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1996 supplement to Cases and comments on criminal procedure, fourth edition, Cases and comments on criminal procedure30
1996 supplement to Civil rights actions, section 1983 and related statutes, second edition29
2006 Case supplement and statutory appendix, cases and materials, International law frameworks30
An Analysis of the American Law Institute's Corporate Governance Project, Nightmare in Wino Park30
An investigation of sibling relationships of children with AD/HD and their older siblings25
A Note card with a linoleum block print of abstract type shapes floating in space, some of the shapes appear .24
A recruitment and engagement strategy for treating African American families with youth exhibiting disruptive behaviors30
Artemin Goldberg: custom tailor of brassieres, American crime, Thumbsucker30
A study of the relationship between a firm's market entry strategy and environmental analysis in foreign-based multinational firms operating in the United States28
Author's suggestions for the use of Cases and materials on federal courts, eleventh edition21
Cases and materials on Corporations (abridged and unabridged). Supplement to fifth edition22
Cases and materials on gratuitous transfers, wills, intestate succession, trusts, gifts and future interests. By Ashbel Green Gulliver, Elias Clark, Louis Lusky & Arthur W. Murphy part 330
Cases and materials on The Law of employment discrimination, second edition ... case supplement26
Cedarbark, juniper, and other recollections (an alibiography [sic]), Bladder cancer27
Consumer transaction/2 sample platform transaction set reference guide30
Corporate finance and investment with incomplete markets30
Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, Lincoln County, North Carolina, 1809 January-1812 October30
Employment law manual for Wisconsin health care providers, Casenotes legal briefs30
From the Senate Judiciary Committee to the country courthouse, The Federal procedural system27
Henri (the school teacher) ; Le boucher (the butcher) ; Dominique le postier (the postman) ... [et al.]29
Individualized learning modules for Norman E. Gronlund's Measurement and evaluation in teaching, third edition. By Norman E. Gronlund, employer for hire part 230
Legal fee insurance policy group benefits plan and individual coverage with protocols of the lawyer-client protection insurance supplement for extended coverage catastrophic loss part 230
Legal research and citation student library exercises to accompany Programmed materials on legal research and citation30
Legislation: cases and materials; instructor's manual. By Frank C. Newman & Stanley S. Surrey26
Manual for teachers to accompany Cases, problems and materials on sales and secured financing/ by John O. Honnold, Steven L. Harris, Charles W. Mooney, Jr., Curtis R. Reitz27
Mergers and acquisitions benefits, compensation and other HR issues, T6 (version 1.05.1be) part 227
Molecular actions of gibberellic acid and delta-1-tetrahydrocannabinol .., Secret circle tape number 128
Mount Saint Helens crater; black & white version. By Barbara Noah, whose pseud. is M. Hill29
Ocean engineering: goals, environment, technology. Editor: John F. Brahtz, contributors: Milner B. Schaefer, John P. Craven, et al30
Oregon jury instructions for criminal cases. Revision, Family law, Criminal constitutional procedure23
Provisions of the Internal Revenue code and Treasury regulations pertaining to ... gifts, trusts and estates27
Religious change and the recreation of community in an urban setting among the Tzotzil Maya of Highland Chiapas, Mexico30
Revised teacher's manual, 1996 edition, for use with Prosser, Wade and Schwartz's Cases and materials on torts28
Statute, form, and problem supplement to Real estate transactions--cases and materials on land transfer, development, and finance, revised second edition30
Supplement to Cases and materials on fundamentals of corporate taxation, second edition23
Supplement to Cohen and Kaplan's Constitutional law--civil liberty and individual rights, second edition30
Teacher's manual for 1999 supplement, cases and materials, Business associations, agency, partnerships, and corporations, third edition30
Teachers' manual for Corporate taxation and taxation of partnerships and partners, second edition27
Teacher's manual for Internet commerce, Greg Silverman songs, Before the children's faces27
Teacher's manual for materials on Accounting for lawyers, third edition, unabridged and concise versions28
Teacher's manual for Products liabiliy problems, 1996 edition, for use with Owen, Montgomery & Keeton's Products liability and safety25
Teacher's manual & key to accompany New curriculum tests, & New triangle tests in arithmetic processes for grades 3 to 8 part 230
Teacher's manual to accompany Labor and employment law, problems, cases and materials in the law of work, third edition29
Teacher's manual to accompany materials for a basic course in Civil procedure, seventh edition27
Teaching plans for International securities regulation, International finance, Asian money markets27
The Effectiveness of individual counseling, group therapy, and self help as treatment methodologies in working with the widowed30
The federal income taxation of corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and their owners part 230
The influence of abiotic factors on lotic insect communities of submerged rootmats and temporary pools30
Theoretical perspectives on sexual difference, Speaking of sex, Justice and gender26
US international taxation--agreements, checklists, and commentary. Supplement, Federal income taxation of Subchapter S corporations. Supplement26
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