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About a girl & 58 other titles, Rhine waltz, Theme from Lenny30
Aerosmith's A little south of sanity, Jackyl, I want some of that30
A-haunting we will go & 4,372 other titles; motion pictures. (Part 006 of 009), Halloween (she get so mean)25
Ain't gonna be (no next time) By Debbie Franco, Fred Satterfield & Ron Fairchild part 230
Always wearing red (life of the party), More than this, Broken22
Andante from piano concerto no. 21 ; Ave Maria ; Eighteenth variation from Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini part 230
Another lonley [sic] night (far 'way from home), Paranoia, It's a fine line30
A piece of heaven fell down on me, & 1 other selection, I can't make it alone, Love that will never die28
Are there differences in drinking patterns and course of alcoholism between inhibited and disinhibited alcoholics?30
Augustus Gloop ; Violet Beauregarde ; Veruca Salt ; Mike Teavee, Big fish, Terrific30
Back at Christmastime ; Illuminations, Ratios (revised), Quartet26
Beach magazine presents a free map of Palm Beach County, Hasta hoy, Patty Cabrera30
Beercan ; Got no mind ; Asskiss powergrudge ... [et al.], Glastonbury song, Silent treatment24
Believe in me, and 2 other selections30
Blowout in the radio room, In bloom, Carne30
Breaking all the rules ; Just for tonight ; Breaking all the rules (Berman Brothers dance mix)30
Bright horizon in beyond, Beyond, Faith30
Buddy Holly and Snuff Garrett interview on Dance Party, Buddy Holly, Buddy Holly: his life and music26
Case studies in pollution control measures in the textile dyeing and finishing industries part 230
Chihawa breaking through, Get a grip, Two running poodles30
Dear John ; Goodbye, Caroline ; I can't get my head around it ... [et al.], Momentum30
Detective & 5 other titles; literary works, Blackmail, Bounce!30
Development and application of a highly diastereoselective formal [3 + 3] cycloaddition reaction for the synthesis of heterocyclic natural products30
Distortion to static ; The lesson, All of us, Push comes to shove26
Don't be mean. By Tim Stahl & John Guldberg, Slave to love, This old house30
Do you sleep? ; When all the stars were falling, Probably, Tangled up in me30
Either California's housing prices are going to fall or California's in for one helluva rise in personal income30
Electrochemical characterization of selected rhodium, iridium, and rhenium complexes30
Everyman's companion to Shakespeare. By Gareth Lloyd Evans & Barbara Lloyd Evans30
Expressive vocabulary in the spoken narratives of children with normal language and with language impairments30
Extramedullary hematopohesis in a retroperitoneal lymph node with fine-needle aspiration biopsy30
Fallen ; Heart of stone ; Do it again tomorrow ; The outside, A commentary on the first book of Euclid's elements30
Father John, Delicious, Saucy24
First taste of freedom ; Second chance, ; Devil's advocate & I don't share your pain29
Free to all. By Eamon E. McDonough, John McCafferty & Sheila Pierce Stevens, author & composer: Martin Francis Waters30
Garden of Eden suite30
Gary's song ; Immigration song ; I wanna take you home ; It's great to be nine, Every silver lining has a cloud30
Get up (before the night is over), Nervous, Get the funk out30
Gone tommorrow [sic] blues ; Tied to you ; Broken man blues ... [et al.], Richie Kotzen compositions27
High contrast display optical filtering programs used as a modeling analysis tool26
High frequency radio controlled 1/4 scale super nationals, She's too hot, Time to rock25
Hit'em up in style (oops), Breathe, U must be crazy30
How can you be sure? w & m Fred William Woodward, Sunny come home, Get out of this house26
Identification of middle-ear disorders with acoustic impedance screening, Sometimes we do30
If love is a red dress, hang me in rags, This perfect dress, Absolutely barking stars30
If you don't know Long Island (you don't know New York) ; I love New Jersey (New Jersey's my home)30
I have not forgotten thee, Love 'n' gold, Been born again25
I love you enough (to say good bye), Cold world, Wave upon the shore30
Integrated alcohol and drug treatment, TANF and child welfare policies as policy innovation21
Is there any love in your heart?, Are you gonna go my way?, Lenny live27
It's your love ; Everytime you touch me (I get high), I was lost, For you are the light28
It's your love, it makes be blue, it's your love30
I want to thank Him, Blind man, Fill me, Lord30
Limited affection, Pride and joy, Not meant to be30
Litany; Life goes on. By Murray Attaway, Spirit train, Country club gun30
Living room scene with Grandmaw sawing board, table upside down on floor, baby sprawled on floor, etc part 230
Love is gonna bring us back alive, The Real end, Bring us back alive29
Mad scientist lyrical archives30
Mammary heaven, & 1 other selection, Sunday, Fanticizing [sic]30
