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Abide with me & 3,752 other titles. (Part 005 of 008) part 230
Abominable snow monster. From Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. m Johnny Marks, arr. for piano solo: Carl Fischer, Inc., employer for hire of Maxwell Eckstein30
Acariciando suenos & 85 other titles, Sintiendote lejos, Suena30
A Cowboy afraid of horses & 274 other titles. (Part 002 of 002), Intro, We'll be one by two today30
After school & 32 other titles30
After slavery: the Negro in South Carolina during reconstruction, 1861-1877, Sorry I asked!30
A Handbag is not a proper mother. From Ernest in love, a new musical based on Oscar Wilde's The Importance of being Earnest. w Anne Croswell, m Lee Pockriss30
A History of lay judges. By John Philip Dawson, The Undertaker, Recording of the under takers26
A Jukebox don't make no change and 243 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), Absence makes the heart grow fonder for someone else30
A Jukebox don't make no change and 243 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), Ol' friends never die30
Aladdin's lamp & 10 other titles part 230
All in your heart & 16 other titles, One hint of your voice, Crawl28
All my days & 3 other titles, All my days, Great hope22
All this love. Writers, Faith Renee Evans, Sean Combs & Chucky Thompson30
Almost there & 23 other titles30
A man has the right & 57 other titles, You only call me when you're lonely, Wrong side of goodbye30
And so it goes (with everything but love) By Paul Overstreet & Don Schlitz30
An Evening in Toulon. Author: Harold Lomax Ousley, Dedication, The descendent30
A Night to remember part 230
Another day & 12 other titles. By Gregory Becker and co-writers as noted, Another day part 230
A Place called love & 1 other title, Commonground, Leaving in love28
Arm in arm. From the musical production Here's love. w & m Rinimer Corporation, employer for hire of Meredith Willson, arr. for voice & piano: Frank Music Corporation & Rinimer Corporation, employers for hire of George N. Terry30
Art works, a collection of songs, Art songs, Song for Segovia27
At war with the Army; a farce comedy in 3 acts. By James B. Allardice26
Background musical score of the motion picture photoplay "Company of cowards." w & m Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc., employer for hire of Randy Sparks30
Bibliography of the ionosphere; an annotated survey through 1960. By Laurence A. Manning29
Blow dirt; a play in three acts. By Thomas Roper, pseud. of Tommy James Miller, I'm for you26
Break the chains & 14 other titles30
Brush a little sunshine. Piano/voice arr. United Artists Music Company, Inc., as employer for hire of Stanley Jay Gelber28
Business as usual & 1 other title. By Darryl Swann, A. Sahlene & co-writers as noted30
Call it goodbye & 25 other titles, Make you scream, Twin spin collection30
Call of the wild & 8 other titles. Written by Darrell Scott and co-writers as noted30
Call of the wild. By Jack London, illustrated by Karel Kazer, afterword by Clifton Fadiman, author of renewable matter: the Macmillan Company30
Candle in the window & 658 other titles. (Part 001 of 004)30
Can you dig it? Learning to forget you. Artist: King Floyd, sound recording by Phonogram, Inc27
Champagne ladies and blue ribbon babies. I feel better all over. Artist: Ferlin Husky, sound recording ABC Records, Inc30
Clinging to the wreckage & 7 other titles, Proud?, Freedom from faith30
Come back. French words & music: Henri Christine & Fragson, English w Sylvia Dee, pseud. of Josephine Moore Profitt, & Sidney Shalit Lippman30
Costanzo's compositions, series eleven, Songs I sing, Casaletunes30
Could this be something & 9 other titles; musical compositons part 330
Daddy's little girl & 21 other titles; episodic television programs part 230
Daily bread & 1 other title, Daily bread28
Dance party USA remote summer tour '90, Mork and Mindy rock, Street sports28
Divide and conquer no. 330
Don't get me down & 13 other titles, Every man is a dog, Only the good guys30
Drug therapy problems and hospitalization risk in an elderly medicaid population30
Emergensea davit launched inflatable liferaft systems, Jenny's gone, Down in Mexico24
Everybody & 5 other titles, Turn to the Lord, Shooting LA30
Every part of me (loves every part of you), Feeling close now, Someday a love to the top27
Face to face & 8 other titles part 230
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