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18 wheelin' dealin' feelin' (Chicago on his mind), Love me to sleep, Geneva29
A comparative study of cranial skeletal ontogeny in two marsupials, Monodelphis domestica (didelphidae) and Macropus eugenii (macropodidae)30
Ain't that just like a girl & 98 other titles, When you can't have what you want30
Ain't that somethin'? & 9 other titles, With me a while, The Orneriest boy she's ever had30
A Jukebox don't make no change and 243 other titles. (Part 002 of 002), Dust off a memory or two26
A non-scientific report on the evolution of a total quality culture at the Colonial Bakery of Memphis, Tennessee28
Daddy make the dollars (Mamma made the sense) By Gene Dobbins, 1934-, Bobby Taylor, 1960-, & John Ramey, 1967 part 230
Don't give a man what he wants (just give him what he needs) w & m Larry Rogers, Gene Dobbins & Louis Black30
Dreamin' part 630
Feels good part 230
Finally taking over ; Dead end girl ; Search for love ... [et al.], How great is God?30
Getting used to not getting over you30
Good love gone bad and other rhymes, Slow motion, I'm in love with you30
I know you're in there somewhere & 23 other titles, Raptus: a novel about Beethoven in 4 parts & 5 other titles28
Inertiatic ESP ; Eriatarka ; Televators ... [et al.], Cut that city, Concertina30
Inertiatic ESP ; Eriatarka ; Televators ... [et al.], Son et lumiere at sea, Roulette dares (the haunt of)29
It's me again jah ; Lord give me strength ; Who could it be? ... [et al.]30
Just around the corner. By Leland B. Jacobs, ill.: John Johnson30
Keep on calling & 4 other titles. Written by Thiam & co-writers as noted, Crack rock30
Mejor que la olvides ; Entre mi amigo y tu, Desde que te vi te amo, La viuda alegre26
Pendulum dream, & 1 other song, Just fine, Maureen Kelly song demo27
Rounds, riddles, rhymes & half dollar jive, Ohh, My heart is fixed28
She always listens to you (Mr. Radio Man), Waltz you away, Politics, religion, and her30
Show stoppers from the twenties, My old girlfriend, Because30
Somebody's someone & 3 other titles30
Talk to me about love, Leave me, If you pretend28
The works of Claudia Field & Wendy Pronin, Repeat offender, Telephone game26
What must I do (to get over losing you)?, Midnite special, Baby, you know29
What would you write if you wrote about me? By Betsy Hammer, 1952-, & John Tirro, 196630
Willing well II: from fear through the eyes of madness, Apollo I, Mother may I26
Wiretap scars. By Tony Haijar, Pablo Hinojos (a.k.a. Paul Hinojos), Jim Ward, I never thought I could fly29
You can leave your broken heart behind, In my arms30
You'll be gone. Composers, Presley, West & Hodge, Hate the playaz, I wanna be bad25
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