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2 unpublished works recently printed in giclee form, Wanted, Tacky in trouble30
A Collection of original songs written by Jocelyn Kreuzer, Gone fishin'30
A creative legacy: a history of the National Endowment for the Arts, Arizona30
All work and no pay. By Incorporated Television Company, Ltd. (Randall and Hopkirk)27
American bald eagle in three stages of production part 230
A mother is someone who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take30
Animal baseball [i.e. basketball] player, Fishing, Animal form for golfer30
[Antique teddies ; Antique teddies mini clock], [Flower shoppe ; Flower shoppe mini clock]30
[Antique teddies ; Antique teddies mini clock], [Heart], [Hatbox]30
Austin test of cognitive adaptive function (A T C A F), Roadside attractions, Taste it22
Baby blocks--girl collage, PF-BA-301D, Bow wow30
Baby blocks--girl collage, PF-WR-34D, PF-HW-3130
Baby's first birthday ; Baby's first Christmas ; Baby't first Easter ... [et al.]30
Baby's first Christmas. By Jonathan & David, Inc. (Precious moments, no. E 2372)30
Baby steps no. 11 & 1,492 other titles. (Part 001 of 005), Dancer, PF-CH-26 (PM-G-31) VA 414-568 (1990)30
Bacon and eggs. Words & music: Joe Lovett & C. C. Holland, Long may our love grow22
Beary Christmas design, Postal carrier26
[Beavertail cactus ; Fridgies magnets--Southwest], [Celestial III], [Pueblo]30
[Beavertail cactus ; Fridgies magnets--Southwest], [Cottage], [Potting shed]30
[Beavertail cactus ; Fridgies magnets--Southwest], [Garden cottage], [Happy trails]30
[Behold the magic hammer!], [All sports, Phoebe & Madeline30
[Behold the magic hammer!], Flower shoppe, [Afternoon tea]30
[Behold the magic hammer!], [Holiday anticipation], [All aboard]30
Bird pendant (sitting on a limb), Koala bear, Motorcycle pendant27
Birth certificate. No. LP 3039. Add. ti.: Patrick baby charm, The tulips, The rose30
Black & white diamond checkerboard pattern with and without crackle, Bon appetit30
[Blooms 'n' lace (square) pansies], [Summer leaves II, [Wreath (round)30
[Blooms 'n' lace (square) pansies], [White rhinos, [Cherub30
[Boy/doll, kids and their pull toys], [Sunflower, Calico cats27
Butterfly fish with seahorse, Toon in multimedia, Tune in27
[Butterfly/flowers: no.] 1106, [Cottage, [Tiger30
[Butterfly], [Parakeet], [Train]30
[Cantaloupe (sic)], [Grapes], [Avocado]25
Catch of the day, and one other photo30
[Chili peppers] Design on cellophane bag & pinwheel. Nos. 26/1330 & 39/978. DCR 1998. VA 927-608 (1998)22
[Christmas bear jewelry box, pendant, nechlace (sic) and earrings], Eastern hemisphere29
Christmas blessing, General Stonewall Jackson, Martinsburg, VA, winter of 1862, Sing, my soul29
[Christmas tree], [Starburst], [Sunshine]26
[Clowning around (primary & pastel), [Ballet bear, [Cottage]30
[Clowning around (primary & pastel), Eclectus parrots, NA-G-BK230
[Clowning around (primary & pastel), PM-G-50, PM-G-4630
[Cool chile ; Fridgies magnets--wild things], [Whispering pines, [Hey diddle, diddle30
Crescent moon with face encircling shirt neck opening30
Daily devotions for the Christmas season, Holy Bible, A Life styled by God22
Danger! Semi-poison pen letters release that hostility, Fright lights, Gentle invasion23
Dumbo miscellaneous sketches (elephants, trains, cars, barn, wagons, circus tent) R428433 (1968) part 330
Elephant part 430
Family line of the James Byram and allied lines, Family line, Building a birthday cake30
Family treasures--resources for life history programs, She doesn't love me, I prayed the Lord would find you30
Family tree of the descendants of Mordecai Markowitz and Eva Mary Achrap, descendants of the Abravanel family part 230
Fish nurse, Sports27
Flamingo part 330
[Flamingo] part 828
[Floral bouquet needlepoint embr crew-nk pullover]29
Floral trail: no. 193246A, Bella rosa, Waterfall floral29
Friends are the best collectibles, Wilderness bound, [Sunshine tweet (collage)]30
Friendship starts in the heart. VA 563-766 (1992), Friends make happy times, Southwest accents27
[Fruit basket salt and pepper shaker set, 4" high], [Butterfly cross], [Angel]30