Methods in experimental psychology [by] David G. Elmes, Barry H. Kantowitz, Henry L. Roediger 3d30
Mini-study of positive effects of a specific math lesson plan on 3 selected developmentally handicaped students in the areas of self-motivation, self-concept, attitude, self-reliance and the work ethic30
More than this; The space between; Avalon et al. By Bryan Ferry26
National Academy for Continuing Education presents Lumbar spine injuries in athletics30
Obsession part 1130
Oscillating flowers, Devil's haircut, Tiny buds30
Out West of eighth; an Eastern Western in 3 acts. By Kenyon Nicholson, Time's makin' changes--the best of Tesla30
P. J. Harvey on tour--Please leave quietly, Down by the water, 4-track demos27
Please report all suspicious persons to the proper authorities. They could be Partners in Crime part 330
Possibly Peking & 10 other titles, (Where would that) leave me tonite?, Worrying thing30
Rearviewmirror (greatest hits 1991-2003), Mighty KC, 57 records30
Relationship of adenosine diphosphoribose, N A D(+) oxidoreductase to uridine diphosphogalactose . part 230
Roderick D. Carter 998, Down on me, He'll be a friend26
'Round here & 4261 other titles (part 015 of 022), 'Round here, Everything falls apart29
Rumor at the honky tonk / A Taste of the devil, Heavy mental, Effective immediately30
Running away, Hang on30
Sabrina, the teenage witch, and 2 other comic books, A Mother's plea, The Solomon decision30
Say it ain't so ; Sioux's blues ; Safe passage ... [et al.], Satisfy me, Loved & lost25
Second coming (poster) KK100309 (1972) part 429
Spiral walls containing autumns of light, Vonda Shepard by 7:30, Heart and mind30
"Stairway to tomorrow" for McDonnell Douglas, Every dog has its day, The Beauty of escaping30
Stop and go. Recorded by Lisa Loeb. (In album Catch the moon), Stop and go, A Compilation of songs by Elizabeth Jean Mitchell27
Strange conversation ; Big things ; Groovy little things ... [et al.], The next hundred years28
Strange world & Halloweentown high closing theme, French southern breeze, Ten storey love song28
Sugar kane (edit) ; The destroyed room ; Purr (Acoustic/Mark Goodier session), Little trouble girl24
Taking better pictures with your 35mm S L R, Love is here to stay, Security first30
Talkin' and hasslin'. By Charles Gross. (In A family thing), Blues town, Hometown rag. By Charles Gross30
Tasmanian devil. By Paul Robert Buchlak, Jenifer Joy McMillan, Anthony Cunninghame Maxwell & Rodney Francis James30
The American sound alphabet, Sister, Circle of giving30
The best of Buxom, Celebrity skin, Buxom18
The best of the Flying Burrito Brothers, Blow it out your ass, Alivemutherforya30
The case of the missing marbles and the case of the rising moon, Clones, The Doomsday Ship28
The Dow Jones-Irwin handbook for entertainers and their professional advisers, Interview with the vampire30
The effects of tutoring, counseling and mentoring on altering the behavior of African-American males in a juvenile diversion program part 230
The field artillary observation batallion, massacre at Malmedy and ensuing investigation and trial, and Senate subcommittee investigation30
The Illuminated Walden in the footsteps of Thoreau, Building the perfect beast, The End of innocence25
The impact of perceived levels of stress and social support upon self-reported depressive symptomatology in African-American adolescents30
The making of The African Queen; or, One gay's journey into light. A play30
The new pollution (Mario C) Composed by John Robert King, Michael Simpson & Beck David Hansen30
The Nonliturgical vocal music of Johannes Hieronymous Kapsberger (1580-1651), Rites of passage30
The rapture and the second coming of Christ, The rapture, O Baby ; Ourselves20
The Second comming [sic] the first time, Hit em up, Fireman24
The Sounds of Murphy Brown. By MCA Records, Inc., performed by various artists, Never lie30
The Virgin spring. Original Swedish work by Ulla Isaksson, translation: Lars Malmstrom and David Kushner part 230
Ugly man ; Second chance ; *Removed*enostrophy ... [et al.], Sailor song, A face in the crowd30
Understanding The crucible; a student casebook to issues, sources, and historical documents. By Claudia Durst Johnson and Vernon E. Johnson30
Warner Bros.--75 years entertaining the world : film music, Get over it & get on with it29
We are the future of the world, Summertime, He is ruling now30
What they don't teach you at Harvard Business school: a management simulation30
White Zombie presents Supersexy swingin' sounds, Built to perform, Mellow gold21
Whose little girl are you?, Only a woman, A Thousand roses30
Write a poem (or whistle your songs), Amazing, Africa, Africa, Africa30
Yay-yo, here we go. Written by Amanda Kravat & Paul Presco, Delicious, Video30
You'll need a hand ; Sing ; Every night, every day ... [et al.], Picture perfect 230
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