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Full Moon Entertainment documents
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101 Ways to know if your man is cheating on you, Beanstalk, Genie30
Antique paisley monotone, Huntress, Budding flowers30
Arcade & 273 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), Puppet master II, Prehysteria & 3 other titles30
Arcade & 273 other titles. (Part 002 of 002), Legion of doom, Doctor mordrid II30
Beach babes & 6 other titles; motion pictures, Beach babes23
Black day blue night & 19 other titles; theatrical motion pictures, Shadowzone, Exit in red24
Blonde heaven & 1 other title, Genie, Forbidden world30
Bride of the head of the family, Trancers II, Bimbo movie bash30
Cannibal women in the avocado jungle of death, Shadowzone, Wolfman reborn30
Castle freak & 2 other titles; motion pictures, Doom merchant, Lagoon30
Collection of gospel song poems by George Fox, Goblins, Let love find you30
Donald Duck in a devil's suit, Crash and burn, Killing me30
Girl talk confidential, Seedpeople, Puppetmaster30
Grand jury & 1 other title; motion picture photoplays, Demonic toys, Songs by Rich Guinn and Chris Cain30
Lurid tales: the castle queen, Subspecies, Seedpeople30
Lurking fear (Full Moon)24
Magic Island. w & m William G. Mallory (Lee Mallory), Henry Salisbury (Sandy Salisbury) & Gary Usher30
Mr. D. R.: a biography of David R. Coker, Tourist trap, Return of the Dark Knight30
Netherworld (cues) By Albert Bryant, Netherworld, Whispers & shadows30
Oblivion part 227
Puppetmaster & 2 other titles; motion pictures & screenplays30
Puppetmaster & 79 other titles; motion pictures30
ScottForesman Literature Authorworks--classic authors, The gold bug, Dayclean30
Shadow zone & 3 other titles; motion pictures, Dollman vs. demonic toys, Subspecies30
Shruken heads: the call of Mr. Sumatra, Trancers III, Trancers 530
Shrunken head, shrunken head made of 1/2 rubber & 1/2 hair. By Be Something Studio30
Take down: the taking of Alta Vista, Backlash, Dark stories (2)30
Test tube teens from the year 2000, Doctor Mordrid, Beanstalk30
The call of Mr. Sumatra, Prehysteria III, Ragdoll23
The doomsday trilogy: Legion of doom, Robot wars, Timewarrior 329
The initial X-ray structure of bovine lens leucine aminopeptidase to atomic resolution30
The Pit and the pendulum & 1 other title; motion pictures, Netherworld, Dark angel & 3 other titles; motion pictures30
The Pit and the Pendulum, Dollman, Zombie hotel26
The shadow over innsmouth and other stories of horror. By H. P. Lovecraft, author of renewable matter: Scholastic Magazine, Inc28
The Sins of the father, Dark angel, Isle of infinity30
The vampire murders. (In The shadow, Sep. 1, 1942) R467726, The vampire30
Trancers 4, Jack of swords, Puppetmaster III, The Pit and the pendulum28
Whisper (&)(and) shadows, Mandroid, Subspecies25
Zahav originals by Martin Goldstein & Adam Goldstein, I have faith in you, Treasure rich as gold30
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