Garden part 230
Gas 'n' go ; Courteous and prompt!, [Garden gate], [Summerhouse garden]30
Gas 'n' go ; Courteous and prompt!, [Quaint cottage, [Golden retriever30
Ghoulish treat bowls (skeleton) VA 382-793 (1990), Yellow labrador artistic design30
Gifts, wreaths, and tree, Sailing30
Glad that I got you (for Christmas), Bountiful, Chewin' Bubblicious25
Glass cookie jar with fabric snowman, [Birdhouse], [Porcelain cardinal]27
Good friends will be there come hell or high water. Loewenbraeu, here's to good friends30
Hagadah shel Pesah = The Passover Haggadah, Feeding times, Rock my heart, bury my soul30
Happy campers (with Miss Shirley & friends)27
Happy trails. No. 91/2746. Add. ti.: Western rug. DCR 2004. VA 1-257-354 (2004)30
Hearts and kisses pattern, Panda bear, Puzzle design pattern23
Home is where you hang your hat, and one other art original30
Home on the range for the holidays30
Home sweet home real egg orn, 3 asst30
How to keep the children you love off drugs, Dog days, (She was my) girlfriend27
[Humpty Dumpty with sculpted or molded ceramic head and cloth body], [Little Bo-Peep]22
Ice fishing blues ; Hey what's that smell? ; Don't cook Santa Lutefisk, Ten weeks with a drifter30
I love you part 5630
I love you part 5730
I'm in the mooood for love, PF-BS-36, PO-D-2330
I'm in the mooood for love, [Woven ribbon], [Garden roses]30
I'm proud to be an American, FG-21529
[I'm the little sister], [Noah], [Cat]30
[I'm the little sister], Office classics, Good catch30
[I'm the little sister], [Topiary], [Mailbox]30
In search of the stainless ambrosia, Ballerina, Olga Preobrazhenskaya, a portrait27
Interests of current and potential recreational sport participants, Let's go, The Carriage house30
[In the diner (spinning musical)], [All sports box, Reel neat dad30
[In the diner (spinning musical)], [Bird lover], [Yum!]30
[In the diner (spinning musical)], Natures garden, [Kickers]30
Jblack's poetry volume no. 1/paint the planet black, Blue jay, Nubble head light27
[Lighthouse on the beach glass windchime], [Lighthouse26
Love letters from the heart of the sky30
Mi casa, su casa. By Xanadu Productions, Inc, See the funny little clo.., Secret of Santa Vittoria30
Mineralogy, petrology, and evolution of a calc-alkaline .., Feed the birds, Better than store-bought30
Miniature vase of flowers, [Flower cart], Miniature pig28
Monarch butterly, Giraffe30
Noah's ark part 430
[Noah's ark slide puzzle assortment] Art reproductions. No. 39/534. Add. ti.: [Noah's ark memo pad] No. 12/535. DCR 1993. VA 613-743 (1994)30
Number 5656 & 10 other titles; fabric designs, [Garden], Blocks & 11 other titles; fabric designs21
One old goat and one cute chick live here, Ballet bears, God's biggest blessing30
[On the fairway double switchplate], [Bee with red mum], [Rose]30
[On the fairway double switchplate], [Doctor], [Dentist]30
[On the fairway double switchplate], [Victorian fan (Victorian rose)], [Hat box (Victorian rose)]30
[Oriental album products number 10073 (1-up of 7)], [Baked goods], [PugUglies]30
Our new baby. Woven of our love, filling our hearts with living splendor, Baby's Christening30
Over the hill. Add. ti.: American dreamer. PA 556-52230
PF-BA-302 D, PF-BS-305, PF-BS-30730
PF-BS-42, PF-BS-37, PF-BS-3530
PF-WR-284 L, PF-SW-81, PF-BL-22130
Pharoah [sic], Flower box, Candyland30
Playful puppies: no. 2807. VA 1-062-661 (1999), I love you bouquet, All my love26
Professional formula Soft & tight neutralizing solution, [Morning glory/hummingbird/all30
Pueblo part 330
Put on a happy face ; Bath open to smiling clientele only ; When life gets too hectic take a bubble bath! ; Time required to use this room is always 5 more minutes!30
Quince. By Jack Lenor Larsen, Inc, [Pomegranate], Pavane30
[Red/white/blue heart], [Noah's ark], [Clown]30
Red wolf (Canis rufus)--extinction is forever, Bengal tiger, Real wolf28
Reflection & 3 other titles; works of visual art, Bubbles, I pledge30
[Rocking horse hinged box] No. 95/595. DCR 1999. VA 1-031-970 (2000)30
Ruby throated hummingbird with strawberries, [Mallard decoy], [Rubrum lily collection]30
