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All the king's horses (and all the king's men) / A Song I couldn't write30
A Man's got to do what a man's got to do ; Wife for tonight ; Family curse ... [et al.]30
A Man's got to do what a man's got to do ; Wife for tonight ; Family curse ... [et al.] part 228
An Evaluative study of criterion-referenced measurement in .., Red negligee, Hard lovin' mama27
Beach bummin', Country boy30
Big leg woman (with a short, short mini skirt) By Israel Tolbert, Far far better thing30
Black satin dancer. Piano/vocal arr.: Five Star Publishing, Ltd., employer for hire of Mark Pokolnick28
Classroom interactions in features that contrast African-American Language (AAL) and mainstream American English (MAE)27
Corky Siegel's traveling chambers blues show!, Somebody loan me a dime, 7:11 by Fenton Robinson25
Discrepancy between intellectual ability and frontal/executive functioning among adults with ADHD25
Effects of roads on freshwater turtle populations, The heart of soul, Give it to a good man ; Hard love30
Examination of racial disparity in healthcare satisfaction and utilization of preventative healthcare screenings for retirees of organized labor30
Food in seventeenth-century Tidewater Virginia: a method for studying historical cuisines. By Maryellen Spencer30
Half-penny, two penny. By James Young, Eddie, Heavy metal poisoning27
Houses where the pastures used to be, Going back home, I'm leaving you first28
I'd rather be alone (than with someone who isn't you) PAu 352-412 (1981), Running from me30
If I hadn't seen you in her eyes, and 2 other songs, His face I'll see, Free and happy bound30
I got news for you, baby ; Blues after hours ; You don't mean what you said ... [et al.]28
I'm bad ; Mama Cat cuttin' no slack, Slow jam, I tried to be a good wife30
I'm gonna take it all back ; Life is hard ; Frank and Johnnie ; Little Sally Walker25
Instructor's manual for Encountering the Book of Genesis--a survey of its content and issues [by] Bill T. Arnold30
In vivo and in vitro characterization of the equine preovulatory .., Fourteen songs30
Let us go (to higher heights) By Carlos Garnett, Sad & lonesome, Gotstabe a better way30
Lights are on but nobody's home ; Fake ID, Snowed in, Master Charge30
Lines on your face, & 1 other song, Teardrops30
Living off the fat of the land, Sweet little girl, Time to return to the sea23
Louisiana blues for you, Song for Dennis, Such is love30
Middle of the road ; Gave it all ; Freedom, Echoes of the Renaissance, Sandy30
Money in the ghetto, & 9 other songs, The Glory of Christmas, Obstruction30
Monopolis dans les villes de l'an 2000, Les Uns contre les autres, Travesti30
New to me (it's happening once again), Party time, Lord, take this burdon [sic] from me30
No after taste. m Teddi Castion a.k.a. Theodora Castion Taylor, The Stalker, Diplomatic immunity30
Nobody hears me crying ; You got to reap everything you sow ; Stormy seas ... [et al.]22
Nobody knows I bought you a rose, & 6 other songs part 230
No stranger to a tele ; Granny grunt ; T'wango ... [et al.], No stranger, Delta sleep29
On my knees at the foot of Calvary, On my knees, Hands of a stranger30
Right train, wrong track ; Lightening's gonna strike ; That knife don't cut no more ... [et al.]29
Running away from love ; I won't beg ; I can't see the streets for my tears ... [et al.]30
Santa Claus. By Rene Cardona, Santa Claus, Remember the first time30
Stop running 'round ; The road is so long ; Wrapped up in love ; Do you hear?, Don't wait until it's too late29
Sweet tooth ; Stranded in St. Louis ; You're my sweet baby ; Crack smokin' woman30
The Secularization of credit in the Cauca valley, Colombia, 1851-1880, Dunkin' donut woman29
Tom Cat blues ; You'll never get me out of your mind ; Hopin' it'll be alright ... [et al.] part 222
Using guided cooperative questioning to foster comprehension of expository text in a middle-school social-studies classroom30
Within myself--The Musical & literary works of Imani Kali-Lewis, I got that feeling again30
You can't take my blues ; Things'll be better, you'll see ; Papa John ... [et al.] part 230
You said a hell of a lot (by saying nothing at all), Want you to want me, Break me29
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