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Fox Searchlight Pictures, Inc. documents
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10,000 days of thunder, Horn of Africa, Delcorso's gallery27
100 years of German cinema: night of the filmmakers, From dusk till dawn, Ride a.k.a. I-9530
Alexandre Dumas' Dictionary of cuisine. Edited, abridged, and translated by Louis Colman30
A life less ordinary. Co-composers, Rick Giles & Gilles Godard26
All she wants to do is dance. w Artie Malvin (Arthur Malvin), m & arr. Terry Snyder30
A midsummer night's dream; an outline guide to the play. By Barnes and Noble, employer for hire of Matthew W. Black30
Bend it like Beckham: music from the motion picture, Garage days, One hour photo30
Big momma's house & 10 other titles, Black knight, Joe Somebody30
Boys don't cry, and 4 other selections, Sink-n-swim, Without you30
By Terrence Malik, as a work made for hire for Briarpatch Film Corporation, Looking for Richard25
Chan is missing & 1 other title; motion pictures, Chicago cab, The assault28
Exclusive license, assignment and mortgage of rights, including copyright30
Garden State Parkway microprocessor toll recording system documentation, Scrubs, Chariot (001)26
Gender-related differences in recovery after coronary artery bypass grafting surgery30
Hard time, short change, Blood and wine, Victory28
He is God. Fill this place with blood. By Roger Martinez; performed by Vengeance. (In Human sacrifice)30
I.4.N.I./ by Buddy Giovinazzo [pseud.], Gasoline alley, Beastly relations27
I need more ; I've been with my lover ; Jesus crucified ; Teach me, Lord, Love is a roller coaster ride28
In the clear, & other selections, Nobody's baby, Steer the river30
In the name of the father ; You made me the thief of your heart, In America, My Twentieth Century30
Intimate relations (Maple)30
Is this the woman who invented rock & roll?: The Deborah Chessler story, Once blue30
Jane Doe: yes I remember it well. Project, Final approach, Deadly suspicion29
Kingdom come. w & m Jim Cretecos, Mike Appel, Louis Dambra part 230
Kung pow: enter the fist, 28 days later, Garage days27
Lucretia's reprise. w & m Blood, Sweat, and Tears, pseud. of David Clayton Thomas, Steven Katz, Frede Rick Lipsius, Robert Golomby, Richard Halligan, Lewis Soloff, James Fielder, Jerry Hyman & Chuck Winfield part 227
My daughter and I. By Roberta, Sr., pseud. of Roberta Kushner, My daughter, Bobby M30
Neopolitian [sic] way, Margaret30
Never die alone. Co-composer, Damon Smith, The cooler & 5 other titles, Rick29
No direction, & 1 other song, Hero, My romance30
One hour photo; screenplay. By Pascale Gousseland, 1949- & John Copen, 1945, Go28
Producer short form motion picture assignment, Napoleon Dynamite sketchbook, DaVinci's mother30
Rise and shine plate, first curl box, designed by Patti Cappell--asst. colors, styles30
Security agreement, assignment and mortgage of copyright (secured picture--production services company)30
Security agreement, assignment and mortgage of copyright (secured picture--production services company) part 230
Security agreement memorandum for add-on sale: form no. 363S (rev 5/93) TX 3-663-555 (1993)30
Security agreement memorandum of add-on sale no. 3635 (Rev. 5/93) TX 3-663-555 (1993)23
Sher Mountain killings mystery, Spotswood, Exchange lifeguards27
Slums of Beverly Hills score, Steps in time, Family remains30
Smilla's sense of snow30
Spend and survive: the intelligent citizen's guide to public spending. By David Demarest Lloyd part 230
Stealing beauty & 1 other title, The Last emperor, Real live woman25
Super troopers. (Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, no. 47) PA 321-558 (1987)30
The Brothers Karamazov; notes. By Gary Carey, employee for hire of Clifton K. Hillegass30
The closer you get (the better he looks) w & m Jean Chapel, Club dread, Le divorce30
The continuing professional development of physicians, Notes on a scandal, Everything you know30
The crow & 2 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), Open window, The utopian society30
The curse of the jade scorpion and 2 other titles; screenplays/motion pictures, Curse of the jade scorpion28
The deep end & 7 other titles30
The deep end. By Twentieth Century-Fox Television, Inc30
The desert is my mother = El desierto es mi madre, Confetti, A birthday basket for Tia30
The dreamers & 1 other title30
The Galloping major. By ITC-Incorporated Television Company, Ltd, Parallel lines sometimes meet30
The good girl & 4 other titles28
The Hills have eyes, part II30
The Jeffery method of horse handling, Be mine, Project: jail time keep trying girl30
The night watch and police reform in metropolitan London, 1720-1830, Conjunctions26
The ring of brightest angels around heaven, The Wapshot chronicle, Oh, what a paradise it seems28
The secret agent & 1 other title27
The tooth of crime; a play with music in two acts. Geography of a horse dreamer; a mystery in two acts. By Sam Shepard27
Transfer & security interest: exclusive license, assignment and mortgage of rights, including copyright30
Transfer & security interest; licensor's exclulive license, assignment and mortgage of rights, including copyright part 330
Two girls and a guy, Harvard man, Assault on Tony's23
Untitled David Mickey Evans project & 3 other titles, Short form option27
Van Wilder: party liason & 3 other titles, Trust the man, Turistas26
Walt Disney presents Lt. Robin Crusoe, USN; book. No. 2611. Adapted by Frank Jacobs, sketches by Don DaGradi & David Jonas, photos: Bert Lynch, author of renewable matter: Walt Disney Productions part 227
What was she thinking: notes on a scandal, Garden state, Once20
William Shakespeare's a midsummer night's dream. Adapted by Albert Cullum, El sueno de una noche de verano =24
Young years; best loved stories and poems for little children. Editor: Augusta Baker30
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