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2,3,4. Co-writers, Daniel Keenan & Bill Tutton, Arrow to my drunken eye, Trashman in furs27
4 songs by Carol Duboc and Tim Carmen, C. Duboc songs 3, '93, Love (this word is all)27
500,000 (five hundred thousand) warnings, Suppose, Crutch29
All because of you & 62 other titles. Written by Jonathan G. Lind & co-writers as noted30
All my life I've sung opera (now I wanna sing jazz) w & m Ray Rivera, Ken Manges (Kenny Manges) & Vin Roddie, pseud. of Vincent Rodomista part 230
An HIV risk behavior profile of African American adolescent children of crack using women and the potential for faith-based HIV prevention education22
Bill Hill theme ; August Murray theme ; How do you do? ... [et al.], Alone + easy target & 14 other titles30
Bong toking alkaholics, & 4 other selections. By Andre Williams, Keith Williams, Dustin Miller, Steve Thorenson & Brad Xavier30
Floyd, the barber; Paper cuts; Scoff et al. By Kurt Cobain, Dive, Endless, nameless30
Happy days, sweetheart. By Carla Bozulich, John Napier & Biff Sanders, Sad bear30
Hunting dogs approaching several quail. By Griffith, author of renewable matter: Brown & Bigelow, Inc30
I'm still paying the cost. w & m Charles E. Bryant, 1954-, & Willie E. Stokes, 194328
Kim songs, Haywire30
Lateralus. By Maynard James Keenan, Adam Jones, Daniel Carey , Justin Chancellor30
Let this night last. Additional w & m Paul O'Lone, Charles Hatfield & Gary Young25
Like you used to. Co-writer, Richard P. Butler. DCR 200426
My purity ; Got to be a bore ; The drag queens of Memphis ... [et al.], Spyder II30
Rene and Georgette Magritte with their dog after the war, 10 years, That's where I belong30
Someday you will understand. Co-composer, Kelley Lovelace, Skin flick, Crack the code30
Subject to change without notice, Blessed be God forever, Midnight lovin'30
The friendship book; a festival of fun, beauty and inspiration for every kind of friend. By Hallmark Cards, Inc30
The man who invented himself; Brenda's iron sledge; Do policemen sing? ... et al. By Robyn Hitchcock part 330
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