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Abrigame de amor & 80 other titles; songs, Your star shines bright above the ocean30
A father's prayer (bring my baby home), Like rain, Surface of the sun, & 3 other songs30
A little night noise & 134 titles. (Part 001 of 002), Better part of me, Speak to the wind30
All I need is you ; Rescue me ; You've got the cure ; Always thinking of you, Mommy's boy30
All I need part 1230
All the way. By Web IV Music, All the way part 330
Al otro lado del mar, prueba, Los ninos del Darien, Presidio27
Always something. By Jorge Casas, Clay Ostwald & Jon Secada, To life, to love, to you28
Always something special & 104 other titles29
American Angler theme song ; The Good news is I'm stayin', the bad news is your [sic] gone30
Angelitos de la guardia, La venganza, He ganado21
An Unconscionable collections of jokes, Sin tu amor, Tell me, my good friend30
Asphyxiate, Wrapped, Left19
Bare my soul & 6 other titles, Leslie Ann, Kyrie elieson28
Barry Morgan's Knowledge collection, Be one, No excuses30
Before you get to me, you got to get to God30
Bienvenidos al arca ; El pavo real ; El burro ... [et al.], Liberame, El payaso29
Brandt-Kamosi works II, Triumph30
Collection no. 1 of Joe M. Alexander a.k.a. Mike Mack30
Collection no. 1 of Joe M. Alexander a.k.a. Mike Mack part 230
Collection no. 1 of songs by Dwight Dollinger & Larry Benthien30
Collection no. 2 of songs written by Karen Lewis & James Glunt30
Collection no. 2 of songs written by Karen Lewis & James Glunt part 230
Collection no. 2 of songs written by Karen Lewis & James Glunt part 330
Collection no. 3--Rebel angels and the nouveau cliche30
Collection no. 76. By Estefan Music Publishing, Inc. & Foreign Imported Productions and Publishing, Inc30
Collection no. 76. By Estefan Music Publishing, Inc. & Foreign Imported Productions and Publishing, Inc part 330
Collection number 3 of seventy-four (74) black and white zoo animal photographs30
Collection of blues, Rainy days, Sonny's not in30
Collection of compositions by Bernd Schoenhart, AKMP CD, Latenight27
Collection part 1030
Collection part 1230
Collection part 1330
College algebra & trigonometry [by] Lewis Hirsch, Arthur Goodman ; student solutions manual30
Coming out of the dark. By Gloria Estefan, Emilio Estefan & Jon Secada, The heart never learns30
Compounding calculations for blending petroleum products & 4 other titles; computer software programs28
Corazon de papel. Co-composers, Julio Iglesias & Rudy Perez, Asia rock II, Asia rock30
Dale pa'lla, dale pa'ca (El tongoneo II), Nuestra noche, Amor por amor30
Diagnosis in a multicultural context, Every other day, Album25
Diamonds in the sand. From the film, Kimberly Jim. w & m Gilbert Gibson, m Taffy Kikillus a.k.a. Johann Gustav Kikillus30
Down the world first half, Lift me, Just sing26
Do you remember when you went to the US Post Office to see the pictures of "the ten most wanted men"?30
Dreams that I carry. By Jon Secada, 1961-, & Miguel Morejon, 1961, Nina, Te quierotanto que no se30
Effects of the vertical grouping "pod" system (family cluster) on self-esteem and academic skills of involved students30
El amor debe ser libre, Someday, somewhere, She leads, I follow26
El amor de mi tierra. By Carlos Vives, Andres Castro, Martin Madera, Einar Escaf, Egidio Cuadrado part 226
El hombre perfecto & 12 other titles; films, Venganza de huracan Ramirez, El tesoro del indito28
El ultimo adios al papa Juan Pablo II en tierras Mexicanas desde la Basilica de Guadalupe30
EMG waveforms video companion to electromyography and neuromuscular disorders, Through my windows30
Entre tu mirada y un cafe, Desde que tu no estas, Me voy29
Esa extrana inercia (antetamin), El uno para el otro, Escoqiste mal30
Eye of the storm, & 3 other songs30
Give it up. By Enrique E. Garcia, 1958-, Randall M. Barlow, 1962-, & Gloria M. Estefan, 195726
Hay que saber perder. By Emilio Estefan, Jr. & Juan R. Marquez, Cumbia, Arrimate paca30
