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Accounting and auditing, "lessons" to be learned from Rule 2 (e) proceedings30
A comparison of matching methods, choice and assignment, in formal adult mentoring relationships in the community college context25
Alice's adventures in wonderland and through the looking glass, no. 1616, Proposed changes to pension accounting: issues and implications30
All men are brothers; a portrait of Albert Schweitzer. By Charlie May Simon, photographer: Erica Anderson30
An Analysis of vocabulary control in Library of Congress classification, indexes and subject headings and the formulation of rules for chain indexing of Library of Congress classification30
An Introduction to government accounting. By Eric L. Kohlar & Howard W. Wright, Government contract accounting27
Arithmetic for business and everyday use. By Harry Huffman, Ruth M. Twiss & Leslie J. Whale30
A systematic evaluation of fossil raninidae from the Twin River Group, Olympic Peninsula, Washington, and a re-examination of the raninidae30
A Teacher's manual for Learning words, grades 2, 3, and 4; a life spelling program for Catholic schools. By James A. Fitzgerald & Patricia G. Fitzgerald30
A Whig embattled: the Presidency under John Tyler. By Robert J. Morgan, If you wanna be mine30
Better health through nursing research ; Investigacion en enfermeria para una salud mejor ; Ameliorer la sante par la recherche en soins infirmiers30
B---- N---- & 22 other titles. Composed by Bernard Leverette, Maurice Gleaton, Jamal Willingham & co-composers as noted30
Bob Parks' Personal notes on let's open a restaurant to maximize profits, Accounting for troubled debt restructurings30
Bridging the gap--occupational therapy in the school system, Competence, compassion, commitment28
Building solo (drums) By E. Allen, Bulletin, Building tension26
Bulls, bears, and bureaucrats, major forces shaping executive compensation, Corporate relocation--smoothing the move30
Captain Richard Davenport, 1606-1665, and the Davenport grant in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts30
Classifying plants and animals. By Coronet Instructional Films, Classifying, Monsters and other friendly creatures30
Come on and walk with me. Words and music: Scott Johnson, Edward Townsend & Ravon Darnell30
Computerized practice set for Financial accounting, second edition, Bayview, Inc. (software, documentation, manual and solutions)30
Considering the reciprocity of multiple and interrelated ecological systems that influence selected African-American female university presidents30
Corky; background musical score of motion picture photoplay. m Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc., employer for hire of John Carl Parker, George Romanis, Harry Lowjewski, George Duning30
Corporate profits in company financial reports, tax returns, and the national income and product accounts25
Corporate real estate: a source of untapped earnings, Emergency Medicine, The Rise and fall of the Inca27
Cosmic cowboy souvenir. Artist: Michael Murphy & Cosmic Cowboys, sound recording: A&M Records, Inc30
Danger ahead for C F Os: pension fund assets are catching up to corporate worth! Article part 230
Development and transfer of pollution prevention technology within a multinational corporation25
Education and research in the nuclear fuel cycle. By David M. Elliott & Lynn E. Weaver27
Elvira. From the motion picture, Tell me that you love me, Junie Moon. m Paramount Pictures Corporation, employer for hire of Charlie Allen, Glenn Schwartz, Tom Marshall, Brent Block & Frank Cook30
Enforcing the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act's accounting standards provision, Contests for corporate control30
Executive compensation and employee benefits: planning in light of the Economic recovery tax act of 1981 part 230
Fighting the clock. By RKO General, Inc., Jomar Productions, Inc. & Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc30
Financial accounting: an introduction to concepts, methods and uses, CPA exam book 1984-198530
Financial analysis handbook, property and casualty edition, 2004 annual/2005 quarterly30
Financial executives' attitudes toward advertising by accountants, The Man you love30
Financial planning after you retire: what to expect when you stop working for a living30
Foreign exchange system & 11 other titles; computer programs, A taste of evil, Congratulations, it's a boy30
Glad to be back home. Music: Sunny Blair, words: Jules Taub, Internal controls and the financial executive30
How profitable are employee stock ownership plans? Article, Mysterious situation28
Identification and characterization of regulators of mitotic division and spindle position in Caenorhabditis elegans30
