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A collection of rap songs by Willie Lowe--Kevin Estabrooks, Everywhere I turn, And that's for sure. Words & music: Charles Fowlkes28
Acres of diamonds & 1 other title, Snow princess, Delper the Helper28
A Few good tears left & 1393 other titles. (Part 001 of 007), Hollar at me, Sports fans30
A Few good tears left & 1393 other titles. (Part 003 of 007), Out of practice & 2 other titles30
Ain't that just like a woman & 142 other titles; songs. (Part 001 of 004), My nights last all day30
Ain't that just like a woman? w & m Joe Wheeler (Joseph William Wheeler, Jr.)30
A Man without love. By Averal Ann "Ava" Aldridge & George Soule, Heart set on loving you30
America and cosmic man & 30 other titles, A perfect world, Look, a lovely star27
A practical guide to profits in small apartment building development and construction26
Are you just a custom album? Words & music by David Baroni, L. Ron Hamm & Diane Hamm30
Assessing the impact of separate eligibility and social service roles in a county welfare agency30
A study of failure prediction in polypropylene living hinges, Walk softly on the bridges29
Contact Commander "C" re/ "Operation invisible", For a moment, Breaking down walls30
Corn in a box ; Strangeness of the day ; Petrified house ... [et al.], Bury me in bluegrass30
Enough already. From album The ill-conceived P.D.Q. Bach anthology (contract), Kickin' it from my room26
Fit to be tied down. By Wynn Varble, 1960-, & Charles Victor, I don't do lonely good27
Give me a reason. By Steve Diamond & Sam Lorber30
I ain't got nothing against him but you. By James Walton Aldridge, Jr. & Howard Thomas Brasfield, Jr30
I can't win for losin' you. By Rick Hall Music, as employer for hire of Robert Bellarmine Byrne and Richard Morgan Bowles, Jr. (Rick)30
I can't win for losin' you. By Rick Hall Music, as employer for hire of Robert Bellarmine Byrne and Richard Morgan Bowles, Jr. (Rick) part 230
I'll get to you ; Black top county road ; Don't change horses ... [et al.], She makes it look easy30
I'ma blues man ; Shade tree mechanic, My mind went blank, Fishing in the right stream25
It ain't love ; Action speaks louder than words ; You're in all my memories ; Love me now forever30
I've been shackin'. By George Jacison, Charley Tuggle & James Griffin. (In Different shades of blue)30
Just ain't strong as I used to be (you done fed me sumpin') w & m Jimmy Hughes & Al Jackson, Jr30
Let this man take hold of your life, Funky situation, Who turned you on?20
Mama didn't raise no fool. By Mike McGuire & Billy Maddox, The works II of Michael H. McGuire30
No time like this time of year & 21 other titles, She's out of my hands, Don Poythress' orig. songs30
O.D./ by Green, Melee, Richards, Toro, What she wants, Hand in the mattress29
Ode to a city girl (whose name has been crossed out of my book), You're my bestest friend27
P.C.P., *Removed*, grass, and heroin, just ain't the way, Biblical quotations for organ28
Raised on rock and roll. By Morris Edward Moore, Keith D. (Bud) McGuire & Billy E. Henderson30
Raised on rock and roll. By Morris Edward Moore, Keith D. (Bud) McGuire & Billy E. Henderson part 226
Scratch my back (and mumble in my ear) By Raymond Moore, Marcell Strong & Earl Cage, Jr30
She'll never be number one & 2 other titles, He was just leaving, Your own little corner of my heart30
Shelter in the night. By Peter Frampton & Almo Music Corporation, employer for hire of Kevin Savigar part 230
Somebody sat on the moon, and other songs, That's why I believe, Little stone cottage30
Sounder. By William H. Armstrong, ill.: James Barkley, Slip away, Commercial jingle by William Armstrong & Eric Nelli28
There's a way in the manger30
Though I know she lies, Get away30
Too weak to fight bw if time could stand still, Curious mind (Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um29
What goes around (comes around again), When love is lost, Saint Louis30
What makes you think I want you back? By Max T. Barnes & Max D. Barnes, Super fool30
Why she's my woman (and I'm her man), I got you, Sue me30
You and I could ride the wild wind & 15 other titles, Loving you is all I need, That's how true love feels30
You've got to give a little to get a little & 2 other titles part 230
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