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Florida. Board of Regents documents
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A Behavioral view of current cost accounting information in predicting failures, Cassadaga22
Aboriginal subsistence technology on the southeastern Coastal Plain during the late prehistoric period30
A comparison of traditional and non-traditional students enrolled in a junior/community college two-year degree program on the measurement of self-directed learning30
A Comprehensive study on jazz improvisation for a teaching method in the public school system, university or college level30
A hierarchical Bayesian model of the rate of non-acceptable in-patient hospital utilization part 230
A Kinematic analysis of running patterns of mentally retarded and normal boys, The Computer revolution and its perceived effects on job security and .26
An Assessment of variables associated with television viewing and their influence on aggressive . part 230
An Impartial account of the late expedition against Saint Augustine under General Oglethorpe26
An ordinary relationship: American opposition to Republican Revolution in China, See and spell DVD flashcards--3-letter words30
An upgrade system & processes plan for food & general merchandise wholesalers & their retail stores & groups. State of the art streamlined technologies' and retail operations' recommendations & breakthrough implementation part 230
A qualitative exploration of factors that contribute to hardiness in successfully adapted older adults part 230
Archaeological studies of gender in the Southeastern United States, 1885 Florida State census for Key West, Fla., Monroe County30
A Schema for presenting the principles of adolescent sexual decision making, Retrospect27
Assessing the sustainability and biological integrity of water resources using fish communities30
Belief system conflicts and impression management among social work students and their implications for social work education30
Blue shift, a discovery beyond imagination, a future beyond horror, The Bahamas, The Bahamas ... including Turks & Caicos25
BP Exploration, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, SO2-10 firewater supply step, Institutional crisis in higher education30
Castles in the sand ; Walking by the windows of your heart, Wildcat, Easter in the country27
Collaboration among third-grade teachers and their strategies for teaching problem-solving in mathematics part 230
Come to the rock and roll. w & m Renald Richards, Second serve, Uelsman30
Concise dictionary of American history. Edited by Wayne Andrews, advisory editor: Thomas C. Cochran part 230
Courage of Tom Dooley. w & m Michael E. Pinkasewicz, w William E. Cloonan, Matt Talbott's triumph. m Michael E. Pinkasewicz, w William E. Cloonan30
Course construction in industrial arts, vocational & technical education, Know your car27
Differential molecular diffusion in reacting and nonreacting turbulent jets of hydrogen/carbon dioxide mixing with air30
Economic growth in Nigeria under two alternative industrialization strategies, Madhouse 108730
Effects of the California community colleges board of governor's faculty and staff diversity internship program on the recruitment of underrepresented faculty interns part 228
Eleventh grade students' perceptions of the effectiveness of the school district of Lancaster's violence prevention and intervention strategies28
Evaluation of airborne carbon monoxide gas levels in residential setting and comparison to reported levels in ambient and occupational settings30
Factors influencing the promotion of women to the principalship in .., The Panzarella waltz30
Female sexuality in selected Latin American novels of the twentieth .., The Eternal feminine20
Food and habitat partitioning in two groups of coexisting accipiter, Mudflat art30
Foraging ecology, reproductive biology, and systematics of the red fig-eating bat (Stenoderma rufum) in the Tabonuco rain forest of Puerto Rico26
Fossil fuels/renewable energy sources/conservation, Facts on the crack and *Removed* epidemic25
Harcourt Brace creative curriculum connections, Appalachia, A prayer for the opening of the little league season30
Has the greatest health discovery in history been suppressed?, Macromedia FreeHand MX for Macintosh24
How can the Los Angeles Police Department drug recognition expert program be transferred to another law enforcement agency in the future? part 230
How to start your own home, apartment and light office cleaning service, Dave's groove30
Images of the Black and Mulatto woman in Spanish Caribbean .., Cotillion for Mandy30
Improvisation analysis of selected works of Albert Ayler, Roscoe Mitchell and Cecil Taylor part 230
Information technology for construction managers, architects and engineers, Cutting the edge of a free bird30
Instructor's key to Problems in the origins and development of the English language. By John Algeo & Thomas Pyles24
Instructor's manual to accompany College English, the first year, 7th edition and its Study guide30
Instructor's resource manual and test bank to accompany The humanistic tradition part 230
Investment Company Institute annual report ., What is a mutual fund?, Favored21
Investment offering in simmental cattle reproduction through embryo transplant, Florida stories30
In vivo calcium imaging of local circuit activity in cerebellar cortex, A qualitative analysis of adjustment in newlywed women30
Journal of Don Francisco Saavedra de Sangronis during the commission which he had in his charge from 25 June 1780 until the 20th of the same month of 178330
Likely stories III26
Literature and national identity; nineteenth-century Russian critical essays. By Paul Debreczeny & Jesse Zeldin26
Localization of tubulin, kinesin and dynein in light and dark adapted octopus retina part 230
Make the last one for the road (a cup of coffee) Words & music: Gordon Cumming Murray, Samuel Edward Proctor, Jr., arr. Paul Edward Burke, Jr30
Marshal Villars and the War of the Spanish Succession. By Claude C. Sturgill, The Consortium on Revolutionary Europe, 1750-185030
Networking in international agricultural research, New light music, Wit and wisdom27
Nevus leadership training system (training manual), Raining in Ashville, Your voice and articulation30
Papers from the ... Annual Florida State University Conference on Literature and Film30
Papers from the ... Annual Florida State University Conference on Literature and Film part 326