I'm going far away. w & m David Goldys, Alan Meltzer, Richard C. Schwartz, Anthony Northern30
I'm gonna tie my heart upon a Christmas tree. w & m Grace Munzy a.k.a. Grace Rose Manziano, & John Victor30
Information systems--interface between data terminal equipment (DTE) and data circuit-terminating equipment (DCE) for terminals operating in the packet mode and accessing a packet-switched public data network through switch access30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Physical anthropology, seventh edition [by] Philip L. Stein, Bruce M. Rowe part 227
Instructor's manual for Guide to starting and operating a successful travel agency30
Instructor's manual with test bank and transparency masters to accompany Contemporary financial markets and services part 230
Instructor's manual with test bank and transparency masters to accompany International financial management, third edition28
Instructor's manual with transparency masters to accompany Survey of electronics30
Integration in great power alliances, 1492-present (volumes I and II), An Analysis of the final E R I S A reporting regulations28
Internal control environment forces and financial reporting decisions made by financial accountants30
In the public eye: reporting social performance, Neptune scholars, Motorcycle stunting30
Introduction to linear and abstract algebra. By Robert C. Thompson & Adil Yaqub30
Inventory control for manufacturers (I C M) version 5./4 & 4 other titles; literary works30
Investigation of the barriers that exist which may inhibit the development of cohesive home and school relationships27
I wonder. w & m Lawrence Collinsworth, Jr., 1953-, & Gina Dee Collinsworth, 196530
James Bondage 0069 is home alone with karate spy kids in Rocky's field of wet dreams30
Le Petit de l'ascenseur. By John Richardson Miller, under the editorship of William C. Holbrook, author of renewable matter: Artur Marokvia30
Life of Joseph Fielding Smith, the tenth president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. By John J. Stewart & Joseph F. Smith, Jr30
Madison; libretto for a Negro folk opera in four acts. By James Theodore Ward, American history, a brief view & 2 other titles30
Management controls; new directions in basic research. By Charles P. Bonini, Robert K. Jaedicke, Harvey M. Wagner30
Management reporting standards for fund raising and related activities, Project billing system30
Marketing: an introduction; principles and practices, definitions, review questions, examinations, answers. By Myron S. Heidingsfield & Albert B. Blankenship30
Medical gas systems utilization, safety and emergency preparedness, Scott Price project 130
Mel Bay and Warner Brothers Publications present Jazz goes classic, Banister River27
Multinational 3300 copier call quality evaluation in-branch trainer's guide: 600P84064: November 198130
Oil and gas real property declaration schedule instructions: due date April 15, 1981 part 230
One flag, one country, and thirteen greenbacks a month, The Journal of commercial bank lending21
Opportunities for United States corporate borrowers in the international bond markets30
Parish Mass book; voice book. m Robert F. Twynham, Robert Schaffer, Hendrik Andriessen, William Koninkx, w J. J. Gallagher, Eugene Walsh, Joseph T. Nolan30
Poet of the people, an evaluation of James Whitcomb Riley. By Jeannette Covert Nolan, Horace Gregory & James T. Farrell30
Polyene cationic cyclizations initiated by acid catalyzed decomposition of alpha .30
Pork production. By William W. Smith, with a chapter on "Sanitation and disease control" by L. M. Hutchings30
Precious metal ring design having two opposing groupings of channel set diamonds joined by a centerstone mounting30
Preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, and emergency repairs of electrical machinery and associated equipment30
Privatizing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the federal home loan banks, Rhyme with reason27
Professional development perceptions of nurses attending the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) first executive development series30
Project financing 1991--power generation, waste recovery, and other industrial facilities25
Real estate asset and loan management (REALM) system version 1.0 source programs & 1 other title; computer programs30
Rechargeable battery operated electric motorized wheelbarrow; Moto Barro, Gathering roses28
Remedies for writing. By Kevin G. Burne, Edward H. Jones & Robert Wylder, Why window washing? TXu 372-477 (1989)30
Return on investment fundamentals site seminar ; How to maximize the value and measure the return on your incentive programs29
