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50 Jahre "Die lustige Witwe"; Fantasie fuer Klavier und Orchester ueber Melodien. Aus Franz Lehar's gleichnamiger Operette. Music (fantasy) and arr. Heinz Sandauer30
Abenteuer in zwei Welten; mein leben als arzt und Schriftsteller. By A. J. Cronin, translation by Alexandra Brun27
A bibliography of United States-Latin American relations since 1810; a selected list of eleven thousand published references. Compiled & edited by David F. Trask, Michael C. Meyer & Roger R. Trask30
Acht chansons nach Gedichten von Erich Kaestner. Fuer mittlere Singstimme und Klavier. m Gerhard Franz Wimberger27
Acid-base biochemistry; pt. 2: sodium and chloride distribution, pt. 3: potassium and the cellular compartment, pt. 4: calcium and phosphorus, pt. 5: gas transport, pt. 6: neutrality regulation 1, pt. 7: renal correction of the neutrality. By Halvor N. Christensen part 330
A first-hand faith: on owning up to the word that claims us all, If it ever rains gold. w & m Naomi Martin & Paul Martin30
Akahi ho-i. w & m Kalakaua, & John Kalapana, pseud. of Webley Edwards, This you can do. w & m Virginia M. Simon30
Amor and Psyche: the psychic development of the feminine; a commentary on the tale by Apuleius. By Erich Neumann, translator: Princeton University Press, employer for hire of Ralph Manheim part 230
A Straw hat and a cane. English lyrics: Roy Alfred, music & original German words: Fritz Rotter & Heino Gaze30
Bambi. By Felix Salten, illustrated by Nelson Doubleday, Inc., as employer in a work made for hire of Girard Goodenow25
Ben & me. Vocal/piano sketch. From Ben & me. Words & music: Walt Disney Productions, employer for hire of Oliver Wallace30
Between & 17 other titles. By Billy Sideman & co-authors as noted, Svengali, A happy ending & 8 other titles30
Das Geheimnis der Drei Dschunken; motion picture. By ARCA Filmproduction, G.m.b.H30
Das Madchen mit dem guten Ruf =, Die Frau des Botschafters =, Anuschka22
Dem Dunkeln Schoss der heilgen Erde = The Work of man will grow and flower, The robbers27
Der Mann, der Sherlock Holmes war. =, Das war mein Leben =, Eines Tages =30
Der Mann, der Sherlock Holmes war. =, Fraulein =, Am seidenen Faden =30
Der Vogelhaendler; Operetta-Fantasie. Fuer Salon-Orchester-gr. Orchester. By Carl Zeller, bearb. von Wilhelm Lutz27
Die seltsame Geschichte des Brandner Kasper =, Alarm in Peking, Die schwache Stunde =30
Die seltsame Geschichte des Brandner Kasper =, Der Hochtourist =, Der Tater ist unter uns =30
Die seltsame Geschichte des Brandner Kasper =, Soldatensender Calais =, Ein Stuck vom Himmel =22
Die sieben Tochter der Frau Gyurkovics =, Le chemin de Damas =, Coq en pate =27
Die Wirklichkeit des Unwirklichen; Untersuchungen ueber die Realitaet der Dichtung. By Frank Thiess28
Dreaming ; I love you ; Don't fight ... [et al.], Dreaming, & 1 other song, Dreaming. By Julian Jonah28
Durango, Mesa Verde, Farmington, Bismarck, Peoria30
Escape from Doubting Castle. Ill. for The Pilgrim's progress by William Blake, author of renewable matter: the Frick Collection30
Farewell. Words & music: Dave Bartholomew, Ruth Durand & Joseph Robichaux, Auf Wiedersehen. By Walburga M. Cech29
Farfalla dalle ali insanguinate =, Winged devils, Wifemistress30
Fell in another well. w & m Lori-Jean Tartaglia, 1962-; m Rick Miller, 1961, La oveja negra =30
Finally. By Edward T. Riley (d.b.a. Donril Music), Lamanga Kafi, Hezekiah Walker part 230
For kings only; novel. By Curt Siodmak, Donovan's brainiac, FP1 antwortet nicht =25
Four European plays. Edited by Armand Zimmermann, translation by Michael Meyer, compilation, introd., pedagogical equipment & p. 539-547: Macmillan Company30
