. Eric B., pseud.) & William Griffin (p.k.a. Rakim, pseud.) part 330
Los Aparecidos; zarzuela en un acto. m Manuel Fernandez Caballero, w Carlos Arniches Barrera, & Celso Lucio Lopez30
My heart will never break this way again, The Night's too long, Don't toss us away28
No fear ; I will know him ; Take your troubles to the Lord, Drew's album II, Kid inside of me30
Not another Savior like mine ; Power in the blood throughout time ; I know where I'm going ('cause I know where I've been) part 230
On the road again & 1 other title30
Pawnshop bound ; Trying to stretch my money ; Educated fool ... [et al.], Freak around26
Peer coaching in a physical education methods of teaching course, No talkin', Bit***s & bizness30
Piano & I ; Fallin' ; Goodbye ... [et al.], My cryin' eyes, Ain't no reason30
Quartet in G major for oboe (or flute) and strings, or string quartet, or string orchestra part 330
Red light, green light, New skin, Get naked30
*Removed*es & bizness & 14 other titles, Armed robbery, Trapped ; Life is crying30
[Respiratory therapy entry level home study preparatory package], Si la vez [sic]27
Rock steady. By Gordon M. Sumner (Sting, pseud.) (In Nothing like the sun), Rock steady30
School-based and center-based related services and the perceptions of team learning and collaboration of special education staff30
School evaluation and intervention checklist for academically and behaviorally non-adaptive children30
She can't love you. By Bola Sete, Kandi Burruss, Beyonce Knowles, Latoya Luckett, Latavia Roberson, Kelly Rowland. (In The writing's on the wall) part 230
Sho'Nuff/Co-Stars Feb. '98 tracks, Dirty shame, Til I say so30
Somebody's gotta feel this/fist of rage, John Travis demo, John Travis, all original27
Soul of a woman (interlude) Composed by Benny "Dada Tillman, Carlos Thornton & Kelly Cherelle Price30
Southern gal (interlude), Don't talk about me, Skin tight29
Still ain't forgave myself & 72 other titles, Doin' my job, I ain't havin' it30
Study guide for use with Fundamentals of corporate finance, second Canadian edition [by] Stephen A. Ross, Randolph W. Westerfield, Bradford D. Jordan, Gordon S. Roberts30
Suddenly the world's glass is half full again, Smokeman, All my30
Testing biobehavioral adaptation in persons living with AIDS using Roy's theory of the person as an adaptive system part 230
Testing program to accompany Basic Italian, seventh edition [by] Charles Speroni, Carlo L. Golino, Barbara Caiti30
That kind of love is not for me part 230
The adventures of the Black Stallion, Who's gonna run your life?, Angel in my dreams30
The crowd is standing ; What we do ; The crowd is standing (live version), Hotland30
The hand that rocks the cradle, Wannabe, Wallflower30
The Music of Ron Miller (C, treble clef), That funny little man with the cigar, You were here29
The one who never will & 28 other titles, Make it up as we go, There's a stranger in my arms tonight30
The only way she knows ; Show don't tell ; Where there's smoke there's fire30
The role of literacy coaches in implementing research based reading programs at low achieving schools30
The thank you song. Introd. & piano acc.: George David Weiss, & Hugo, pseud. of Hugo Peretti & Luigi, pseud. of Luigi Creatore part 230
This could get good ; Bigger than Dallas ; How many hearts like mine?, My side of town30
This I promise you. By Richard Marx, The Music of Richard Marx, In person26
Thru ya city. By James Yancey (p.k.a. J. D. Yancey & Jaydee), David Jolicoeur, Vincent L. Mason, Kelvin Mercer part 330
To begin something new is to take the challenge all over again, Four walls, The Harry Stinson collection number 130
Under the influence ; Safety pin ; Closed for the weekend30
Waiting for me. w Vincent DeMartino (Mark Vincent); m John Napolitano, 1960, Wedding song30
What's luv? Co-writers, Andre Parker, Joe Cartagena a.k.a. Fat Joe, Chris Rios a.k.a. Big Pun, et al26
With him ; Wish U was my girl ; U should know ; Still in love with U, Drama, & 1 other song25
Won't be tonight & 9 other titles, Let's be us again, Take it from me30
Yeah yeah yeah. Composers, Lieber & Stoller, Hum drum, Crazy28
You can't play the blues (in an air-conditioned room) By Gordon Kennedy & Richard Fagan30
You're eighteen everytime you fall in love. w & m Chip Hardy & United Artists Music Company, Inc., employer for hire of Richard Leigh part 430
You won't know what you've got (until you've lost it), Good girl, A daughter's plea30
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