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Act of faith. By Bob Marlette, Richard Lewis Springthorpe (a.k.a. Rick Springfield) & Tim Pierce30
Another chance at love, & 3 other selections part 330
Anything, anything (I'll give you), If looks could kill, Punishment30
At least we could be friends, I like it, Everyone, anytime29
Bad boy this, bad boy that, Good love30
Before your blues are gone, Wanted man, The third wish29
Be with me. By Marion Gilmore Martin, Robert James Feltz & Anna E. Martin, Mario Martin country collection30
Bird's eye view--Mark Greiner artwork of PB golf links, Walls and T.V30
Collection of Zuriani Zonneveld songs co-written with Tyrone Griffin, It coulda been me30
Come on (face it), & 1 other selection, Give in to the night, Working (I don't know)30
Direct from death row, the Scottsboro Boys, I'm trying, The Room26
Don't get caught with a cherry pit stuck up your nose, Suzee & Deraux musical works30
Don't you know your way home? Words & music by Craig Bickhardt & James Best a.k.a. James Bugno part 430
Do you qualify? By Kevin Gilliam p.k.a. DJ Battlecat, & Winston McKitty p.k.a. Domino30
Everybody get on up and get down (easy dancing) By James M. Ingram & John Ingram part 330
Fast livin', fun lovin', truck drivin', gamblin' man, Slipping me under, & 1 other selection30
For a long time it's been over, Not a care, Plagiarism prayer27
Funky music sho nuff turns me on, Funky music, I don't wanna dance27
Gael MacGregor song folio number 1, A (5), Help somebody cry, One kiss too many30
Hello, Minnesota! goodbye, Brooklyn Heights!, Secrets30
I know how you feel inside, When rivers run dry, Ken's bungalow boogie28
I'm not coming back (from Nashville), Sign on the dotted line, Gone without leaving29
I need your love tonight. w & m David H. Chester, 1954-, & Cami Elen, 1967 part 230
In my dreams. By Janelle Marie Chapman, Ophir Shur & Doris J. Gale part 230
I surrender. w Vernon Ray Armstead, 1950-; m Phil Blackmon, 1954, I surrender part 330
I traded rock and roll for country soul, Tell me what this world coming to?, Love me softly30
It's been a long time & 22 other titles part 330
It wouldn't take too much to fall in love with you, Ain't no way to run a love affair30
I've never found a girl (to love me like you do) By Booker T. Jones, Eddie Floyd & Alvertis Isbell30
Jody Evans--2nd collection, Stand tall, Red, white & blue30
Joseph Luongo's demo tape, Sensuality, One chance in time28
Just a fragment of your hallucination, I found you, Mothers call30
Leap of faith & 1 other title; films part 330
Let me be the one you love till he gets home part 330
Let's talk about something else, Brothers30
Life is what you make it: a guide for self-discovery and goal setting (introduction) part 230
Life suppose to be, Somewhere, She is wonderful30
Listen to your heart. w Olive Gallagher; m Jonathan Wolff part 230
Long time coming, & 1 other title, Let go blues, A dream is a nitemare30
Looking for the perfect ahh. By Melissa Manchester, Robbie Buchanan & Carole Bayer Sager part 230
Lost, lonely night, Rising sun, Each dawn I die30
Love every thing about collection, We need peace, Pump up the knowledge30
Love is alright tonight. Jessie's girl. Hole in my heart. Carry me away. The Light of love. Everybody's girl. Daddy's pearl. Red hot & blue love. Inside Silvia. By Richard Lewis Springthorpe a.k.a. Rick Springfield30
Makin' believe (you think about me) Co-writer: Vicki Payne, XL songs, Gone home suite26
Music for electric violin and low budget symphony orchestra, Muffin man, Rinzl30
Paradise (in no man's land), Golden rule, The Instigator29
Picture on the wall. By Porter Carroll, Jr. & Michael Colina30
Ray of sunshine. From album Escape hatch, Ugga bugga, The Return of Bignose28
Rhythm, improvisation, and the blues. By DCI Music Video. (John Novello--the contemporary keyboardist, tape 2)30
Robert Vaughn and the Shadows--Love and war, Blue country, River Queen30
Ronald Stephen Watkins inspiration love songs, Poverty stricken, Christmas in the ghetto30
Rumor going 'round. w & m Scott Loftus, 1970-; w Aaron Jennings Brown, 1970, Ten tray, project 230
Shadows, whispers & wounds, Road kill, Give you away to the wind30
Somewhere along the line (you come around) By Albert Hammond & Mike Hazelwood, I've got no one28
Stokes, Bridges, Baldwin 2004 NT collection, Swing with me, B yourself30
Stop carrying the princess, To the river, Big sister/big brother28
Talkin' trash/a bone to pick/etc, Night show, Seen your face30
The Devil knows your name ; Standing on the wrong side of love ; Falling ; Get it right30
The Grass ain't greener. By Frank Previte & Robert Feldman, Only you30
The History of Alexander City State Junior College, Recycling with Reggie, Jerome Lee songs I28
The International Law Students Association guide to education and career development in international law30
The Jana O'Hara song collection, no. 1. w & m Jana O'Hara, 1966-, m Piete Miller, 1963-, Arvel McClinton 3rd, 1965- & Christian Warren, 196930
The masquerade/Pebble Creek collection, & 1 other collection, Peace in your valley30
There is a coal miner waitin' for me, I need you30
The World we live in. By the editorial staff of Life and Lincoln Barnett, Living for love30
The young entrepreneur's resource guide, Auto-man, Computer age (push the button)25
Toscanini and the art of orchestral performance. By Robert Charles Marsh, Collective works of Bobby and Jerry Marsh29
Touch me now. By Terry Alexander, Stephanie Mills, Wayne Braithwaite & Barry Eastmond part 229
Trying to live my life without you, Nobody but you, Baby, Troop coat30
Under the moon. By Joseph Bruce, Mike E. Clark, Joseph Utsler. (In The great Milenko)30
Upon this lonesome sea. By Fujipacific Music (USA) Inc. d.b.a. Longitude Music Company, as employer for hire of Robert Vaughn part 230
We glorify your name ; Run to you ; Justified, Words can never say, Pretty country30
Why don't they let me write off drankin'?, Harmony30
Without love. By Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora & Bon Jovi Publishing, employer for hire of Desmond Child part 330
Woncha take my love?, No time30
You don't know me, and 4 other songs30
You're just a bystander, Healing30
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