Frauen sind doch bessere Diplomaten =, Erzieherin gesucht =, Prinzessin Turandot =30
Friedrich Schiller--Triumph eines Genies =, Romanze in Moll =, Einer zuviel an Bord =30
Goethe's Faust. Pt. 1: the Bayard Taylor translation. Rev. and edited and with a new introd. by the Crowell-Collier Publishing Company, employer for hire of Stuart Atkins30
Gold, glory, and Custer (prelude); motion picture. By Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc part 330
Hermine und die sieben Aufrechten, Eine Frau kommt in die Tropen =, Ein gewisser Herr Gran =23
Hochzeitspraeludium. Fuer Violine, Orgel (Harmonium) und Harfe. Op. 469. Von Johann Strauss, Jr., nach der autographen Skizze revidiert und zum Vortrag auch ohne Harfe eingerichtet von Fritz Racek30
Homecoming. By Jiro Osaragi, introd.: Harold Strauss, translator: Brewster Horwitz30
Hymnus. Op. 12. Fuer Alt-Solo, Chor und Orchester. An Goethe [i.e. Johann Wolfgang VonGoethe], Dichtung von Alexander Lernet-Holenia, Musik von Gottfried VonEinem30
I believe in the living God; sermons on the Apostles' Creed. Author: Emil Brunner, translator: John Holden30
Ich bei Tag und Du bei Nacht =, Geheimnisse des Orients =, Der Kongress tanzt26
Illusion part 430
I love you. w & m Paramount Pictures Corporation, employer for hire of Winston Sharples30
I'ma number 1 fool, too. w & m Kathryn Fulton, Teddy Wilburn & Joe D. Taylor, Asphalt30
I'm suing you. w & m Marvin "Whitey" Simpson & Tommy Duncan (Thomas Duncan), Love robbery30
I need you. m G. Spotti, Italian w V. Bertini, English w Patrick Michael, pseud. of Reg Connelly30
Ins Grab kann man nichts mitnehmen =, Der Maulkorb =, Wenn wir alle Engel waren =30
Ins Grab kann man nichts mitnehmen =, Um 9 kommt Harald =, Die Sache mit Styx =30
Interlude. From the Columbia Pictures release Interlude. Piano vocal arr. Screen Gems-Columbia Music, Inc. (as employer for hire of Larry Stanton) & Domino Productions, Ltd. (as employer for hire of Georges DeLeRue & Hal Shaper)30
Jack in the country; a musical comedy in two acts. From The Importance of being earnest, by Oscar Wilde. Book adapted by Arnold Sundgaard, lyrics: Ethan Ayer, m Alec Wilder part 230
Jack in the country; a musical comedy in two acts. From The Importance of being earnest, by Oscar Wilde. Book adapted by Arnold Sundgaard, lyrics: Ethan Ayer, m Alec Wilder part 430
Jacqueline part 230
Jalousie. w Vera Bloom, m Jacob Gade, arr. for organ solo: Harms, Inc., employer for hire of Rosa Rio30
Land of love & 5 other titles, Am Rande der Welt =, Need to hear you say I love you27
La Paloma part 322
Le diable et les dix commandments, Tolstoy's Anna Karenina, The drum25
Manon Lescaut. By G. Puccini [i.e. Giacomo Puccini], new German translation of libretto: Joachim Popelka & Georg Winkler30
Math curriculum and achievement of gifted and non-gifted students on .., Untitled Damon Wayans/undercover cop project30
Metropolis part 230
Michael part 330
Morgen Mittag, 12 Uhr; Roman eines Justizirrtums. By Erich Ebermayer, Die Stunde der Versuchung =30
Murder at the Baskervilles. (Sherlock Holmes), The secret weapon, Greystone inscription. (Sherlock Holmes)30
Nanun, Sie kennen Korff noch nicht? =, Jugend =, Zwei Welten =30
Nanun, Sie kennen Korff noch nicht? =, Kiwi safari, Blutsbruderschaft =30
Nathan the Wise, Minna Von Barnhelm, and other plays and writings by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing28
Neun von Colette. German translation: Stefanie Neumann, Doris Brehm, Emi Ehm & Luise Wasserthal-Zuccari30
Nitetime (in the heart of New York), Blicke wie Magneten, Total egal22
Only a cow should go muu-muu. w & m Gladys Rosenthal (Gladys Shelley), Gertie Garcia & Vivian Duncan (Vivian Duncan Herman) part 230
