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A Matter of degrees--applying intermediate temperature thermal pipe insulation, Worldwide brotherhood & 8 other titles30
A Million miles from your heart. Words & music: Jenny Lou Carson, guitar arrangements: Betty B. Glynn, employee for hire of Hill & Range Songs, Inc part 230
A second chance (end credits) Composed by John Williams30
A Second chance. w & m Dick Sherman (Richard Sherman)30
Can't believe you've already moved someone in30
Chinich/Shazar songs, volume II. By Andrew Chinich & Pal Shazar, The Model citizens30
Come to California ; Back to you ; Where you get love ... [et al.], Love, Vertigo30
Don't come knockin', Addicted30
Everything you always wanted to know about the rock harmonica but didn't know who to ask!30
Eyes of experience, Midnight, Outfield30
Hard enough ; The more that I'm around you ; Love with you ... [et al.], And that was yesterday30
Henry A. VonDerDecken's original musical works, Standing in the rain30
If you don't mind (I don't mind if I do) By Gary Portnoy, Gloria Nissenson & Justin Lantz part 227
I'm not alone, & other selections30
It's a jungle out there if your [sic] selling your house all alone. Are you predator or prey? part 230
I want a roof over my head and bread on the table. Words & music: Harvey O. Brooks part 229
I want to stay with you, & other songs, Another world in time, Is love love?29
Jazz-funk. w & m Gerard DeNarben Woods, Eric Lamont Williams, 1962, Never again30
Joanna sweet dreams, By and by, Owed to Allison22
Jules Shear unpublished demo tape. By Jules Shear, as employee for hire by Funzalo Music30
Love among freaks, representin' planet Earth compilation, Head above water, Alpha jerk-bad situation-click ... pow!30
Mexico ; The king and the fool ; Harder hey ; No more lies, The Magnolia tree, For rent30
Morning star. (A walk with Evelyn) part 230
Picasso at the Lapin Agile and other plays. By Steve Martin, Color chillin' collection30
Smacktalkin' smacktalker smacked for talkin' smack ; Cool watershed ; My fancy pants ... [et al]27
Sometimes ; Take me down a path (my heart won't know) ; In harm's way ; Without you here it's not the same30
Teen for God ; I'll miss You till I meet You ; Blue light of the flame ... [et al.]26
The Empire mourns her sun without tears, Taken by surprise, Charms and blues30
Where the rooster crows. By Dan Penn, Spooner Oldham, Dan Stuart & Chuck Prophet part 230
Who stole Captain Porker's treasure?, Count Munch, Big Boar's mom comes to stay25
You don't like me ; Who cares about you ; Yesterday Clyde Virginia ... [et al.], The Sidon six30
Your love knocked a hole in my head, & 1 other title, How 'bout it?, IRS dance ID TV theme29
You've got me (right where you want me) w&m George Richey & Connie Smith part 230
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