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Famous Music Corporation documents
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2300 Jackson Street. By S. Jackson, T. Jackson, S. Jackson, J. Jackson, G. Griffin & A. Hall III30
2:31 & 34 other titles, Work with it, Pat Hopkins work with it tape30
Acapulco spell & 47 other titles, Ri, Why? Words: Luiz Bandeira, music: Djalma Ferreira30
A Christmas prayer. w & m Mary Jo Rush, arr. Famous Music Corporation, employer for hire of George Terry30
Acid Jed & 13 other titles, Better & 21 other titles; songs, Letters to Cleo30
Acquired antibodies to Bovine thrombin following exposure to topical thrombin, End of the century30
Ad lib on Nippon & 121 other titles, Zweet Zurzday, Y'aught'a30
Adonis compilation, no. 1. w Joshua Roberts; m Edward C. Adams, Innocent proven guilty30
Aeroplane & 13 other titles; songs, Mama, Coldsweat30
After the rain & 3 other titles. Written by Kevin Ravenell & co-writers as noted part 230
After the storm & 764 other titles. (Part 004 of 004)30
Ahead of their time. By Farmers' Club, employer for hire of Kevin Fitzgerald (text)30
A Jukebox don't make no change and 243 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), In my mind's eye30
Alfie. From the motion picture, Alfie. By Paramount Pictures Corporation, employer for hire of Hal David (words) & Burt Bacharach (music), Hansen Publications, Inc., employer for hire of Bill Bay (arr.)30
Alfie. From the motion picture, Alfie. By Paramount Pictures Corporation, employer for hire of Hal David (words) & Burt Bacharach (music), Hansen Publications, Inc., employer for hire of Bill Bay (arr.) part 330
Aliens from space ; Back from Samoa ; Golden light ... [et al.], The projects, TR collection 1, 8730
Alien's theme & 43 other titles, Christy, Deviled eggs & 8 other titles28
A little more trust. A day in the life of a working man. Artist: David Ruffin, sound recording: Motown Record Corporation30
All about us & 17 other titles30
All about your love & 207 other titles. (Part 004 of 004) part 330
Allergic (to thoughts of Mother Earth), 36 degrees & 13 other titles, Bionic30
Allergic (to thoughts of Mother Earth), Eyesight to the blind, Then the clouds will open for me30
All I ever need is you / (Hey, won't you play) another somebody done somebody wrong song30
All of my old standbys (stood all that they could stand) Co-writers: Putman & Wilson part 330
All that I know & 18 other titles, James B. Galloway 4 songs, A batch o' songs 199226
American girl & 952 other titles. (Part 004 of 004) part 230
American shame & 13 other titles, Shakin' my head, Circle K girl30
A Mnemonic to replace "30 days hath September, April, June, and November", Sweetie-O ; Sneaky Jesus22
An American diaglogue; a Protestant looks at Catholicism and a Catholic looks at Protestantism. By Robert McAfee Brown and Gustave Weigel, with a foreword by Will Herberg part 230
A National study of resource-based relative value scales for physician services, Smitten30
Another day (like yesterday) By Willie A. Goodman, George Kerr, Lee Walter et al part 230
Another day on the road. w & m Neil Eric Buck, 1960, Another day, A Collection by Dave Berlinger30
Another goodbye & 6 other titles30
Another night alone. w & m Unart Music Corporation, employer for hire of Bobby Goldsboro29
An Unsolicited proposal for a three-year demonstration project for the provision on non-emergency transportation services30
Anything and everything (ain't nothing without you) w & m Robert Crewe & Allan Paul Shatkin26
A pedagogical and analytical study of "Granada" ("Serenata"), "Sevilla" ("Sevillanas"), "Asturias" ("Leyenda") and "Castilla" ("Seguidillas") from the "Suite espanola," opus 47 by Isaac Albeniz30
A Quick kiss of redemption and other stories, Never come, Five things20
Are you serious? & 97 other titles30
Are you tired of me, darling?, Runaway hideaway, Boy out of the country27
Asi es la vida ; Nunca se acaba ; Asia ; Marta, Hay un ninito, Te alabo aqui, senor30
At the edge of the fire (on the fine line) & 5 other titles, From the greenhouse & 16 other titles30
Aun te quiero & 23 other titles, Yo sigo estando lejos, Tonta hermosa22
A wing and a prayer, Hymn for her, Here & now27
Baby, you're good for me & 23 other titles, Make it with love, Songs by Scat30
Bang bang (hole in my heart, what cha want from me) & 2 other titles, Riches to rags30
Barely blue; 2 songs. From Jazz collection. w & m Richard Glen Silver, I've had it with you30
Barra a.k.a. Barracuda, Almost an angel, The lioness30
Battle with the bottle ; I go right outta my mind ; Saturday night in a holding tank ... [et al.] part 329
Beautiful disease & 11 other titles. Composed by Jay Michael Skowronek, Shannon McMurray & Thomas Robert Bailey part 230
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