Qui, c'est vrai! English w & m J. Allison, Buddy Holly, J. Mauldin & N. Petty, French lyric by Rolf Marbot, pseud. of Alvys30
Relationship between the mediated learning experience, cognitive development, and children's school functioning in mother-child and father-child dyads among Puerto Rican preschoolers from low-socioeconomic settings30
Resurrection: when you pray to God, you don't know who else is listening, Resurrestion [sic]30
Rosmarin und Jasmin; Marschfox. Auf an klan'n Bergerl; Volkslied. Words: Bruno Uher, Adolf Steinberg-Frank, Paul Loewinger ; music: Bruno Uher & Paul Loewinger30
Schliesse mir die Augen beide. Close, O close my eyes. Music by Alban Berg, 1900 1st setting, 1925 2d setting, English translation by Eric Smith, appendix by Hans Ferdinand Redlich, after words by Theodor Storm part 230
Sinfonia Es-dur ; Recitativo ed Aria, "Prendi, l'acciar ti rendo", Miserere, Selected letters of E. T. A. Hoffmann27
Standard openings. 1963-64. New material and new instrumental arrangements: Walt Disney Productions, as employer for hire of Buddy Baker30
Tafelglas, seine Herstellung und Verwendung =, Pink diamonds, Die Prinzessin und der Geiger =24
Tafelglas, seine Herstellung und Verwendung =, Zwei Herzen und ein Schlag =, Zwolf Minuten nach zwolf =30
Tango della notte. Words: Rene Latin, pseud. of Gunter Schwenn, music: Felipe Alvarez, pseud. of Rudolf Siegel30
The Coral; a play in five acts. By Georg Kaiser, introd.: Frederick Ungar Publishing Company, Inc30
The Highland fling; adaptation of Wee, wee bonnie lassie. m adaptation: Harold Jenkins (p.k.a. Conway Twitty), Jack Nance & Albert Bruneau part 230
The impact of organizational commitment on moral reasoning, Urlaub auf Ehrenwort =28
The last Don, Part 2, Titanic, The Devil's bed30
The Light in my window. By Francena Harriet Arnold, Five Mile Creek, Bang the big drum27
(The Original) boogie woogie. For small combos. m Clarence "Pine Top" Smith, arr. Melrose Music Corporation, employer for hire of Johnny Warrington27
The poet's eye, an introduction to poetry for young people. Text: Arthur Alexander, ill.: Collen Browning part 230
The Prowler; motion picture photoplay dramatization. By Eagle Productions, Inc, Waldo, tell me about God ; Waldo, tell me about guardian angels30
The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States; a study in Constitutional development. By Francis Howard Heller23
The transfer and diffusion of information technology for organizational resilience part 228
The Woman taken in adultery and The Poggenpuhl family, The Importance of Nietzsche30
Tik-a-tee, tik-a-tay; (Tica ti, tica tay) Easy accordion solos with words. By Pietro Deiro, Jr., Gaetano Lama, Michael Joseph Apruzzese & F. Feola30
Twilight; piano solo. m Nancy VanDeVate, artwork: Summy-Birchard Company, Friend. w J. D. Blackfoot, m James B. Fowler27
Vagabunden. By B. Traven, Joseph Roth & Manfred Hausmann, editors: Wolfgang Paulsen & Fred L. Fehling, illus.: Gretel Schindler29
Vom ungeheuren Appetit nach Fruehstueck und nach Leben, Liebe, Luft und lauter Lugen =30
Wait for it; Columbia University players varsity show, 1950 presentation. Lyrics: Joseph McDermott, Leon Spoliansky, Robert LaGuardia & James Hammon, words & music: Philip Springer & Charles E. Kalman30
Walin' [sic] the dog. By HBO Films, a division of Home Box Office, a division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, LP part 230
Wide world of sports (March 1975) From Wide world of sports, Total sports, Die Abenteuerin von Tunis =30
You'll lose a good thing. I'm to blame. Artist: Freddy Fender, sound recording: ABC Records, Inc30
Zion on the Mississippi. By Walter Otto Forster, Brillianten =, Der Konigswalzer =28
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