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Abigail, Elizabeth & Allison & 4,799 other titles. (Part 021 of 025)30
Aching heart, hush & 14,269 other titles. (Part 014 of 073)30
Aching heart, hush & 14,269 other titles. (Part 032 of 073)30
Aching heart, hush & 14,269 other titles. (Part 042 of 073)30
Aching heart, hush & 14,269 other titles. (Part 059 of 073)30
A Freight train gets me high and lonesome & 14 other titles, Your candle is the only light I see30
All we have to do is say goodbye & 16 other titles, Lay me down slow & 5 other titles30
Almost everything you need to know about Santa Claus and how to visit and be the man in red!30
An Introduction to business management. By Harold H. Maynard, Walter C. Weidler, assisted by David W. Bussell, James H. Davis, James H. Healey & Robert B. Miner30
Bambi; serenade. Fuer grosses Orchester. m & arr. Will Williams, pseud. of William Greihs, Jo Plee, pseud. of Joachim Plewa, & Otto Frohlich part 329
Big bad John, the twister. w & m Quinton M. Claunch & Bill Huskey29
Blame the right one. Words & music: Robert E. Mooney & Clyde Gordon, Hello, Texas25
Born to sing the blues. w & m Harold Jenkins a.k.a. Conway Twitty30
Come here, Mama ; Willie's women blues ; Late night ... [et al.], When you marry for money30
Could you love with that? By Rich Alves, Dave Turnbull & Pat McManus, I feel a river28
Direct high pressure liquid-chromatographic separation of enantiomers using a chiral .30
Don't laugh & 1 other title, Don't laugh part 225
Everytime I try to leave (his love gets in my way) Musical composition, The Spirit of Oklahoma30
Faster I go (the behinder I get) By Carl Belew & Van Givens, Don't squeeze my Sharmon30
Hey good lookin, a.k.a. Hey amigo, a.k.a. Cosi come sei, a.k.a. Tu sais me plaire30
Honky tonk blues & 4 other titles; songs27
(I can't believe) it's our goodbye. Words & music: Jimmie Skinner & Charlotte Bogart30
I still love you so, oh baby, and 1 other song part 230
I've enjoyed as much of this (as I can stand) & 1 other title, The Ghost of Hank Williams30
Judge of hearts. w & m Conway Twitty (Harold Jenkins) & Jack Nance, Johnny Snowman27
King of the broad highway. w Ralph Stanley, m Pat Thayer, arr. Stanley Moore, Midnight storm. w & m Carter Stanley & Ralph Stanley30
Love me, darling, just tonight. w & m Ruby Rakes, pseud. of Carter Lee Stanley, & M. H. Malone30
Move it on over. w & m Charles Westover p.k.a. Del Shannon, & Dennis Coffey28
One drink is too many (and a hundred's not enough) w & m Ira Louvin, Anne Young28
Rich man, rich man. w & m Marty Robbins a.k.a. Martin D. Robinson, Show VIII, Show VII30
Rien ne changera. English w & m Floyd Tillman & Jimmie Davis, French w Jean Eigel (Julien Bruyninx) (Julien Douville) & Rolf Marbot (Albrecht Marcuse)30
Sculpting the Shaman with Occam's razor, See it comin', Time29
Standing in the shadows & 3 other titles part 222
Summer lullaby. For voice and piano. w Susan Otto, m William Mayer, Earth people & 3 other titles30
The Chinese-kosher cookbook. By Ruth Koltun Grossman (Mrs. Bob Grossman) & Robert Grossman30
The Gift of love & 3 other titles30
The parlor of the pen. w & m John A. Meadows, Edgel G. Groves, & Ensign Music Corporation, employer for hire of Rhett Davis part 230
Tonight I'll put it to her (in a little bit different way) By Bob Yarbrough, This time we got to make it30
Trombones in triplicate; trio arr. for brass band. Music by Leo Stanley, pseud. of R. R. Ricketts, arr. Alex Mortimer29
U/ music D. Graue, N. Cypriano ; lyric S. Ching, Beautiful Hawaii, Beautiful Kauai28
We wait in hope for the Lord, Love is you, Love is you with me30
What's he doing in my world? Co-writers: Eddie Bush, Barry J. Moore, Betty Jean Robinson & Carl Belew30
White lightnin' (it's fright'nin') By Rosemarie Cason (Marie Whitson) EP219583 (1966) part 230
Window shopping along 5th Avenue30
You can lead a horse to water (but you can't make it drink), Pain and misery, Keep rollin', eighteen wheels30
You played taps to my heart on your trumpet of love. Words & music: Leon Payne, Best man must smile & 12 other titles30
You played taps to my heart on your trumpet of love. Words & music: Leon Payne, Best man must smile & 12 other titles part 230
You've been talking in your sleep & 3 other titles, Your memory's alive and well and living in my heart30
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