Ruth finds a sweet potato, Cat nap, Love is blind30
Salmon crested cockatoo, [Teddy bear], Christmas cactus23
[Santa's junior express], [Doorway], Flower Shoppe30
Scarlet macaw on clay cliffs, and 13 other selections, Bluejay, Blue and gold macaw29
School days are over, you've lived a little, learned a little, loved a little, laughed a little, great people are made of lots of littles part 430
Seasoned with love/garden fresh, SI-119/120, My painting place, Country caller27
["Seattle Seahawks," 14" NFL/FK doll, Three Little Pigs, Jack in the Beanstalk30
Sleeping is my life! The amount of sleep I require is one more hour, Wash your paws30
Sleepy bear cookies (sleepy bear single cookies tin and sleeve for same) VA 284-140 (1987)30
Snowman part 430
Sonata for piano, Sonata30
SPD-TF-101 & 115 other titles, PF-BS-803, PF-BS-80120
Spoiled rotten cat plaque. VA 1-335-018, I can't explain, You'r[e] the only girl30
[Still life with plums, grapes], [Mariner's map, Tigerlily30
[Sunflower (spinning musical)], [Temple (blue/gold], [Stable]30
Tan Labrador. ([Everyday windsculpts], Antiques, Welcome garden30
Teachers love to teach kids to love to learn, Doggie do's, Cat commandments30
Tennis part 330
The Cow jumped over the moon, Counting sheep, Humpty Dumpty30
The moment, songs by Khalil Hamdan, Mommy's little girl, Get through the night28
[Tropical fish children's toothbrushes]27
[Tropical fish pin--red face twin gold fin]30
Twin babies, sweet cherub frame, My story, Our new son26
[Victorian fan (Victorian rose)], [I'm the little sister], [My sister & me]30
[Victorian fan (Victorian rose)], [Office classics], [Potting bench]30
[Victorian fan (Victorian rose)], [Sonatita], [Gazing ball]30
Victorian house with Christmas tree in window votive cover with votive candle30
Victorian rose ornament ; and, Victorian rose heart ornament30
[Victorian rose with ribbon]30
[Victorian settee (sofa), [Cat and mouse], [Flower stand]30
[Victorian settee (sofa), [Sweet baby, [Coral reef30
[Victoria purse, 2 1/2 in. L x 3 in. H], [Antique shoe], [Antique wooden horse]30
Watering can (available in pastel blue and eart tone)30
[Watering can wall hanging] Sculpture. No. 91/2712. DCR 2004. VA 1-251-331 (2004)30
Wedding bells. No. LP2959. Add. ti.: Chavez wedding charm30
Welcome home heroes of Desert Storm!30
Welcome part 1230
Welcome part 1330
Welcome part 530
Welcome to the wild frontier!, Baby's baptism, [Toys for girls30
[Western heritage ; Western heritage mini clock], [Bear friends], [Story time (collage)]30
[Western heritage ; Western heritage mini clock], [Potting shed box with lid], [Bobbi bear]30
[Western heritage ; Western heritage mini clock], SPD-ATS-101, SPD-CT-10130
What little boys are made of, Marriage Certificate, Hey diddle, diddle30
When friends meet, hearts warm!, [Bird house], [Say cheeze (sic)]30
When friends meet, hearts warm!, [Boot], [Time for tea]30
When friends meet, hearts warm!, [Country primitive], [Heart]30
When friends meet, hearts warm!, [Line dancin'], [Whittle cats]30
Why does? By Sean "Puffy" Combs, Daron Jones, Marvin Scandrick et al, You're nobody 'til somebody kills you30
Wild about you collection, [Garden fence, [White rhino]30
Wild Guess triangle w/animals, Two little piggies, Jungle leopard30
Windowbox with 3-D flowers & leaves banner, Baby shoes, Candy cane & holly hose30
Windsong garden fairy ; Sitting fairy ; Summer breeze fairy, [Puppy love ; Valentine's Day stand-up]20
Wine, cheese & snacks needlepoint design, Home cookin', Dreidel pattern for needlepoint28
[Wrapped ribbon--pink], Serape--black, Who lived in a shoe30
[Wrapped ribbon--pink], Student of the year, Rose romance30
You don't own your cat, you just give them room & board, [Antique books], Wedding day--memories, love30
You don't own your cat, you just give them room & board, [Cactus pot], [The ark]30
You don't own your cat, you just give them room & board, [La casa blanca], [Cabin mirror]30
You hold the key to the smartest free offer you've ever had, What kind of game is this?22
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