Papers from the ... Annual Florida State University Conference on Literature and Film part 430
Parson Jack Russell terrier, a comprehensive guide to owning and caring for your dog25
Pathogenicity of atypical diarrheagenic escherichia coli of bovine origin, Everything's perfect30
Pathways to institutional improvement with information technology in educational management30
Ping Island ; Lightning strike rescue op, The first nights of Hanukkah, Home30
Poison in the wind (English-language title) =, [Hawaii, La Course aux etoiles30
Population dynamics, activity, movement patterns and microhabitat use of southern short-tailed shrews (Blarina carolinensis) in southern Illinois part 226
Population growth and agrarian change in British Gujarat, Kaira District, 1802-185826
Pottery from Spanish shipwrecks 1500-1800, Mining for gold on the internet, Lost love affair22
Pragmatic fund-raising for college administrators and development officers, Birds and beasts of ancient Latin America30
Pragmatic fund-raising for college administrators and development officers, Carlo Emilio Gadda and the modern macaronic30
Pragmatic fund-raising for college administrators and development officers, Geronimo after kas-ki-yeh30
Pragmatic fund-raising for college administrators and development officers, Social and political change in literature and film30
Prairie Schooner. Vol. 47, no. 1, spring 1973. By Robert E. Knoll, Lola Haskins, Nicholas Rinaldi et al30
Psychological tests and personnel decisions. By Lee J. Cronbach and Goldine C. Gleser26
Public interest liberalism and the crisis of affluence, Human materialism, The Spanish Caribbean21
Realtime information systems for commodities (RISC), Beyond the borders, The Milagro beanfield war25
Road of life, & other selections, One bad day, Anna Marie30
Rural labor movements in Egypt and their impact on the state, 1961-1992, Art gallery30
Sage analysis of an elementary school district, Richgrove, California, 1979-198030
Sonnets of love lost, love sought, and love found, Land fishers, The far celestial light30
Spot Forex 4 wannabes understanding foreign exchange trading, Exploring themes in Sylvester and the magic pebble30
Student study guide/solution manual for use with Organic chemistry, Heart of the hawk30
Study guide to accompany Verzello/Reutter 3d, Data processing systems and concepts19
Teacher's manual to accompany Business reogranization in bankruptcy, cases and materials, second edition30
The Adjustment of female transsexuals following surgical and hormonal sex reassignment29
The ... annual report of the former secretaries of state on .... Instructor's guide for high schools28
The apple of his eye, and other tunes from Buffalo Gap 1991 & 1992, Striking out ... and winning!28
The Archaeology of Spanish colonialism in the southeastern United States and the Caribbean17
The architecture of Antigua, Guatemala, 1543-1773. By Verle Lincoln Annis, The Wastebasket26
The artisocratic game of Chess and the fun game of Kingdoms, Music of the 80's, More music of the 80's30
The art of professional wrestling, Curdled, Sambaland24
The avant-garde frontier--Russia meets the West, 1910-1930, Muslim women sing, Thureen's emotion poems24
The Biquaternion basis of physics ; The Theory of the muon ; A Mass creation mechanism for explaining the masses of the muon ... ; A Biquaternion electro-weak-strong unification part 230
The effects of wilderness therapy program on changes in self-esteem and teacher-rated behavior of youth at risk part 230
The effects on the academic achievement of sixth-grade students of military parents serving in Persian Gulf Crisis part 230
The Florida C P M (Certified Public Manager) program, Doing minicourses, ISIS individualized science instructional system21
The gift--a Christmas love story, The gift, Jookalorum!30
The Golden thread of the Bible--Joshua, Judges, Ruth, I Samuel, Motherlines, The Vampire tapestry30
The Gospel of Thomas in a version keyed to personal and world formation, The western canon30
The hand-painted photographs of Charles Henry Sawyer, ADA survey, Getting laid for $17.9530
The impact of affective training-related variables on corporate profitability as perceived by corporate managers and training managers (vol. 1 and 2)30
The impact of the water crisis on freshwater ecosystems in Latin America and the Caribbean part 228
The Infallibility of the Prophet, JJ Dewey CD collection no. 1, The lost key of the Buddha27
The Life and opinions of Tristam Shandy, gentleman. By Laurence Sterne, edited with an introd. and notes by Ian P. Watt30
The MedSy handbook for the hospital pharmacy computer system evaluation, Document processing system26
The Penguin book of Caribbean verse in English, Creative belt stamping, Wells of salvation29
The Photographs of Alvan S. Harper, Tallahassee, 1885-191030
The property management team training game to maximize profits for apartment owners30
The relationship between technophobia and teachers' implementation of an elementary school computer-assisted instructional delivery model25
The Relationship of situational attributes and management style to the .., Dangerous offenders26
The resource manual to accompany The writer's workplace--sentences to paragraphs, The writer's workplace--paragraphs to essays, by Sandra Scarry and John Scarry30
The Role of the Berks County setting in the novels of John Updike, Electric violin blues30
The structure and function of RNA in the brome mosaic virus subgenomic promoter and the catalytic subunit of Ribonuclease P30
The University Gallery presents a one-man retrospective exhibition of works by Hiram Williams29
The Use of aerial photographic techniques for estimating intercensal urban populations30
The Wisdom of the Supreme Court; bk. Selected and arr. Percival E. Jackson, Unique sounds incorporated30
Tom O'Bedlam's night out, and other strange excursions, Born to exile; novelet, Fantasy by Fabian30
Towards an art history of the Baluyia of western Kenya, African art in needlework27
Virtue, gender, and the authentic self in eighteenth-century fiction, The Timucuan chiefdoms of Spanish Florida30
Vocations for girls. By Mary Rebecca Lingenfelter & Harry Dexter Kitson, Verdigris valedictory30
Ways of a street woman & a beast based on street women, players and the discrimination of real life traumas30
Wildwood (1845 diagonal vine) Redesignated as assignee's pattern no. R5959, Cigars and golf30
Work [i.e. Word] processing in the office of the future, comparison of forecasts of businesspersons and educators30
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