Say, darling; play. By Richard Bissell, Abe Burrows, and Marian Bissell, The pajama game30
Script for tapes to accompany Practice and programs, a German grammar for review and reference. By Karl S. Weimar, Werner Hoffmeister & Ginn and Company30
Setting accounting standards, a suggestion from a businessman, Music of Thomas Vincent Murphy26
Sing me another riddle. From Songs for children. Music and lyrics: Carmichael Music Publications, Inc., employer for hire30
Something new is popping up in American kitchens besides toast and the Pillsbury Dough Boy part 330
Strategic planning workbook for nonprofit organizations--revised and updated30
Studies in the quantity theory of money. Editing & essays: Milton Friedman, essays: Phillip Cagan, John J. Klein, Eugene M. Lerner, and Richard T. Selden part 230
Study guide for Financial accounting, an introduction to concepts, methods, and uses, second edition and Fundamentals of accounting, fifth edition30
Study guide volume II (chapters 14-28) to accompany Accounting principles [by] Hermanson [i.e. Roger H. Hermanson], Edwards [i.e. James Don Edwards], and Salmonson [i.e. R. F. Salmonson] part 330
Takes my breath away ; Angels ; Impossible ... [et al.], Self funded trusts, an answer to rising benefit30
Teachers' guide to functional accounting. Intermediate. By Cecil A. Moyer & Robert K. Mautz30
Telling it like it is, and 1 other selection30
The American agent--with nine, Mastime Danfel Zantone, Product liability insurance in perspective30
The Basic writings of Bertrand Russell. By Robert E. Egner, Lester E. Denonn & George Allen and Unwin, Ltd30
The best American mystery stories, Stowaway, Who was Albert Einstein?23
The Changing roles and education of health care personnel worldwide in view of the increase of basic health services30
The Computer news for physicians Directory of medical office computer systems vendors30
The Controllers (the master sales manager's Bible), Stay, Now voyager30
The culturally disadvantaged Mexican-American, Puerto Rican, Caucasian and American Indian pupil30
The FASB's proposal on accounting and reporting by defined benefit pension plans--a hindrance or a help? Article30
The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act--its implications to financial management, SEC form 10-K, a guide to financial reporting30
The Foreign corrupt practices act of 1977, regulation of foreign business practices: a reassessment30
The Legal guide to computer software protection: a practical handbook on copyrights, trademarks, publishing, and trade secrets part 430
The Man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo. w & m Fred Gilbert, additional w Peter Pavey, arr. Dudley E. Bayford28
The Percy letters; the correspondence of Thomas Percy and George Paton. General editors: David Nichol Smith & Cleanth Books, editor: A. F. Falconer30
The rise and fall of masculine subjectivity in the American femme fatale film, Novella24
The Robinson odyssey (1936-1945) from Clarke County in southern Alabama, via Birmingham, to Kern County in Southern California30
The Story of Missy T-T-T-Tinkle and Master D-D-D-Dingle. Text: Roberta Iris Phillips30
Things to come in planning technology30
Timely guidance: what role for the S E C and F A S B? Article, The Thomas-Price inventory of nursing research30
Translation key for Using Latin book 2. By Harry Fletcher Scott, John Flagg Gummere & Annabel Horn30
Troubleshooting microprocessor equipment part 1 (B1206-1), Troubleshooting microprocessor equipment part 2 (B1207-1), Other families of microprocessors (B1208-1), Electronics study guide 1530
Using proforma allocations to evaluate business purchases, Connie's gonna get you!27
Value: what is its meaning to a business? Article, Night fears, You still believe27
Venture capital & information technology, Aug. 1998. TX 4-741-324 & TX 4-947-139 part 230
Victorian poetry; ten major poets. By Tennyson, Browning, Arnold et al., author of renewable matter: Robert Bernard Martin30
What does a tight labor market cost a company? Article, Medley no. 2, Return to your rest28
White collar crime: business and regulatory offenses, release 4 & 322 other titles. (Part 002 of 003) part 430
Why is the night so still, so holy? w Kenneth I. Morse, m Wilbur Brumbaugh, Product liability30
Your corporate career, does it allow adequate time for personal investment? Article30
Your corporate career, does it allow adequate time for personal investment? Article part 230
Your corporate career, does it allow adequate time for personal investment? Article part 330
Your corporate career, does it allow adequate time for personal investment? Article part 430
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