I can't get through a dream without you, Kelli Jo, Train to nowhere, & 1 other song29
If I had the chance in my insipiration [sic], Ready, The Lord, my God30
If you're ever gonna take a chance, If that don't make you mine, Let me have my heart back30
I might have been the one (who walked out on you), One step behind ; Tears of pain30
It's allright to be dizzy blonde if your girl, but if your guy, your [sic] crazy part 230
It sure don't feel like Christmas (anymore), All the days, Rest in peace23
John is gone (but his music lives on), There is love, When I needed love (you were there)30
Jonathan Littlethon presenting the Miststory Band, Tell her, Love's my favorite story27
Just another day missing you and 1 other title part 330
Just dance (can't you feel it?), Stolen season, I say why30
Just dance (can't you feel it?), Xmas tune, Ballad no. 130
La Estetica del absurdo en los textos dramaticos de Jose .., Say goodbye30
Les Cloches de vaches a maracas, Lamento, Lerele30
Let it go part 1430
Light of love. By Jon Secada, 1961-, & Randall Barlow, 1962, Lara, 20 complete works27
Lo nuestro no ha terminado & 4 other titles, Viaje, Dejame ser & 1 other title30
Love in the first degree, We are one, Champion of the faith29
Minnis and Dunn collection III, Break my fall, Jenny27
Muchacha triste; Muchacha triste (disco mix) By Jose Luis Alva Lescano p.k.a. Luis Alva28
No es suficiente con hacerme el amor, Te vuelvo a besar, Que fue de ella30
Nothing new. By Gloria M. Estefan, 1957-, John Haag, Tom McWilliams, Scott Shapiro, Jorge Casas & Clay Oswald30
Ochoa Christmas jingles 1999, Cansado, Mundo gira27
Olvidarnos decirnos adios, Jugando con fuego, Tomame y no me sueltes22
Oye mi canto. By Gloria M. Estefan, 1957-, Clay Denio Ostwald, 1962-, & Jorge A. Casas, 195026
Passion salvaje-joropo-lo le lo lai, Buscame, Rin concito (little cottage)30
Promesas. By Juan Jose Quinonez, 1950-, Herman "Teddy" Mullet & Emilio Estefan, Jr., 195330
P.R./ story by Merry Dunning, Ken Brown, Mark Sennet ; written by Ken Brown and Merry Dunning30
Queen of the deep-fat fryer, To be loved, Blue Ridge man28
Que nos entierren juntos? By Juanita Cruz, Tu ausencia, Me voy me voy30
Renegade--Wreak havok [sic], No way out30
Say goodbye30
Season of the beyondos ; Application of the lonely ; Make love to me (celebrate) ... [et al.] part 230
Self discovery, Fairy tales30
Se me olivdo tu nombre, No te enamores, Revoleando el poncho30
Se me olvido decirte que te quiero, Burning of LA, Morris30
Set me free. By Lauren Narr, 1962-, & Lewis Sierra, Set me free part 330
Si el amor no aprende hablar, Como saber, Dime29
Si senor, es mi son & 4 other titles, Cancion del olvido, Anacleta27
So many roads, so many trains. w & m Paul Marshall, If you go, The Hoogie boogie30
Someone for everyone, Ninja-Sar, Pack30
Sometimes part 2430
Speak to the winds, the far traveller. By Clinton Simpson, Hardy mums, From Bosch to Brueghel to Gauguin and back27
Te quiero ver. Co-composers, Victor Cabrera, Wilmer Manuel Alicea & Gringo, La magia de tu presencia29
The Girl who lives down the street, Don't stop30
The other side of Christmas (I fell in love with you)30
Through the eyes of a child. By Rick Jude Palombi a.k.a. Rick Jude, Staying with you30
Tu mejor amigo ; Dejame servirte Cristo ; No te dejes ceducir ... [et al.], Tu no sabes27
Tumor diagnosis and treatment, Half way home, Fountains of red30
Turn it up. By John DeFaria, 1959-, Clay D. Ostwald, 1962-, & Joy Francis, 196127
Usted se me llevo la vida. Aqui nada es igual. Es por amor. Amor de mujer. By Donato Poveda. (In Alexandre Pires)30
Voy a extranarte a mi manera, Rainy 07-02, Latin sting30
Watching over my love, & 1 other song, Jacob's dance, Sign of heaven30
Wish it was Christmas every day of the year, Not alone30
You're leaving me the wrong way, Not enough time, Gregthology I30
You're there when I need you, thank you!, Prism, Season of madness29
Your star shines bright above the ocean, Where hope lives, Ballad no. 230
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